Kellie Pickler And Taylor Swift THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE Video

Kellie Pickler‘s music video ‘The Best Days Of Your Life’ featuring Taylor Swift.

  • Anonymous

    your welcome for sending it to you! geesh

  • Anonymous

    the both are

  • kayla

    featuring Taylor Swift ???
    when does she sing in it ??

  • Anonymous

    ok its NOT about Joe so dont bring him into this. its about Kellies ex its a song htey wrote together. and you can hear taylor in the background if you dont then i suggest going to the doctor.

  • Anonymous

    Geesh guys its called “BACKGROUND HARMONIES” Your not supposed to hear her completely its not a Taylor song.

  • Anonymous

    wow that guy is an ass…loser

  • Anonymous

    Thank you… Taylor is only doing backup vocals.. and they sound awesome together.

  • Anonymous

    Kellie Pickler sounds and looks horrible! I don’t understand why some people complain about Taylor not being country enough. Sorry, but…looking at the way most country singers sound today….that’s a compliment!

  • blah

    I kind of think the only reason she was there was so kelly could get more PR. Usually when people do a duet you can atleast here the person’s voice on a little singing part but there was nothing there. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. They’ve been friends for years an seeing as Kellie’s opening for Taylor she probably just wanted to help a friend out which is nice. I wouldn’t call it using as they have been friends for a while and Tayor probably already knows that anthing she touches turn to gold(or more specifically platinum) so why not spread it around.

    LOL at the part where the guy got hit by the bus. It reminded me so much of Mean Girls. Cute Video and hope it means more good things for Kellie.

  • Ashley

    Love the song, Love the video, however, it sorta looks like Taylor was stuck in the middle of the video, which is very unfortunate since they are great friends, and they could make great music together. I think they should’ve thought about doing a song together equally.

    overall i rate it 4/5 stars!

  • Anonymous

    He’s ALIVE!

    Ocean is ALIVE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    kelly pickler and her plastic melon tits can GO AWAY!

    she’s only using taylor for attention

  • jackie

    LOVE IT!!!

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Love it:)

  • Shania

    They’ve been friends for years.

  • ariane

    1st filipino! haha lol!

    wow this is cute it sounds a bit old but it would do.
    i should put this on my ipod.
    thanks ocean up

  • deanna

    kellie is so cute. and it’s cute how good of friends they are. i’m so glad kellie’s opening for tay.

  • alexa

    not really digging the song,
    but the video is really cute. :)

  • alexa

    uhm, i thought gloriana is opening?

  • Anonymous

    sux ass just like taylor

  • tori

    im obsessed with this song,
    just put it on my ipod, love it :)

  • Anonymous

    who is the guy in the video? he’s hot

  • Taylor

    It sounds similiar to The Best Day!

  • eg4example

    i like the part wen the guy got hit by the bus taylors face was sooo funnny

  • Anonymous

    hahaha i love taylor + kellie.
    and when i heard that they were recording a song like this i freaked out.
    needless to say i love this song + the video (:

    i can honestly relate with it so much (:

  • xoWelcomeToMyLifeox

    not the best vocals, wish you could hear Taylor more, like, if she had a few solo parts, that’d be good, but I like the lyrics,it’s a cute song I guess…

  • holly


    love the song :) dont know who she is but im defo a fan :) taylors amazin too

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been in love with this song for monthssss,
    i’m so pumped:D
    this video made my freakinng dayy:DD

    i’m sooo bummed tickets sold out so fast for the LA show, i was like…one minute to late =/.
    seeing Kellie AND Taylor would have like..completed my life. but eh, oh well.

    This is great(:

  • iheartvfc

    sigh. why must guys cheat

    that was really cute. love both of them. and taylor helped write the song and you can pretty much hear her singing harmonies but its not her song so ya know. cute vid. well done.

  • lezzy:]

    I love both of them. i LOVE this song. this video is hilarious. :)

  • Jane

    hahah i loved the video! it was so cute and funny! the song is really good, i looooove taylor, and kellie is awesome too :)

  • Nika

    Great song! Kellie has a hard voice ;D which is beautiful ;D Yeaah ;D

  • ChristieAngeline

    I agree! That face Taylor made was awesome. I really like this song. Glad they are on tour together.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor’s said herself, that really the only duet she likes to do is when one person is singing back up, and the other lead.
    which is why colbie callat only sang backup in ‘breathe’ and why taylor only did back up in the best days of your life.

  • Anonymous

    the first time i heard this song (last night) i fell in love with it
    i watched the music video because it had taylor in it but its a really great song!
    i love it

  • anonymously

    i loved the video but i didnt hear taylor sing i didnt see the point of her being in the video,since she didnt have an acting part on the video and i couldnt even hear her singing over pickler strong voice. i couldnt hear taylor voice! but it perfect for the joe and her break up!it kind of fit perfect another jab at joe ahaha!

  • bangels

    great song!

  • Tifferyyy

    Taylor was NOT in the vid just so Kellie could get more PR! Taylor co-wrote the song with Kellie (after Kellie told her what happened with her boyfriend while they were on tour with Brad Paisley) and they’re best friends.

    So to say that Taylor should’ve had a verse in the song just because she was in the vid is stupid. That’s like saying Selena Gomez should’ve had a verse in JB’s Burning Up vid.

    It’s about time Kellie came out with a vid for this song.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song and the video is awesome! So hilarious! Taylor and Kellie are both gorgeous, I can’t wait to see them on tour together!

  • Anonymous

    I hate country music.. yuuuck

  • Anonymous

    taylor doesnt even sing in it that muchh
    shes just there

  • Anonymous

    i really like this song and video!
    and i love kellie!