Taylor Lautner On Jacob & Bella’s Love

Taylor Lautner
talked to Elle Japan about why Jacob Black and Bella’s love is better than her relationship with Edward. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s interview under!

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  • Anonymous

    i love edward and jacob!!!

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  • alexis*

    I agree with Taylor*
    Their relationship is better.
    Team Jacob all the way.

  • Anonymous

    i love taylors hair!

  • Kimberly Kim

    Taylor is so awesome! I was originally Team Edward, but I guess you can say that Sir Taylor won me over! ;)

  • :D

    I love how Taylor talks.
    It’s so cute.

    And I love how Rob says “Directly.”
    So British.. (sighhh)

  • em

    He went to my brothers middle school! Then he left to film that sharkboy movie :P

  • Christina

    soo fucknig hot omg/

  • Anonymous


  • Kacy

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!
    CUZ i dont like my men to sparkle!
    And i totally agree 100% that jacob and bella’s relationship is WAY better cuz they actually can talk and be themselves around eachother:)

  • Ally

    I think Edward and Bella’s relationship is better b/c it’s more intense than Jacob and Bella’s cuz there’s more danger and threat into Edward & Bella’s and there’s also that limit of strictness that ur waiting to be broken.

  • andrea



  • anonymous

    well…of course he’d be team jacob..he plays the character!…her relationship with edward is so much better because edward is just a better person… he would never hurt bella by making her feel guilty or anything..and he is so protective of her because he loves her..i mean jacob actually said to her one time that he’d rather see her dead than be vampire!…and edward accepts her relationship with jacob…he broke his own heart because he thought he was helping her in the long run..i’m sorry but to me, in the book…jacob is so annoying. i mean…he was willing to kill edward after he thought he changed her..even though he knew that she loved edward..and the only reason he was okay with everything later was because of renesmee..edward would have never loved someone else..but with jacob..there was always the possibility of him imprinting…jacob is so selfish when edward do anything, absolutely anything for bella..even if that means he gets hurt.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • holly

    he’s right ! i love bella& jacob more than edward& bella
    i know i’m weird =/

  • Anonymous


  • http://Edie edie

    i can’t choose. i wish i could blend the relationships, take the best parts! if i had to choose . . . realistically it would be jacob. they have such an open loving relationship, like Bella says the sun comes out … or somethung like that ! lol!

  • HotterThanYouSince1901

    At least EDWARD doesn’t have FUR. Edward only sparkles because he is a hot star and JACOB has FUR!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE JACOB!!!

    Edward: Hotter Than You Since 1901
    Jacob: He has FUR
    Bella: Destined to be with Edward
    Not destined to be with FUR-BOY

  • Team J-WARD

    Kristen uses a lot of big words…..I love Jacob & Edward
    but Bella is awesome!

  • dot on dot

    Before I read New Moon I actually avoided it, I went from Twilight to the last series Breaking Dawn, because I hated the fact that there was ever a time that Edward and Bella’s relationship broke.
    But then when I was brave enough to admit that that was a part of the whole story, I read it. I was reading it while keeping that annoyed feeling towards Jacob, just because he was like taking Bella’s attention away from Bella’s memories of Edward, but that’s just because I know that he will be coming back. So I read it again and again, I just finally realize and understand the story on the 10th time I read it. (Unbelievable isn’t it?)

    I imagined what Bella was really feeling, hopeless and dying just because her true love left her. Then there was Jacob, the savior, her best friend, in so many ways they have been honest with each other and she immediately found that the first time they met.

    I must admit that their relationship is much less stressful and more comfortable, in the sense that they can be honest and be who they are with each other. But if you read the eclipse, Bella admitted that when she’s with Jacob, that OTHER part of her comes out. Meaning it is just another part of her, it must be something that is overcome by that ANOTHER part of her when she’s with Edward.

    I felt sorry for Jacob by the end of New Moon, because it felt like Bella just used him and later dumped when her true love returned.

    You guys might think that Edward’s way with Bella is controlling but that’s just because he is overprotective, and that came from the fact that she can never be safe not even with him, and I feel for Edward. Guys, try to read between the lines, see how much Edward would want to give everything to be human with Bella. He was brave enough to accept Bella’s love for Jacob and not even made Bella choose. He just wants her to be happy and for me that’s the ultimate kind of love and I think that’s why Bella chose him because she knows that she can only truly be happy with a person willing to do everything for her, even if that’s the same case with Jacob, it’s still different in some ways.

    well I guess I’m just justifying my reason why I also love Edward.

    Even if Rob’s on team Jacob, and I love him very much too, it’s okay, people are entitled to their opinions.

  • anna

    go twilight<3

  • Anonymous

    its annoying how on Rob’s you can’t even begin to tell what they are asking GET ENGLISH

  • Rachel<333

    It would be nice if we can read the questions…Good thing he answered in complete sentences!!! Way to be Taylor!!! But I do agree how Bella and Edward’s relationship has sooo many restrictions and it’s too weird for me. Jacob’s so free and open and that’s why I’m Team Jacob. Sometimes I think Edward should just go fall in a hole…

  • teamedward

    i hope in new moon they concentrate more on the volturi than any sorta of convincing us of a love triangle b/c if you’ve read all the books we know bella is meant to be with edward and just uses jacob to be in danger in order to hear edwards voice

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  • Anonymous

    major lols when kristen said she was emotional.

  • jenn(:

    first ?

  • Anonymous

    If she had picked ,it would be her easy way out and she would have never fully gotten Edward out of her heart.

    Jacob is a little boy. He throws fits, picks fight and pouts. His needs are above all others.

    Edward loves her enough to let her go.

    In the end, Bella choses Edward simply because she loves him more. Give the girl who SHE wants. Not who people think she looks better with.