Ashley Tisdale Tanning Laugh ATTACK

Ashley Tisdale went tanning in Toluca Lake before strutting down the KCA red carpet. She couldn’t hide her amusement from photographers as she made her way from brunch to a tanning salon to her car. Photos: Fame. 7+

  • lol

    not that im not happy shes smiling and all but wow kinda weird u all are happy n dont bash her jus as long as she’s smiling at the papz n wen shes not u suddenly go full blown mean on her well most of u do kinda sinds harsh to me im sure all of u dont smile at random strangers and put on a princess act ll the tym

  • Anonymous

    I hate when people tan, they’ll regret it later in life.

  • Anonymous


  • s




  • Lauren

    She looks cute! Its nice to see her laughing and smiling in candids

  • Helen

    wtf is your problem your too peppy u may have undyed ur hair but your still a blonde my god!

  • kaitlyn

    someones in a good mood. lol

  • aila.

    wow , she’s smiling for once.
    usually she’s hiding or looks like a bitch cause she’s always mad.

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    She looks so pretty! (as usual) But why does she find the paparatzi so funny? She should be used to them. Anyway, I miss her blonde hair:(

  • connie

    its so good to see her smiling :) shes amazing and looked STUNNNINGGGG at the KCA’s :)

  • Anonymous

    hah :)

  • Anonymous

    wtf is your problem your too peppy u may have undyed ur hair but your still a blonde my god!

    um no she’s not
    she never was a real blonde , her natural color is brown

  • analysia

    she looks like straight up MJ in the first picture
    gotta love that rhino…

  • lauren


  • Cami

    Aww, she’s adorable. =]

  • ceci

    she looks amazing…i love how she is so happy..i love her

  • Anonymous

    lol. look at the paparazzo in the 4th picture.

  • Jane

    yuck…her nose…baaad

  • Anonymous

    hahah you gotta love ashley :)

  • hima

    well she looks fine now,. SHES SMILING TO THE PAPARAZZI and thats a big miracle, coz i think in the past few months, she’s being snob or is it just me whos thinking that?

  • rebbbizzlee

    the paparazzi probably are annoying, so i wouldnt be smiling and happy whenever they’re around… but thats just me.

  • brooke

    is that brandy cyrus with her in the 7th picture??
    hah. anyways, gotta look her(:

  • Rose

    She’s smiling!!!1 =]
    She really should smile more, she’s got an amazing smile!
    I’m glad she’s happy for once XD