Miley finally has an official Twitter, No more fakers :]

  • Maya [MONSTER]

    it is
    That was from her myspace and now she posts from it!!

  • Anonymous

    yes it is its the one she used for the live stream vid
    to talk to fans

  • Gina

    You need to get up close and personal to find out if that is really her or not. It could be a poser. DUH!!

  • Anonymous

    she has a blackberry now so you can go on the web so that is how she probably updated it

  • rebbbizzlee


  • Anonymous

    how do you know that’s really her?

  • Anonymous

    that’s not her….

  • anonymouss

    This is her official twitter.
    She’s herself said she wanted one. She finally created one after her the chat.

    I would reccomend checking Mandy Jiroux’s twitter maybe tomorrow to see if she’s following her.

    that’s my opinion thoughhh

  • jenn(:

    yay (:

  • Ashley D

    This is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    that person is just taking what the “MileyChat” thing says. that’s NOT her.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is her because its the same page as the mileychat one they have just changed the name!

  • Anonymous

    she JUST said she didn’t have one. and this one says it was updated 20 hours ago. that doesn’t add up.

    another fake.

  • Anonymous



  • not her?

    idk if that is her or not but how can one be stuck in traffic yet be posting from the web? something doesn’t add up i doubt it’s her. if anything it’s a disney run twitter given her background picture etc.

  • Anonymous

    this is another fake!

  • Kirsty

    it’s the twitter they used for her video chat and it used to be called @mileychat or something like that but they obviously changed the name to mileycyrus.

  • Anonymous

    that’s NOT her.

  • amy

    it is her… they just changed the name.
    cause, i was following that one from the live chat thing a while ago, and when i click of the link there on the page it says im already following her. so they must have just changed the name.. there would be no point making a new account when that one already ha so many followers..

    ya get me?

  • Anonymous

    wireless laptop?

  • nadirahhh.x

    same with mee.<33

  • Jessica

    that IS her,
    she said it on the mileymandy show.they said mandys
    one and i went onto that to see if she was following
    miley,and thats the one shes following.
    its REAL

  • xmisscyrusfan

    ugh yeh we knew that ages ago.
    and course its her it says verified account

  • Anonymous

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