Taylor Swift, ‘I’m In Heaven Right Now’

Taylor Swift Myspace update: ‘I’ll be there in the back of your mind’ Hey guys!
I just saw Kellie’s new video, and I love it! We wanted it to be a surprise that we were going to be in it together, so.. Surprise! I’m so happy this is her new single.

We wrote this song in the back of a tour bus on the Brad Paisley tour two
years ago, and it’s so crazy to know that it has a music video now! The video is hilarious, and Kellie did a great job with it. So excited that she asked me to make a cameo. If you’re thinking of requesting some songs on the radio, definitely make that song one of them. Please. :)

I’ll be seeing her soon, we’ve got my whole stage set up and have been rehearsing all day, every day. It’s like camp. But better. And Grant is constantly sound checking his guitar. All the time. Like.. as in.. Never stops. Every minute. We all have headaches. But in all honesty, I’m in heaven right now.

Constantly having meetings with the video crew and the lighting guys and the carpenters and the band and running through things over and over and over again.. And you all know that meticulous organization is like my thing. I love organization. And meetings to insure organization.

How if you put enough hours and effort in, all the little pieces come together. I’m so excited for opening night. I can’t even wait. I’m gonna get back to work. Grant is still sound checking his guitar. Like he has been since we got here at 8 AM. Just in case you were wondering. Love you guys! lovelovelove -T-