Amanda Bynes Major Blond Bombshell

Bright bottled blond Amanda Bynes hit up the Viper Room in West Hollywood on Saturday night in a hot pink dress. Do YOU like Mandy’s new look? 2 more!

  • lc

    yeah i kind of liked her as a brunette ..but dont be so rude y’all

    does anybody know THE DESIGNER of her dresss?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    Why’d she die her hair blond? I guess I’m not the only one missin her brown hair

  • hima

    she is fugly in this pics! I think she’s change, She was better in brunette an-tanned though.

  • laurennnnn:)

    what is that?
    Sonny With A Chance
    anyone know what time?

  • Kim

    Why is she always so tan????

    Love her, she needs to make more movies like ASAP.

  • j

    wow not at alll i miss when she had brown hair

  • Anonymous

    She was prettier as a brunette, I think

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she looks reallly bad and fake
    like i love her and everythin like im no hater but she looks reallly bad

  • j

    wow not at all i miss the brown hair

  • whatever

    she looks like a hooker….

  • Anonymous

    omg she is flawless and gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    pretty =]

  • Anonymous

    barbie? lol.

    she’s flawless.

  • xxx

    Aubrey O’Day look alike?

  • Anonymous

    i love amanda bynes but she was wayy prettier as a brunette. i thought she was gorgous, now shes looking really fake with her blonde hair and her skin is really orange looking

  • Anonymous

    brunette was better

  • slutty mc slut slut

    better as a brunnette then a blonde, amanda!

  • jonas

    omg terrible. she looks like a fake blond bimbo
    and a whore
    she looks best in the movie Sydney White

  • Anonymous

    her face looks awful. a little puffed up? (And im not saying shes fat..)
    its just different.

  • ari

    i really miss her brown hair.
    she is someone who just looks so much better natural.
    brown hair, not so much makeup, jeans and something cute.
    you know?
    she looked adorable on her show what i like about you.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like barbie

    i love barbie!

    God Bless <3



  • brooke

    why arent my comments showing up??!??!?
    and she looks gross!

  • Sahar

    she looks better with her natural hair color…

    I LOVED her in She’s The Man!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ewww, she’s so ugly

  • whatever

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she dresses really hoochie nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a blonde oompa loompa…

  • Anonymous

    ugh she is so trashy now! i miss the old her:(

  • Anonymous

    hahahah go to mileys twitter shes getting pissed at oceanup hahahah

  • Anonymous

    to me she looks creeeeepy

    aubrey oday MUCH

  • Randall

    She looked great in what I like about you/ sidney white
    love wrecked/ shes the man/ what a girl wants. I wish she hadn’t changed….

  • rebbbizzlee


  • Anonymous

    prettyyyyy :)

  • Ashleyy(:

    i absolutely LOVE amanda bynes, but she looks fake now. and she wears entirely too much makeup. i think she’s naturally pretty, she looked great on what i like about you, i wish she went back to doing shows like that and wearing less makeup!

  • Zoe :))))

    She needs to stop trying to look like everyone else in
    LA and have her own distinctive look.
    She looked MUCH prettier with brown hair and pale skin.

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww………..she looks terrible and she has fat cheecks….ewwwwwwwwww

  • Anonymous

    shes ugly. shes got a tan all over the body but in the face.. wtf

    amanda blonde = ew

    she looked prettier as a brunette!

  • Anonymous

    i like the blonde

  • emma

    i love amanda bynes shes like the funnyoest person ever and i love all her movies but her hair is WAY BETTER BROWN

  • lauren

    am i the only one that notices how fake her face looks every picture?

  • Anonymous

    If she’s not going to keep up her roots, then she should not be dying her hair.
    It looks bad! If she were to keep up her roots, she would have a decent,
    professional-looking hairstyle.

  • Lisa Lisa

    This hair is so crap! I really like Amanda, and fans all the time keep saying how sweet and funny she is when asked for autographs. She’s changing to be like everyone else, bottle blond and orange. No Amanda, you need to give your hair a rest and go back to your roots and make leave the fake bake alone b/c your real skin suits you 100%. I just like pale. ^^

    She’s really funny, I liked her b/c she wasn’t afraid to be goofy and make the stupidest and ugliest faces on screen, which I guess some actresses have to be sure they look perfect on it. C’mon Amanda, don’t be a clone!

  • Anonymous

    eww she’s so ugly

  • laurennnnn:)

    heyy can anyone tell me what time swac comes on? thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    i think she looks gorgeous

  • gs

    what is that?

  • Jane

    nooo i love her but i miss the old days! she looks fake :(

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • stella

    Hey Amanda, I think you need to give your hair a rest and go back to your roots and make leave the fake bake alone b/c your real skin suits you 100%. I just like pale.
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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I am glad that people are stepping up and doing something about it.

  • Anonymous

    BRUNETTE IS BETTER…just like the abercrombie shirt said