Jennette McCurdy KIDS’ CHOICE 2009

Jennette strutted down Kids’ Choice Awards ’09 orange carpet. PR Photos. 5+

  • Jane

    she’s really pretty!

  • debbie.

    you guys are horrible.
    she is GORGEOUS.
    how about people post pictures all over the internet
    ofyou guys so we can criticize you?

    leave her alone!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t her mommy’s name Debbie

  • Anonymous

    you look hot wearing pantyhose

  • Anonymous

    omg shes hideous haha
    Miranda is gorgeous though…and I love iCarly

  • kyle

    Miranda is the only beautiful star on nickelodeon! She’s all nicks got haha
    Keke is also pretty but her show sux

  • Anonymous

    love your pantyhose

  • Anonymous

    I was at a fundraiser at the zoo yesterday and this girl hosted it. When she took the stage to speak all she could say was “yah” and “cool” and she sounded like an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    i want to suck her stocking toes

  • Anonymous

    jennette, i love you, seriously. your still just as pretty as you were when we were kids. :)
    <3333 dont let the haters get to you and keep on doing what you do!

  • Anonymous

    she’s really pretty and I love her outfit/hair/makeup but does anyone still wear stockings? (pantyhose)

  • Anonymous

    LOL love the rose in her hair

  • kellz

    she looks so grownnn
    i hate her shoes tbh though

  • Anonymous

    she actually doesn`t look ugly for once :D

  • Anonymous

    i hate my mom
    i seriously do, shes such a bitch and i can’t wait until i go to college to get out of this hell hole
    and to stop hearing my fucking father and mother yell all the fuckin time.

    fuck parents

  • Soumya

    love her bracelets

  • Anonymous

    um . . . . .. . . yeah . . . . . . . . . . . . that was definitely random . even more random than that one comment someone left on lovebug .

  • Anonymous

    aww love her

  • sophs

    Ok , way age inappopriate, she looks like 40! She needs to let loose and maybe wear – i dunno – COLOURS!

  • Anonymous

    Miranda is the pretty one on iCarly, Jeaneete was hired to be the unattractive, masculine one, so she obviously is doing a good job.

  • Anonymous

    Check out….LUV2LUVJONAS.COM



  • Anonymous

    she looks okay, but..
    i would get rid of the pantyhose and find a new pair of shoes.

  • Anonymous

    disney has definitely better looking princesses than nick.

  • SOOO

    I lover her character in ICarly. But she has no fashion sense.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Anyone who thinks she looks cute must be blind. When is the last time you saw an outfit like that in a fashion magazine? Its like Mortitia Adams accidentally put on Betty Boops shoes.LOL

  • Anonymous

    disney has definitely better looking princesses than nick.
    nick isn’t about creating “princesses” or perfect girls or beautiful girls. Disney, however, is all about the money and of course you can’t sell products with the face of an ugly teenager. If that is what Nick is about, they wouldn’t have created Icarly, where you really can’t merchandise any products and allow viewers to send in real home made videos. Disney won’t bother to waste their time on all of that.

  • gossipland
  • Anonymous

    Well yeah I see your point but by saying that you’re imlying that jenette isn’t pretty, which she most certainly is.

  • Shae

    that outfit doesn’t look so great…
    but she looks pretty :)

  • Lisa Lisa

    I thought I’d never say this here, but you guys need to STFU. She actually has very beautiful, natural blond hair, it’s bouncy and healthy and much better than Miranda’s. Disney girls have to probably sit for hours to apply the correct make-up, extensions, etc. Aren’t you the same people that complain how shallow everyone is and the media is, yet come here and call attractive people UGLY?

    You guys need to see more girls without 50 lbs of make up. oO I can understand saying that the make up or dress was wrong, but they aren’t “fucking ugly duckys”. Sorry, I just felt like defending her since no one else would (or if they did here, it was one or two).

    I have to disagree with Selena as Princess Jasmine. Princess Jasmine has a darker skin tone and is Middle Eastern (which is weird b/c the nobles there of then treasure white skin over Jasmine’s dark skin). She’s more like Belle, or if pale enough, Snow White.

    Interesting though, perhaps these Disney girls are trying to portray real life Disney princesses? Princess-like? Extremely pretty, with no flaws, and robotic like?

  • bri

    she’s soooo gorgeousss!
    she just needs to bring out the girl in her more often

  • laurennnnn:)

    disney has definitely better looking princesses than nick.
    miley, demi, selena, vanessa, ashley
    they’re all way prettier than these nick bitches
    although i did think that keke palmer looked totally gorgeous at the kcas

  • Anonymous

    Well yeah I see your point but by saying that you’re imlying that jenette isn’t pretty, which she most certainly is.
    no, i think her and miranda and keke are gorgeous and keke is going to be a fashion icon one day, but i meant that disney feels the need to contract flawlessness (hence the “princess” image) think about it…selena=princess jasmine, demi=snow white, miley=cinderella…

  • Anonymous

    she is working that lbd

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  • Anonymous

    nick’s girls are NOT pretty at all
    bad outfit
    bad makeup
    bad everything

  • jennyffer

    hate the shoes

  • Anonymous

    So lets see what you look like?

    Stop being so judgmental. She has a better personality than alot of people. STFU

  • Anonymous

    she has sexy feet.

  • Anonymous

    she has sexy feet, would LOVE a footjob from her.