Ashley Tisdale ‘I’m A Really Shy Person’

Ashley Tisdale Myspace Celebrity interview. On misconceptions about her:
‘I’m really shy and I don’t know if
people know that about me. I’m a really shy person. I think sometimes
it comes off like I’m not nice or something, but I am really nice and
if you see me at the mall, definitely come up to me.’

On her Guilty Pleasure message: ‘This time I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to do and the message I wanted to put out there, which is that I’m 23
and I’m not just the cute, bubbly blonde girl you know from Disney.

I have a tougher side and I love rock music, which are things people probably don’t know about me. On each album you get to share with the world who you are as a person, and I wanted my fans to see another side to me. This album really reflects who I am at this point in my life.’

I love break-up songs. On this album, I put to rest a lot of baggage from a previous relationship by venting about the frustration. Everyone can relate to those moments. That song is about how you need to stand up for yourself and not let someone walk all over you; I wanted to get across to other girls.’
Ashley co-wrote several tracks including the ‘Acting Out’. Lyrics: ‘Let me out of this cage / I’m not gonna hold back / I’m
gonna break these chains / I’m taking control now / Gonna give you
something to talk about / It’s another side of me I’m acting out.’
also co-wrote ‘Overrated’ about not changing your
personality for a guy.

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    haha i lyk the lyrics
    i hope one day i can meet her :D

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    even though her singing is atrocious, she seems like a very sweet, very genuine person!

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    haha she’s so cute! i can’t believe she’s 23 though. she looks like she could pass for 18.

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    hahah her cd will still suck. even if she’s nice

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    lol i LOVE hanson!

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

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    hahah shes great.
    love herrrr.

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    I’m really shy too except on the internet.

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    shes grown on meeee, i love herr!

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    good. i need to listen to some break-up angry songs :)