Chace Crawford FOOTLOOSE?

Zac Efron lookalike Chace Crawford to take the lead role in Footloose? According to E! Online, Chace tried out for role this weekend and ‘he did really well’. Despite Zac dropping the role, Paramount Studios said director Kenny Ortega will still be directing the remake.

Do YOU think Chace has the singing and dancing skills for the role?

  • tenamooore

    Zac and chace are both good looking boys but zac has more popuraily i think but that is just my opionion.

  • Anonymous

    why mess with something
    thats already

  • Anonymous

    Chace is a sex machinee ;) sexxxxy

  • Anonymous

    i dont give a fuck if he can dance or not, he’s beautiful

  • Anonymous

    to chlesa stab:
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    It’s really fucked up
    To get my hopes up so high
    With fucked up face – and bloodshot eyes
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    So your face can’t scare the guys
    Your body is banging, but your face makes me shout
    Your front teeth are screaming “Let me the fuck out”
    With Hair like brittle and breath like acid
    You look like something
    That crawled out of Lake Placid
    That’s it for now
    I have nothing else to say
    Keep that face covered
    It’s probably what killed Ray

    That’s one ugly Butterface.

  • Jane

    i think he’s a good actor, but i cannot picture him doing this. at all

  • damn

    i met him.
    oh my god
    he is amazing

    especially in person

  • hil

    nice package.

  • LittleWasserman

    He is hot! No doubt all gossip girl guys are hot!

  • Anonymous

    he could learn?
    oceanupp why do you always post weird pics of people/? like when theyre face is like blinking or like theyre flipping there hair and crapp?? ahha i mean those are always the pics u put as the main thing (not so much this one) but alott the other ones

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    what has Chelsea ever done to be a bitch?
    just curious…

  • Tru

    My two loves! Zac E. and Chace C.! They are some Fine Fine Fine men…..Much Much Love Chace and Zac! LMAO!

  • KaiRob

    I love Chace more than I love air but musicals?
    Not his thing.
    Unless he can sing and dance.
    He’s sex on legs and that’s good enough for me.

  • Anonymous

    what has Chelsea ever done to be a bitch?
    just curious…
    chill i was joking i found it online and was roflmao

  • Hannah <3

    Rumor alert. :P
    Since when does he sing?
    I’m totally guessing, but this seems like a complete rumor.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    why would he be singing for the movie?
    footloose doesnt have singing, unless they changed it into a musical.

  • Anonymous

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  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    o kk!
    sorry I thought you were one of the girls in the other post calling chelsea a bitch!
    cause I don’t see how she is at all!
    she seems so sweet!

  • Hannah <3

    I just had a total brain spazz.
    No but I mean it’s probably a rumor that people started just because he looks like Zac.
    I just totally think of the Footloose dance…and then I automatically think of singing, which it isn’t.

  • abbymarie<3

    i’d rather him than zac. ANYDAYY;’D

  • d
  • Anonymous

    chace is way hotter ;)
    just saying.

  • tori bass

    omg that so awesome i cant wait i dont know if he can sing i never heard him sing but i think he s perfec for the part i so!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait !!!!!!!! to see chance in the flick i will be be definly seeing it now cause i love the classic footlose so i so!!!!!!!!! cant wait too see him i love chance XXo ToriBass

  • Anonymous

    shes/hes not kidding my friends!


  • NotSoAnonymous

    Chace Crawford…

    Dayum. The Gossip Girl crew are all absolutely stunning!

  • Anonymous

    well, he definitely has the looks ;)

  • Anonymous

    mm walking sex.

  • CDK

    second??? third??? fourth??? 15th???

  • Anonymous

    id dooo him in a hot minute

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    He doesn’t look like Zac!
    He’s hotter imo, more masculine!

  • Anonymous

    he is soooo sexy

  • idk

    omg check out his junk :)

  • jani

    he’s hot. zac wears too much makeup. watch this movie make so much money . zac will regret it. lol jk it might happen or not.

  • sash

    chace > zac

  • Sarah

    He’s a hottie!!!!!!!!!

  • fee

    he can do anything he sets his mind too just cause hes so damn hot!

  • Anonymous

    someone’s happy *hint* look at chase’s pants ;D

  • sdfsfd

    NO!! Zac is perfect for the part.

  • Teen

    NO DON’T REMAKE FOOTLOOSE!! It’s a good movie on it’s on. Tired of Hollywood and it being unoriginal.

  • Anonymous

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  • May

    Chace Crawford is so hot he is sizzling with loads of steam coming off of him….I saw a replica watches site with his picture and he was wearing a replica Tag Heuer?? I would of thought he had more then enough Mc Scrooge paper to get the original…