Alyson Stoner
and Kevin Schmidt promoting The Alyson Stoner Project on the Bonnie Hunt Show on March 30. Kevin talks about his weight loss inspiration.

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  • kate

    The safest and most effective way to lose weight is by a smart diet and exercise.

  • kate

    What an amazing interview. I really enjoyed reading it.

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  • Anonymous

    alyson stoner seems to have her head on straight unlike others in this business

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  • yammo


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  • luciee

    cant believe hes the fat kid! woah, he has changed ;]

  • Anonymous

    Alyson seems to really have her head on straight. It’s weird haha, and omg he is gooood loooking!

  • sam

    alysons seems kinda like a bitch

  • Anonymous

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    i looove alyson!
    she is soo awesome!
    and she’s soo nice.

    and that guy ohemgee i could not believe
    that was him i was like ohemgee
    he’s hot now..ahhah!!!

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    alyson seems very genuine and professional.

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  • omg kevin’s so hot now!

  • Kate

    Great article even though the best way to lose weight is by exercise and eating healthy. Diets usually don’t work but if you watch your portions and have a little bit of self control it is possible.

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  • yaya

    alyson really does have her head on straight and i hope she continues on that path.

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    Very interesting article, I’m sure it has brought a lot of great help to many people.

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