Push Play Tiffany Drew Cancer Benefit

Becka & Amanda sent pictures from Hannah’s Hope Fund Benefit Concert featuring Drew Seeley, Push Play, Tiffany Giardina, Savannah Outen and Bre Morgan in Albany, New York this weekend. The concert will help a young girl with cancer. More under!

  • Joan

    We need more celebs like this in the world!

  • Anonymous

    aweee, the first picture is cuuuteee. tiffany is adorablee. and cj, is just hot.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Tiffany Sat night at an ice skating rink!
    She was really good, & after I got to take a pic & get her autograph, she signed my figure skates!
    I love her, she’s definitely in my top five singers!

  • Anonymous

    A little over kill on the TIFF comments don’t you think?

  • tori

    i was there it was such a good concert for such a great cause!! I love seeing artists do concerts for charities!!!

    it was sooo cool and before they show everyone who had a ticket got to meet all of the artists

  • Anonymous

    who are these people?!

  • Anonymous

    Tiffany came to my school today! She’s really good live.

  • Anonymous

    I was there!
    It was awesome, everyone was really good, my favs were Savannah and Drew!
    I got to meet everyone!
    Push Play kinda creeps me out, but Savannah was SOOO nice, and Tiffany took multiple pics with me bc i thought my camera wasnt working, hah, we were talking about how were so bad with technology!

  • Anonymous

    tiffany is SUCH a good singer.
    i saw her overr thee weekendd and shee sang love storryy!
    it was AMAAAIZNGG

  • Anonymous

    savannah=love ‘goodbyes’
    drew=don’t really know his music…

  • Kimberly

    This was suhc a sweet thing to do, especially since it’s pretty close to mee.
    My cousin jack died at ten with luekemia, so these types of events are awesome!
    Especially since thye got such nice, amazing acts!
    These artists are all awesome & so caring.
    Thanks to all of you for helping the cause :]

  • Anonymous

    I saw Savannah live once!
    She was awesome.
    And Tiff’s cd is amazing, everyone shoudlgive it a try!
    those girls can rock =]

  • Anonymous

    charity concerts are awesome, becaus eit’s not only for fun, youre really helping a cause too!
    I wish tiffany would come to california!

  • Anonymous

    When was the last time Miley did any charity concerts?
    Tiffany works with tons of charities & that’s why she dd this.
    She’s a super sweet girl, I’ve met her before!

  • Anonymous

    Drew seeley is my celeb crush!
    I saw Tiffany live at my homecoming, she was really good!
    Oh, and savannahs pretty good too!
    & the boys of push play are just, well, themselves!

  • Jane

    geez stop posting about her!!!!

  • katelyn

    i drove from long island to go to this show it was awesomee!! and tiffany and savannah stayed in the same hotel as me!!! it was awesome they were all really good

  • Ambergraves

    awww thats so nice! but why is it just rejects there? why didn’t slutty cyrus show up?

  • steff

    cool (:
    i love all of them, tiff is so sweet. so are push play!

  • Anonymous

    She’s so good, & she’s super sweet.
    The nicest celeb ive ever met.
    Kepp posting more TG oceanup, & Ill kepp coming back!

  • Crystal

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Tiffany Giardina is awesome and so is Push Play.

  • Anonymous

    omg that’s me
    i can’t believe they actually put the pictures on heree!

    the concert was for an amazing little girl <3

  • Anonymous

    I was there!
    Me & my friends went, it was awesome!
    mt fav 4 acts were, in order
    Push Play

    is only katelyn tarver had been there!
    that would have been awesome!

  • Kayla

    Tiffany Giardina rocks!
    I like her song hurry Up & Save Me.


  • Anonymous

    fuck off bitch. you need to seriously step off miley

  • anomymouss


  • lala

    that girl must be proud
    its all for her.
    but also sad she has cancer.

  • Anonymous

    tiffany seems really nice

  • Anonymous

    Well, Izzy, how do we know you were really there?…do you have pictures to prove it??? Why don’t you post them?

  • Anonymous

    CJ is such a loser

  • Anonymous

    who are those people?

  • allie

    i love tiffany giardina! :)

  • nikkiii

    tiffany IS very nice :) ^^



  • Anonymous

    iam on y spring break :D

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.myspace.com/chrissysavers Shania

    Anyone watch eagle eye?
    I was highly disappointed in the ending.

  • Izzy

    okay well.. did they get all acess passes from push play? and did they hang out with them all backstage? and did they see steve say “Sorry if there are any underwear lying around?” well no i dont think so. i actually hung with them the whole time tiffany was on. it was funn.

  • Mandy

    Drew Seeley is so sweet in person! :)

  • Anonymous

    o please they aren’t trying to be famous! they did a concert for a good cause.

  • Anonymous

    push play<3333
    i frikken love you boys.

  • http://gossipland.wordpress.com Gossipland
  • Anonymous

    tiffany is such a sweetheart! she did awesome headlining the show, best performance of her yet!

  • Anonymous

    Push Play <33333333
    Tiffany G <33333333
    Drew <33333
    They are all amazing! great team together!

  • claraa

    tiff seems like a really cool girl,
    i’ve been hearing a lot about her recently

  • Anonymous

    hey oo its stevie, i play the gutiar, and i make it look easy! haha

  • CJ Push Play


  • michelle

    i <3 tiff

  • niccccole!

    i wish i could’ve beeeen theeere!
    those are like ALL of my favorite people!
    push play is awesome, and tiffany is like the best singer eveeer!

  • Anonymous

    savannah and tiffany are so cool :) they look like friends

  • Tara

    Tiffany is SO good! I heard her over the weekend at my ice rink and she sounds amazing live! It’s really nice to see such a postive influence today when there really isn’t much in the celebrity world.

  • Anonymous

    got to meet all of my idols, ah i felt like i was gonna faint! haha! Push Play, Drew, TIFF, Savannah, bRe, they were all so sweet. its great to see celebs like them giving back!

  • Anonymous

    i love herr. and drew seeley, mmm ;]

  • Nicole


  • Cassayy!

    Tiffany is so awesome!
    I heard her at a Naked Bros Band concert in Nov.
    I love her cd, especially Sparks FLy!

  • Anonymous

    i love tiff

  • Anonymous

    thats so nice! cj and tiff, the first pic is adorable :)

  • lilmama4god

    I love Tiffany, Savannah, and Drew!
    Push play…ehh.
    And especially how Tiffany and Savannah are good girls, unlike some divas!
    And how Tiffany did a Christmas CD!

  • stephanie

    nice to see him with tiffany, the both worked on another cinderella story and i loved it!
    hurry up and save me is the best song EVER!

  • kacey

    I love them all! Thats such a great cause to go perform for, they r all making a difference by performing and getting people to come!

  • Anonymous

    tiffany is pretty

  • kaitlynn

    CJ is not a loser! Why would you even say that. You obviously must be jealous of his success. I think you need to get a life. You’re probably the same person that consistently posts shit about Push Play and one day what comes around goes around and you’ll be eating shit. Stay away from CJ and the rest of Push Play because they’re going places and you are certainly not. Continue sitting on the computer and saying shit about them. Up yours!

  • Jayda
  • Anonymous

    CJ & Tiff are such cuties!
    And Savannah & Drew should date, even if they are like, 8 years apart, lol.

  • Anonymous

    ohhh, push play! i love them!
    i didn’t know they were gonna be there.
    tiffany’s super cool too, she opened at one of the push play shows i went to.

  • Anonymous

    i reaayly like push plaay tooooo !!

  • kelsie

    Tiff and CJ are hott with 2 t’s together!!

  • Anonymous

    great cause
    good people