Victoria Justice Avan Jogia NICK PILOT

Nickeldeon’s Spectacular star Victoria Justice talks about her new Nick pilot to Popstar! Costar Avan Jogia dishes about being a recurring character and other random things under.

  • Anonymous

    uhm she’s a HORRIBLE actress
    they’re both SUPER attractive though

  • Anonymous

    my friend ariana is going to be on her show!

  • Anonymous

    her show will probably suckk

  • Anonymous


  • calire

    haha her show probably wont be good
    she cant act and isnt that pretty

  • Anonymous

    what show??

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    Ohmygosh! Victoria is so pretty. I’m so jealous. I love her, she is a really good actress and I miss Zoey 101. lol

  • Anonymous

    they are so totally dating.

  • Anonymous
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    hehe nice :)(:):

  • Anonymous

    I bet victoria’s hair smells SOOOOOOOOO good!

    if you read this victoria,
    its from your number one fan!!!

  • celebrity weight lossss

    tuc tuc :)

  • Olivia s

    victoria is my acting idol shes so pretty and i love her

  • Mlakatdub

    They are NOT dating. Because if they were, i would have murdered victoria by now. just kidding, but avan jogia is so hot!
    he is definitely my prince charming:)
    i just want to kiss him on his cheeks!!

  • Jesse

    She’s super cute, and i cant wait to see her show!!

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty
    and hes HOTTTTTTTTT