Ashley Green H CLUB HOTTIE

Ashley Greene hit up H Club in Hollywood on Monday. Fame. 3+

  • penelope

    she’s beautiful, but she totally ruined my vision of
    alice. she should be a lot smaller. but ashley greene
    is GORGEOUS!

  • Massie

    She’s perfect for Alice Cullen.
    I’m super excited for New Moon. I just saw Twilight today I loved it but they should have followed the book more.
    I can’t believe she moved to Hollywood at 17.
    I wish I could do that.

  • kenzie

    she is my definite favorite girl from Twilight, i think she is gorgeous.

  • i’ll eat you up.<3

    niley and ashley greene!?
    wow, oceanup.
    im impressed. ;D

  • april

    i love her and i love her shirt too :)

  • as

    love her!!!

  • Carter

    Wow, she is soo pretty!!

  • No name

    she is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!love her !!!!!!!!!best cullen ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love her nose it makes her face looks perfect

  • Anonymous
  • Valeria(:

    she was in twilight..ok? idc. i didnt even see twilight yet im reading the book tho

  • Orls

    She is so naturally gorgeous.
    She’s the perfect Alice. :]

  • Crystal

    gossh! she’s sooo pretty!!!

  • Cami

    Love her. =]

  • antonia

    haha she is NOT curvy.
    i know you said no hate. but still. i disagree. She’s gorgeous!!!
    Perfect alice. i agree. :)

  • Jane

    i wonder if she had a nose job, it sort of looks like she could have, but i don’t think so. she’s gorgeous

  • germ x

    i haveeeeeee that top! but in blue :)

  • BLAH


  • anna

    i lovvveee herr,
    shess awesommeee!

  • mak

    she’s changed her style completely over the last few months
    she used to dress more girly but i guess the new fashion kicked in, and i guess kristen and nikki influenced her coz that’s how they dress.
    i like her new look but prefer the old look
    shes still a gorgeous girl no matter what she wears
    and i love her

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • ahhh! (:

    same here :D she is so awesome!

  • Anonymous

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  • kelly

    she plays alice cullen in twilight.
    if you havent seen the movie i suggest you watch it asap.

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  • junelle

    whats weird is that she has the same shirt as kristen wore.. in the video..

  • B.

    she’s so cute, i love her!!

  • Brandy


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  • http://dasia112195 dasia

    i have like a weird obsession with her… idk why? she is like THEEE best alice cullen EVER! I am like in love with her (no homo) she honestly is sooo cute and down to earth. WOW

  • Anonymous

    she has style

  • Anonymous

    so do i its okay. shes amazing. i love alice :)

  • Anonymous

    i think her nose is a little funny but hey thats what makes her different and she is still pretty :)

  • alison

    awh, love her in Twilight.

    she’s awesome (:

  • hillary

    i agree!

  • twilightluver.

    shes kinda curvy. but just perfect for alice. NO HATE!

  • cindyy

    love her!!!!

    one of my favorite twilighters

    she soo pretty

    cant wait for new moon