• Anonymous

    I wan to meet demi and Selena soo bad I love them

  • Anonymous

    Omg. How do you know her full name?
    You fucking stalker.

  • Lexi

    avan jogia

  • Lexi

    avan jogia

  • Anonymous

    i love what selena is wearing in the first picture

  • Yay

    Im seeing jonas brothers and honor society this summer in concert! Im So excited!

  • RealityCheck

    omg he’s so cuteee.
    i love him.<3

  • Anonymous

    hahaa, i def clicked the link of niley never before seen kiss, april fools

  • gabi

    honor society was obsessed with us!
    cutest pic em

  • Anonymous

    Joe in dark sunglasses is so delicious.

  • Anonymous

    Omg. Emily Orshan is back.
    That fucking stalker.

  • Mother fucker

    can someone please tell me why nick j is so daym hotttyyyytttyttt

    Daym miley is one lucky chick NILEY ’09

  • Anonymous

    nolan is the guy from spectacular thet new lame ass movie on nick

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA !!! YOU GOT ME! damn april fools day!

  • Anonymous


  • emilie

    chiilll with this hating on emily orshan comments. seriously if you dont fucking knw her shut the fuck up. your obviously just jelous and your just making yourself sounds retarded. chill the fuck out seriously and grow up. youre reading oceanup for a reason..your Oobviously interested in other peoples lives, which is fine, just stop calling out MY FRIENDS on it just because theyre prettier, cooler and have better connections then you. get over it you fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    i would kill for one with demi!
    im in fucking LOVE with her.

  • Anonymous


  • CDK

    Nolan!. I know that prick he’s from Texas. Wtf he chats crap about Disney stars mostly her.


    that guy with demi is not a fan, it’s her ex boyfriend.


    when oceanup posted pics of Dallas Lovato’s 21st bday party. there was pics of “Nolan” and Demi and someone kept commenting about how much they hated that guy Nolan and that he was fake and etc etc. I mean they were REALLY upset about it. but they also said he was gay…and no offence but he looks gay too…who the hell is he fo’real?

  • Nicole

    NO WAY JOHN TAYLORRRRRRRRRR. And my future boyfriend Jack. I love all four of them sfm.

    No offense, Joe, but if I was going to take a picture with you and you had those ugly ass sunglasses on, I’d probably kick you in the nads and scream until you took them off. Prettiest. Eyes. Ever. And he still wears those hideous sunglasses. Really, Joe, REALLY?

  • Anonymous

    where do you see nolan??

  • Anonymous

    Ok look – it’s the stalkers from yesterday’s post.

  • bangels

    whoahh! Garbo!

  • Anonymous


  • rikke


  • anonymous

    i’ve noticed that not many people have pictures with miley…
    i would kill to get a picture with her.
    she’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i want a pic with niiick:S

  • Anonymous

    out of any one on disney channel jennifer stone is deffinately the most down to earth. like its insane hahahahahah

    though everyone else is too.
    ben jennifer is like sooo normal.

  • Texas rocks

    Nolan!. I know that prick he’s from Texas. Wtf he chats crap about Disney stars mostly her.

  • Anonymous

    thats cuz dinsey didnt promtoe itZ:(

  • Bryony

    Garbo is THE best :D, the Jonas Brothers and their band are amazing :D

  • Anonymous

    haha, I saw 2 pics of Miley but the 2nd one u can’t tell. I noticed because she has the hot ass purse to match the one dress she wore to the metro station concert (with the skulls)
    The first time I realized I had a girl crush on her
    Matching bag



  • Sarah

    I would die to meet selena in person
    Or take a picture with ashley or taylor

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Justin is hiding miley & her sister

  • Anonymous

    i’ve noticed that not many people have pictures with miley…
    i would kill to get a picture with her.
    she’s amazing.
    hahahahahah haha. i have (:

  • jackie

    that guy with demi is not a fan, it’s her ex boyfriend.

  • meow.


  • Anonymous

    Aw Kevin and bravo for more Bulldozer

  • addiee

    i love the ” no wayy johntaylor” picture.

  • sarah

    awh garbo is awesome <3

  • Anonymous

    selena looks so cute.

  • Anonymous

    The girl with honor society is so freaking ugly! But I love HS! I was there at that show

  • Team jonas,miley&Demi!!!

    Demi & Miley are so freaking pretty!
    Joe looks so hot in that pic with two girls..
    & Nick whoahh! i’m spechless…
    Kevin looks good with his shades!!

  • Teresa

    Miley! <3 Lol,wtf. JG? Why you hiding Miley???

  • andrew

    aww i love mileyyy she is BEAUTIFUULLL!

  • Sofie

    Way to be a biatch.

    She’s not ugly at all wth?

  • teamdisney:)

    she is cute.

    get a life.

    i love her dress!!

  • Anonymous

    i want garbo IN MAH PANTS. im jealous.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Jonas 4 Canada !


  • laurennnnn:)

    i would kill to meet her!
    i love herrrr :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh hey look. It’s probably the stalker that went on the girls facebook and took all her statuses.

  • nick


  • ariane

    yup miley and justin

  • Jane

    i would love to meet taylor :)

  • Anonymous

    Ha, what’s up with the firscrotch in the ugly headband?

  • Anonymous

    wow you’re a bitch.

  • Hannah <3

    I <3 Garbo lmaoo.

  • Hannah <3

    I said I love Garbo (With the heart) but it got cut off. o_O

  • laurennnnn:)


  • Anonymous

    he is so underrated hahaha.

    the first picture with jake t austin, i wonder what camera that was taken on? it’s absolutely amazing

    i love the pic with joe in the sunglasses at the KCAs. he looks hot :)

  • Anonymous

    did demi’s ‘friend’ nolan send a picture of themselves into oceanup? what a fameseeking dick.

  • Anonymous

    jennifer stone look really pretty ! i love thats shes not stick thin but looks really good !

  • rub

    miley is so pretty i love her eyes! i would love to meet her in person a lot of people say she a lot prettier in person. i bet she is! she beautiful!

  • yo

    Garbo is the most beautiful thing I’ve seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn

  • Anonymous

    The pop jams on NOW That’s What I Call Music! 30 are technically closer to “five minutes ago” than “NOW” — a little “Just Dance” here, some “I’m Yours” there — but they still managed to outsell all the brand-new offerings in this debut-heavy week, landing at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 146,000 units moved. Second place went to Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack, with 139,000 copies sold. That’s a far cry from the 371,000 her previous studio album notched in its first week, but considering that this one was a multi-artist set cobbled together for a movie, it’s probably nothing to be too ashamed of.


  • Anonymous

    jennifer stone is literally gorgeous . she looks cute in the show but in pictures and in person she is sooo stunning. she is prettier than all the other girl disney stars… by far.

  • lotsalove

    that ginger smiles with her tounge out. i’m ganna slap chop that shit off you annoying bitch

  • emilie

    that’s me and my friends with honor societyyy !!!! it was amazingggg !!!

  • Yvonne

    I love that b&w pic of Kevin. It has an artsy feel to it. Has Jennifer lost weight? I love what she is wearing

  • Cassie T.

    who is the guy in the green shirt and tie, with the red-head girl?

  • anony

    Who is the guy with the red-head, in the green shirt?