Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen is preparing to tour with her band Pretty Reckless this summer AND design her own clothes. Tay revealed to NY Mag: ‘I’m actually designing all of my costumes. It’s a rock band, so there’s not costume changes but there’s definitely a look.’

A source told People that Taylor will collaborate with New York designer Jen Kao, who is already drawing up sketches. Tay added, ‘I only really design for myself now. It’s really fun.‘ Would YOU wear any of Taymom’s designs?

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  • Ana


  • Hayley

    Stop saying this fucking drama.
    She’s hella chill.
    Your just a bunch of disney crapp.
    She’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    i think she’s great.
    Taylor should just ignore the haters.

    If she keeps it up and does her best to not fall into the same life of Lindsay Lohan/Brittney Speares, we could have a great young star. :)

  • Anonymous

    those who hate taylor are just jealous.

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  • Maya [MONSTER]

    yess i would

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  • Anonymous

    i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen i hate taylor momsen

  • lol

    love her
    shes so cute

  • jonas

    hah shes gonna sing?
    wow she tries to act so old
    its lame she used to be my idol but now shes not
    shes really wierd now

  • htrht


  • sexykath123

    ohhh she’s a B****. . why don’t u stick to acting huh??you know what taylor you’re good at acting but suck at singing!!switch it off oceanup well i mean she’s pretty but you don’t have to post her in this BLOG. . try a different actress ok??

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ew. ew. ew.

  • sexykath123

    yup hate her too. . please read my comment about her. .
    Thanks bestfriend!!
    love ya

  • Anonymous

    stop ripping on her. you think because a teenager goes through faces she’s ‘fake, poser, gay, etc’ it’s stupid. stop saying you hate her, if you cant say anything nice then shut the fuck up. no one gives a fuck about your goddamn hatred opinions. kthnxbye.

  • Dovee

    ewwww!! i hate her!!!!!!

  • C

    Guess who’s not going to have any people go to their show?

    Seriously, she needs to not sing in a band, she should stick to acting, dump this cheesy Rock image she’s trying to be that she CAN’T PULL OFF, dump the ugly raccoon makeup, buy longer dresses, and just ugh. She’s ONLY 15! Not on Disney or on Disney I don’t care. She’s being too old for her age.

  • Anonymous

    i really love her in gossip girl and i think shes awsome but i totally agree she is trying to be jenny all the time

  • Anonymous

    oh wow, i think you should stop posting stuff about her oceanup.
    no one really likes her ! :S

  • Anonymous

    OMG she thinks she’s jenny she needs to see a shrink hahah

  • Jane

    please oceanup, stop posting about her, no one cares.

    i seriously hate her. she’s such a poser, and her whole life has gone down the tubes. no one is going to go see her shows, and i doubt she can sing. she’s so retarded and messed up, she had so much potential, but she threw it away. she acts like she’s jenny, but she’s not. so she needs to get over herself.

  • kristen

    she’s ../.. changed/

  • afton

    her face color doesn’t match the rest of her body.

    love that dress; dislike her.

  • Anonymous

    ugh i hate her stop posting about her please!!

  • cat

    yes i would wear taylors designs. She’s very talented and i can’t wait for her to show everyone what she can do when she’s on tour. GO miss TAY TAY! You rock girlie.

  • Maddie

    I wanna know where taylor Momsen got her dress!
    but i agree, she should stick to acting! :l

  • Ali

    OMG Ayla I TOTALLY agree with you! She is an ugly bitch who cannot sing to save her life! I mean she fired her band cuz they didnt look cool enough! Poser! she even has Jess from the Veronicas hating on her. Now theyre what I call a band! I really hate Taylor she needs to get killed off Gossip Girl so no one will have to be cursed with seeing her ugly face

  • Ayla

    i have no idea why everyone likes her. i cannot stand her.
    she thinks she is sooo cool. urghhh

  • Anonymous

    shes an ugly untalented bitch! probably only pathetic little 12 yr olds liking her

  • Ayla

    I actually hate Taylor Momsen more then anyone else, in the entire world. Because she a) is really ugly, but thinks she’s really sexy. b) she thinks she’s really edgy and stylish and she isn’t she looks like a toddler who used her mums eyeliner and fell into the dressing room for the rocky horror show ( which i would not advise) and c) she thinks she can sing, she cannot sing. she is a stupid, ugly, bad acting, badly dressed little girl. I hate her sooo much.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve written this on many posts before and it still holds true, if people would just goddamn forget about her and stop talking about her and looking her up etc. she’d be forgotten, because trust me there are more Taylor haters that lovers. So give it a rest then you won’t have to worry about her anymore. Jealousy is a useless emotion, and even if you say you’re not jealous you probably are. But come on, think about it, she has grown up in the spotlight since age six! How would you act if you’d grown up as a spoilt little actress who thinks she owns the world for the entirety of your life? In my oppionion you’d possibly be the same, or worse. Some people just don’t know how to handle fame (esp. kids) it goes straight to their head and they take it WAY too seriously. Ignore her and she’ll go away. Trust me I met her, and she really isn’t all that, she’s a little girl playing grown-up, like most little girls of her age, tryinig to be “edgy” and most importantly “respected” … I can honestly say that is a title she’ll never get. So my last bit of advice you all you “haters” or whatever you call yourselves is to ignore her and she’ll go away, disapear off the scene, because no matter how important she “thinks” she is, every celebrity needs fans and without them she’ll be nothing.

    …Sorry I ranted and raed about this one, I’ve just heard this a million times from little teenage girls who wish they could be “just like Taylor Momsen” and how it’s so unfair that she was born rich, and that she’s tall beautiful and talented. I just thought I should finally break it to you: she is niether beautiful or talented, although she is tall (esp. for her age) and rich. But who cares, I’d rather be short and scint than have a bitchy little rich Ma and Pa’s girl like she is.

  • Anonymous

    why does the concept almost the sama like selena’s kiss and tell? ya know like alice in wonderland?