FAME 2009 Official Movie Trailer

  • Anonymous

    it does look kinda good! and that girl has one set of chops! ill probably see it

  • Anonymous

    i cant WAIT
    jared from Vfactory is in it =]

  • lexi

    i love asher!!!!! first!

  • Anonymous

    the chick playing the piano, reminds me of a young jennifer hudson, haha.

  • Rebecca

    I like the new Fame-song, but still really not, it’s going to get on my nerves when I get to hear the whole version… because it’s so far away from the original track, the only thing the same is the lyrics, I hate it when America does that… once a success – always a success. You can’t bring it up. And because it’s bambambambam all the time! Also I don’t like that kind of music, I’d want it more popish rockish… that would be cool!

  • Anonymous

    this movie is going to be badass.

    yeah i used the word “badass”


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i wouldn’t wanna see this nigga movie.

  • Anonymous


  • Katie

    eh, looks like a step up. nothing i’d waste time going to see in the movies, probably wait until it hits dvd.

  • CDK

    i have no idea who the people in this movie are. or the story of “Fame,” but hey looks awesome

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  • aaliyahnoelle

    the girl playing the piano is naturi and she was an original member of 3LW a girl rnb vocal group with kiely williams and adrian bailon from cheetah girls. im glad that she is doing bigger things now.

    oh asher. you are so cute. despite the fact that i cant stand your hair like this. bute cute all the same

    i’m excited to see this flick. i used to watch reruns of the tv show when i was younger.

    and for those who dare say its copying any other musical. its a remake of the 80s CLASSIC movie/tv series.

  • Anonymous

    This movie will fail. Nothing can top the original.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I fell asleep

  • Anonymous

    how bout you GTFO and take that racism shit with you. step into 2009 ya douche

  • Anonymous

    wow you don’t need to be racist

  • http://www.twitter.com/jacky309 Jacky

    I cant wait to see it!
    Looks really good and I love Kay & Asher.
    Asher is hott <3

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  • Liana


  • Anonymous

    its kind of like brittania high..
    so cliche.

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  • bangels

    wow! that girl on piano is amazing! and the movie looks promising!