Madison Pettis Brittany Curran & KSM Do Hannah Montana MOVIE Premiere


  • Lindz

    Haha Madison Pettis always looks better than all the older chicks, that little mama got so skills in the fashion department, she’s killin it!

  • Anonymous

    lol xD

  • Amanda

    The last one’s Brittany Curran. She’s been in a few things like Drake and Josh, Suite Life of Zach and Cody and then she was in a disney. It was one about skating I just dont remember the name of it. Im not a stalker dont worry…she used to go to my school

  • Anonymous

    I miss Drake and Josh.

  • jonas

    ive never seen more ugly outfits at one time

  • Tania

    Who’s KSM?

  • Anonymous

    I remember Madison, and the suite life girl in purple but who are those other chicks?

  • Anonymous

    she looks sooo cute..
    i mean maddison :D

  • laurennnnn:)

    okayyy KSM needs to die NOW
    madison looks so cuh-yutee
    and the brittany girl’s dress looks very flattering on her :)

  • Jane

    that brittany girl has kinda spotty legs

    madison is cute

    i don’t know who ksm is, but they seem weird

  • -AJ-

    awwww Madison looks like a little brunette Taylor Swift how ute



    ahh maddison looks soo cutee!
    her dress is soo cute.
    and she’s soo nice tooo!

  • taylor

    I have hair like hers and we are both the same age.

  • rach

    ksm <3

    madison is soo friggin cute :):)

  • jonaslove

    ummm i do believe that some of them look a bit rediculous, and i feel slightly bad for them because they can’t take it back now =(

  • Anonymous

    madison’s adorable…
    i still don’t get what this KSM thing is all about…

    and that other girl.. she seems alright.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    ew ksm are not pretty!
    I sound horrible but its sort of true!

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    the last girl (what’s her name?) had a really really short dress =p
    Madison’s dress was pretty but mature haha xD But she’s 10… If it was someone at 16-20 people would think slut :S

  • Anonymous

    eww, they’re ugly

  • Anonymous

    madison pettis is a cuite! she’s very precocious…i think her and noah are friends, saw them talking for miley’s sweet 16

  • Anonymous

    i was first^^

  • mollywobbles

    yeah. ^^

  • maureen ?

    first to comment ! yayy !
    they look fabulous !
    Madison is so pretty !
    i lurrvee herr so muchh !

  • beccaa?

    ok, ive looked at everyones outfits… && i am CONVINCED the theme or something was dark colors/black. SERIOUSLY. like all the bigger stars were wearing darker colors. lol && everyone else was wearing like BRIGHT stuff, cuz they prob. thought “oh! hannah montana, i should wear something fun&& easteryish” lol. well, it DEFF wasnt like the HSM3 premire where everyone was like in “wildcats” colors haha

  • Anonymous

    uhm , madison`s dressed like debbie . at least she has an excuse , she`s like 1O . debbie . . . she`s pretty but WTF WAS SHE THINKING .

  • Solange

    new celeb site:

    it’s new so don’t be so harsh!

  • kat

    ksm? doesn’t ring a bell.

  • Anonymous

    where . are . jb . pictures . i KNOW they were at the afterparty , i just know it . so where are they ?!

  • Anonymous

    Umm, some of you girls are pretty weird and shameless. Spotty legs? If you were outside in the cold having pics taken don’t you think you’d get a goosebump or two and a little blood circulating to your legs?! Ah, do I detect some jealous girls who lost roles to a better actor. All the kids on the carpet were dressed fine and just having fun with their lives.

    Brittany Curran is hot and one of the best kid actors in Hollywood.

  • Hayley

    I am so sick of these Z-list nobodys being at every single premiere!Shit,maybe if I put on a dress and show up at one of these events maybe the paparazzi will blindly take pictures of me,even though I’m not famous…Hey,it worked for these people!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that`s yours , isn`t it . . . .

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    thats girl has AMAZING curls!

  • anon

    Wow – people were dressed really “funky” for this premiere, weren’t they?

  • anonymousalso

    Who the heck is the last girl? The one who forgot to put on pants?

  • Anonymous

    where . are . jb . pictures . i KNOW they were at the afterparty , i just know it . so where are they ?!
    There was no afterparty. And JB was in the studio, recording last night.

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah . i forgot xP that`s stupid , why wasn`t there an after party ? aren`t there ALWAYS after parties after a premiere (of a disney movie) .

    and miley said this was her first premiere . . . . then wtf was the hannah 3D movie then ?

  • 143musicfob

    What’s with all the outfits at the premiere!?? Madison looks so cute! :)

  • josephine m

    when were the jonas brothers at the after party how do you know can you tell me it is cool if they were

  • Anonymous

    apparantly there wasn`t an afterparty . . . and they were recording xP

  • Anonymous

    Brittany looks high fashion and smokin in that purple dress and has the body to pull it off. Her star is rising. Can’t wait to see her new movie Legally Blondes and her new show playing the daughter of Ray Romano.

  • Anonymous

    Jealous Jane!

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww Madison is a cutie :)

  • Anonymous

    Who are all these fugs?

  • JhrPlm

    IaHkAl scivCq

  • Danny

    Hey, Brittany, I was wondering if you ever workout almost every time. Do you have any muscles on you right now? simply flex and tell us.

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