Mitchel Musso Shawn Johnson DATE


Mitchel Musso and his special date Shawn Johnson riding in their limo to Hannah Montana: The Movie premiere in Hollywood RIGHT NOW. Mitchel‘s Twittering from the event. 4+

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  • rebbbizzlee

    i need me some joe lovinnn :))

  • Anonymous

    isn’t shawn a boy’s name. haha shawn and mitchel. sounds gay

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    omfg he looks like MASON!
    I think its time for Mitchell to cut his hair!
    Like seriously the young hair makes him look 5 years younger!
    i think thats why a lot of the disney dudes have it: it makes them look younger so they can play a younger character in their show or movie.

  • Anonymous

    ew shawn is ugly in my opinion! i love mitchel and think he is hot haha!

    how i love the musso brothers<3333

  • C

    Shawn looks really nice.

  • Anonymous

    ew i’m sorry for mason he’s so ugly

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    well lets not get too annoying cause someone will call us out!
    but ya Disney doesn’t have A listers at their premieres!
    i think its due to the fact that they want they want Miley to shine.
    Like that went for JB as well!

  • Angielala..

    i love him (:

  • Anonymous

    Live Coverage of the Hannah Montana premier will start in 20 minutes!

  • jesssssss

    what happened to hist short(er) hair….. liked it soo much better!!!!!!

  • KhimmyCane

    dang it , i knew there was something going on , first mitchel being at dancing with the stars and this ,
    shes pretty but whyyyyyyyyyyyy herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    his hair dresser needs to button up a lil bit,aww shawn seems sweet but wtf is she wearing?

  • Anonymous

    mitchel DONT TAKE FASHIONS ADVICE FROM UR BROTHER u both look like creeps but i love shawn:)

  • Anonymous

    its live right now and its a different guy but looks just as boring and is probably going to be dealing with his daughter

  • Anonymous

    dang it , i knew there was something going on , first mitchel being at dancing with the stars and this ,
    shes pretty but whyyyyyyyyyyyy herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ?!?!?
    hm, i don’t know.
    maybe, just MAYBE, he likes her?

  • lawreignd


  • Anonymous

    shawn and mitchell are cute are they dating ?

  • Anonymous

    shawn is sooo cute
    mitchell reallllllyy needs to cut his hair at least a littlleee. its kinda wild.
    but loveeee shawn ;)

  • Anonymous

    stop hating there both hot, miley is not

  • anonymous

    their all hideous….fugly

  • Drew

    y, shawn y, he is not for you his hair is too long

  • Anonymous

    they are THE most awkward looking brothers.
    mason(that’s his name right?) looks sooooooo uncomfortable.
    be yourself!

  • Anonymous

    i hate mitchell musso, shawn that was a bad choice

  • Drew

    and he is ugly

  • cat

    guys stop hating on the girl she’s a sweetheart and they look really awsome together.

  • Drew

    i love you shawn

  • Anonymous

    eww she could at least wear a bra you can hella see her nip on the right side

  • Anonymous

    i agree with drew he is ugly

  • Anonymous

    why shawn u could do soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better

  • cindyy

    i love her


  • Avery

    Marc looks like Braison (Cyrus)

  • http://f f

    Guys shutup shawn is and amazing girl so leave her a lone

  • http://gg g

    You Guys LEAVE Shawn the FUCK a lone, shes an amazing girl so stop hating

  • gloriaaaa[:

    they all look alike xD

  • lesley

    FUCK SHAWN JOHNSON!! mitchell is mine! hahahahah

  • Emily

    Mason is gorgeous!<3


  • Eva

    Do you think his dating her ?
    Eh, maybe their just good friends.

  • lesley

    oh and mitchel’s hair looks hott as hell! shut it yall

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU to the person who posted that link to the live stream

  • s

    Shawn is ugly and short. hahahaha got you!

  • woo


  • putoss

    she gave him a fuckin blowjob

  • Jillissa

    awww i love mitchel…and shawn is ok i guess lol
    being from iowa i hear ALOT about her but awww they make such a cute couple:)

  • kelly

    shawn is going out with mitchell they are such a cute couple..

  • marj r


  • Cienanthony0123

    So cute! Love them both! Musso was at DWTS last week.

  • kat

    hes hottttttttthothtotttt.
    (shawn is not.)

  • fudtfud

    why do they look so funny?
    shawn looks fine.. the brothers are horribly ugly

  • Anonymous

    ugg. shawn. why!
    love you but whhhyy

  • Anonymous

    cute :)
    both of them

  • Marissa

    He needs to cut his hair & then he’ll be good (:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures from the premiere!!


    ahh i love mitch!
    he is adorable!
    i loove his hair!!
    ahhh he is sooo cuteee!!!


  • Anonymous

    i like his hair like that : )

  • Anonymous

    aww cute! so excited to see picture for the premiere, everyone will look amazing!
    “love is here!”

  • (:

    So, how would you know that?

  • idk

    weird match, but we’ll see what happens…

  • s,


  • sheyn

    his hair is redicccc

  • Anonymous

    lol, Devon Werkheiser, haha

  • Lacey

    Omg, Shawn could do soo much better!! why him!?

    Plus, I cant tell which brother is which. They all look alike, and all need a major haircut

  • rub

    does anyone know who covering the premier and where can i find it oh you tube or what channel is covering it!

  • Jane

    i knew it i knew it…its kinda cute

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    does anyone know who covering the premier and where can i find it oh you tube or what channel is covering it!
    It won’t be shown on TV but this is the website:

    It won’t load until the coverage starts, which is in a half hour, so don’t think it doesn’t work, the live streaming just hasn’t started yet

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel looks great!

  • Anonymous

    she gave him a fuckin blowjob
    …and you know this, how exactly?

  • betherzz(:

    cuuute! we went to the same highschool (:

    hell yes for iowa!

  • anonymous

    Okay people, the Disney alumni and second rate celebs (everybody who thinks their anybody) walk down the red, purple, whatever colored carpet…ITS MILEY!!!! (and her entourage)….Enough…..Where’s JOE JONAS…Oceanup..we we need our JOE fix!!!! ( Perhaps good pics from after party?) Sweeeet!!!!!!!

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