Robert Pattinson SWIMSUIT MODEL

Robert Pattinson posing in a swimsuit back in 2001 when he was 14 or 15. Robert posed with Lucy Flower in retro style Miu Miu swimwear during a London shoot for the South China Morning Post.

Lucy told Star, ‘Robert was such a shy, reserved little boy back then, I never would have though he had that kind of superstardom ahead of him! Robert told me he had done a little bit of catwalk but that this was the first time he had ever done a photo shoot with a girl.’ Credit: Popstar, Star. 1+

  • zerbles!

    u guys r not thinking of the time about 10 years ago when this was IT! He looks gorgeous!

    u r rockin that sachet Rob! and that thick hair! gorgeous! it looks like they touched up the color a bit though. His skin looks so soft. just wanna rub my hand over it to make sure ;) jk, he is a funny guy though. did u guys listen to the commentary on the Twilight DVD. So funny, but not even trying.

  • vitoria

    looking gay but veryyy hot..
    In france lots of guys use to look like this

  • Mrs Cullennn x3

    lmfao hes rocking the Edward Hair loookk (:
    hes soo hottt

  • Robert P. Rocks!

    Just think… If he weren’t famous, how would he look like now?
    Thaks god he’s normal now =)
    And SO HOT!
    Love ya Rob.!

  • hawraa

    i dont understand why people find this guy attractive.
    i really dont. i see nothing attractive about him.

  • Anonymous

    so gay

  • konicha

    what a gorgeous sex magnet. That mother fucker oh yeah boy would i suck on him for money. His body is a wonderland and I wanna put some honey on that shit.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit he looks gay LOL

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Hes so hot!!!!! FIRST!!!!! Hes been hot since harry potter

  • Annie

    FIRST!!!!! yay..aww he’s cute!

  • mileywood

    LMAO. wow. that’s um attractive?

  • kaylarosee

    aw. hahaha he was like only 15 =O

  • Hannah <3

    Wait. Is he wearing loafers with knee socks with short swim trunks and a scarf??
    No. Just no.

  • zomg.
  • AngieC

    NEW MOON PREVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT

  • Anonymous

    Hey just remember he was 14 not that i like him now or anything and look at the wonders he has done for the twilight movie!!! it wouldn’t be a good movie without him

  • Anonymous

    honestly, he’s horrible

  • Anonymous

    O___O his face looks like
    zac efron in the first picture.

  • Anonymous

    He looked… weird. BUt he looks better now :) He looks really nervous tehe

  • Eva

    what a cutie (:



  • Amy


    So. So gay.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that dude has gay written all over him. and umm yah he’s FAR from good lookin.

  • Nicole

    He looks gay!! aww cute, but that gurl is pale, but they both look kinda kool.

  • Anonymous

    ew 14 and naked??

  • Anonymous

    i don’t mean to be rude or mean, but i REALLY don’t see what everyone sees in him looks wise. he’s only good looking from like 1 angle, and in every other picture he looks mentally ill or like an ogre

  • Anonymous

    he so gay it’s a sight 4 sore eyes

  • Anonymous

    i just had a baby barf.


    cant i get a witness?! OH WHAT?!

    oo baby rob covered in chocolate all over me and my hairy man chest…oooooo

  • ash


    that girl is PALE.

  • Val

    He looks like such a Girly boy. But now he is fine.


    hwo gay does he look?
    he is even gross looking now.
    he needs a serious make over.
    and how dare anyone post these
    embarassing photos of him….
    (btw; he looks like he is possesed and is
    nervous about fuckinggg.)


    Oh god can these pictures from his young modelling career just disappear!

    Its not his fault he hadnt properly grown into his face yet.
    I admit, he does look pretty camp, but its not like he decided to wear the little scarf thing haha, would have been the stylist.
    Now he is absolutely beautiful. And modest.

  • Anonymous

    doesn’t he look a little like camilla belle in the second pic????

  • Jane

    oh crap he looks like a girl!

  • anna


  • michaela

    um. no.

  • Anonymous

    haha, this is akward.

  • TheBuck
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  • love16

    omg hahahahhahahahahahahah he looks like a lil kid

  • Anonymous

    Great… I don’t know what to write.. but i like this

    See through swimwear

  • thegamegunit