Savannah O Hannah MOVIE Premiere

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  • laurennnnn:)

    lol calm down
    of course i’ve seen her name before but why is she “famous”? that’s what i wanna know

  • Anonymous

    YAY Savi. <3

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    excuse me?
    she is not even famous

  • Anonymous

    her face creeps me out

  • been


  • Lena

    she’s pretty, talented, and I’m happy for her! She deserves all her success! But I have to admit that I’m extremely jealous of her!

  • Anonymous

    eww she looks like an old lady

    that is the worst shade of pink

  • Anonymous

    She’s more famous than you. :)

  • Anonymous

    shes a wanna be get her off of here!

  • gabby

    i hate her so much. ive noticed how she acts so stuck up and sweet. you know if people dont know her, shes mean to them? and then when all her fans come up oh my gosh youre sooo amazing shes all thank you i love you all. then someone comes up to her to ask something like do you know when the concert starts its like ugh. as if everyones supposed to know her. shes a good guitar player but when she sings it sounds like shes singing from her nose. the only song i like of hers is goodbyes. and thats it. how the heck is she even getting famous?1 shes not as amazing as you people overexaggerate. and those of you who say shes more famous than you, we dont care. cause obviously if we wanted to be famous, wed be out there trying. so dont even go there. and fyi, i bet you some of the stars there didnt even know her, disney invites everyone on disney. i know shes not with disney but havent you noticed? they invite everyone! you dont even need to be friends or know the freakin person. if your face has been on disney/radio disney they will freakin invite you to the premiere.


  • Anonymous

    Google works only if the person is famous enough

  • Anonymous

    shes hangin out with katie & karleigh right now!

  • Anonymous

    why’d you put “fame”?

  • zomg.

    hm, does she have an eye infection? anyway, love the color of the dress. it looks like something barbie would wear.

  • Anonymous

    why are her eyes all bloodshot…

  • zomg.


  • kimjonas

    she’s so pretyyyyy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to sound mean, but I didn’t know she was famous enough to be at the Hannah Montana movie premiere

  • laurennnnn:)

    omg ewww
    no offense but she’s fug
    who the hell is she anyways?

  • rebbbizzlee

    how is she famous?

  • jessica


  • Anonymous

    love love love her!
    pink is so her color.

  • ash

    Love her :)

  • kate

    Well now ya know she is haha.

  • adf

    got enough makeup on lil girl?

  • Elle

    Savannah Outen, an amazing singer!
    And she should be known!

    Search her on youtube, shes fab.

  • Anonymous


  • :D

    Don’t act like you don’t know. Obviously she someone important enough for you to come in her and ask that dumb question anyway. Plus I see your name on OceanUP all the time. They’ve posted enough about her for you to know who she is by now. Don’t pretend you don’t.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a young beverley mitchell

  • bri

    first of all her song goodbyes did pretty good on radio disney!
    her new single if you only knew is also doing amazing on radio disney and her music video is premiering today and it also stars tony oller from as the bell rings!
    she is signed to a record label!
    she writes songs with Liz who also writes songs with taylor swift! and she has opened up for drew seeley, the naked brothers band, and a whole lot of other people!
    this is why she is famous enough to go to the hannah montana premiere! and shes friends with debby ryans, jennifer stone, jake from radio disney, nat and alex wolf! she’s just pretty talented and is getting what she deserves which is getting to go to all these awesome events

  • Anonymous

    hm. you dont wear a padded bra with that kind of material. such a pet peeve. cute girl though.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a scandal.

  • Anonymous

    IDK who she is, but she looked nice : )


    ahh she looks like a barbie doll.
    i loove her dress it’s soo cutee!

  • Anonymous

    prob cause she or her makeup aritst or whoever was applying the makeup, maybe stabbed her with the mascara…you never know

    she’s well pretty.

  • Anonymous

    well obviously savannah is famous enough cuz her myspace, youtube, fansites, and wikipedia page pop right up when you google her name.

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous and so talented!!!

  • Anonymous

    uh. who is she, i keep seeing her at premieres

  • Anonymous

    she looks drugged up.

  • xoxo

    This is her first BIG premier. Girl is workin her way up :)

    So excited for her!

  • Hil

    Savannah is so nice! I met her at the Oregon State Fair in August while at the Vanessa Hudgens concert. I turned around and se was sitting right behind me! It’s also so cool that she lives 2 minutes away from my house!

  • Anonymous

    ehmm what is she?

  • popfan

    fame whore

  • lala

    she reminds me of ashlee simpson.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly you’re blind if you think this girl is ugly.

  • M

    Savi looks amazing , i love her so much , but i don’t really like her dress in these photos , but she still Awesome <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    google is a wonderful thing.

    why do people seriously ask who people are? It’s the most annoying question of all.

  • WeSupportSavi
  • ghfghfg

    i thought her name was Savannah-o-hannah at first:P haha

  • bri

    awwww…savannah my girlyyy
    tomorrow her music video is premieringggg!!!
    tony oller from as the bell rings is in it
    it’s for her hit single if you only knew <333

  • Anonymous

    she kinda looks like lo from the hills

  • hwkdje

    why does she smile like that ?
    she isn’t that pretty..

  • vanessa

    and why did she get to go?
    shes barely well not even making disney that much money.

  • Ashlee

    OMG, she is not with Disney!
    Everyone thinks that because her song is on Radio Disney, but she isn’t.
    And does it really matter about how much money she makes? NO!
    And she got invited, because you don’t just get to show up to those things.

  • Jane

    why was she there? i mean she’s pretty, but not famous

  • Melisssa

    She’s more famous than your stupid ass !!