Shawn Johnson & DATE Mitchel Musso


  • Anonymous

    People only like him because hes on TV, no one would ever even look twice at this loser other wise. Disney kid gone wild… He is always wasted hahaha

  • kyley

    she is a cute girl and her and mitchel are Cutee together, but im not liken her dress

  • nicole

    ok EW shawn johnson is the fugliest bitch ever. she is SOOO ugly

  • deanna

    god people are so judgemental. she’s reallyyy pretty. but the dress isn’t the best. they’re cute together.

  • Anonymous

    sadly yes….

  • Anonymous


  • Hannah

    Oh My Gosh! Madison is beautiful. Sure she’s obese. But how could you just a little girl like that? heartless….

  • zomg.

    also, guess who just got 100,000 followers bitchessss

  • Anonymous


  • danielle

    who is she?

  • Anonymous


  • whatever

    major case of cankles she got there.

    and am i the only one who noticed that they both got the same kind or hairstyle?

    i know they went as dates but do they really have to match?

  • Anonymous

    both are cute :D

  • Anonymous

    I think her dress is the most appropriate of them all. I mean it’s the Hannah Montana Premiere…it’s supposed to be bright and colorful, i don’t understand why everyone else wore these dark colors…mostly black. i think Shawn’s dress best represents Hannah Montana.

  • Anonymous

    ewww ugly dress!

    seriously what are people thinking now a days??
    am i alone???

  • bojo

    shes cute! i like her

  • Tammie

    i know rightt??
    my cousin knows her she goes to her school jonstion or w.e yeahh she doesint like her my other cousin met her at a mall well her friends met her and hes like “Omg it shawn jonson” and shes like “Fag” and walked away

    [[and no im NOT lying]] shes a bitch i dont like herr.

  • anonymous

    Her dress is soo bad…
    and his hair’s a mess, but his outfit is sickk.
    and I guess they do look kind of cute together. =]

  • kayla

    so what would that couple name be..
    shitchell? < - thats a winner :)

    i think she’s… cute :]
    and he’s ama-za-zing.
    but together; ick.

  • anon

    wtf is she WEARING!!!???

  • ZZZZZUrmom

    Why is Mitchell trying to look like Criss Angel!?!?!?!?! and how did Shawn Johnson all of the sudden get little boobs…at the olymics…she didn’t have any she was flat chested!

  • Hannah
  • Anonymous

    I think she looks good! her dress is bright and colorful like her personality and she wears it well. her necklace and hair are very pretty and she always looks so happy.
    she and mitchel make a very cute couple!

  • Stephanie

    They look cute together, but Mitchel should be with Miley! Shawn Johnson is gorgeous. Her hair look a little fried. She needs to stop using the extra hold hairpsray…

    I think Shawn’s dress is cute. You know, it just fits her. Her features come out with the dress. Mitchel looks so hot. GO MITCHEL!

  • Anonymous

    mitchel creeps me out!

  • MussoMitchelFAN

    I Love the Dress FYI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its really pretty

  • Anonymous

    if she’s his date…
    they could have at least coordinated a little.
    opposite much?

  • Anonymous

    dudde where the fuck were you this summer?
    olympics ring a belll? damn

  • kid

    Love Shawn, NOT THE DRESS!!!
    Please Hun, pull up the top!

  • idiots .

    you people are horrible . like honestly people probably make fun of the way you dress too . who cares ? at least shes famous . and they both look cute together (: but it looks kinda odd cause hes all black and shes really bright .

  • Anonymous

    mithchell looks good. for the first time?

  • Anonymous

    love shawn. shawn & mitchel? not so much. thats just weird. i mean they’re both cool but the coupling is just really weird.

  • Anonymous

    wow, stfu about shawn.
    you don’t know her.
    i go to her school
    shes a cool girl.

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute, the dress is low cut and those little flowers on it? yeah, I get that she’s at the Hannah Montana premier but still

  • Anonymous

    So Justin did NOT go to the HM premier. Their roomate calls him “Deez” (I know this because Garret said “I’m standing next to Justin Deez…”) and earlier Garret sent Miley a twitter saying “Think of deez, me and chase when you’re on the red carpet tonight”

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel sucks and all he does is cover songs THE IN CROWD was done like in the 60’s or something, I seen his last year on the jingle jam, WHAT A JOKE

  • Anonymous

    I love Mitchel. haha
    And Shawn’s necklace is really cute

  • Anonymous

    ummm she should nor have boobs cuz she’s a gymnist so where did those come from

  • aaallleeexxx

    shes so adorable.
    but thats a no on the dress, but it does make her look

  • gabby

    umm why is she hanging out with him? and i like that dress, its very cute. but seriously, why mitchel? she is such an amazing gymnast. and i like mitchel on hannah montana but he freakin does drugs. now i know that she doesnt have to be doing drugs cause he is, but you never know. but there is a huge chance it could happen. and why does the fourth picture of her look so weird? like at the bottom. it looks like a pole was in front of her, but it looks like it was coming from under the dress.

  • Anonymous

    sham looks great, mitchell looks high.
    no offence but i hate him.

  • Mary-Kimberley.

    Um. Ok.

  • Anonymous

    She probably stopped practicing hard

  • Miriam

    Love Mitchel, he looks hotter than ever… Hate the date. I mean, OMG that dress and make-up and everything. He doesn’t have very good taste! Choose better, Mitch dear<3

  • Anonymous

    Video footage of the HM premier from different networks, including the ADORABLE Miley and Mitchel hug!

  • anonymous

    not liking her dress….
    at allll

  • jus here to speak the truth.

    Mitchel looks sooo cute and dang, she’s gorgeous :]

  • Miriam

    Love Mitchel, he looks hotter than ever… Hate the date. I mean, OMG that dress and make-up and everything. He doesn’t have very good taste! Choose better, Mitch dear<3

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  • Anonymous

    ew, her legs are fug. her face is kinda cute, tho. but the rest of her…not poppin.

  • Anonymous

    So…. Mawn or Shitchel?

  • Lauren

    Omg what are you morons talking about,Shawn Johnson is so so pretty.Your all just hating on her because your all probably Fat,spotty,acne ridden thirteen year olds,who realize in your pathetic little lives you will never accomplish anything like Shawn.Face it your a bunch of skank faced misfits,whilst she is so pretty she has A crazed staler who is Obsessed with her.OH…CHIN UP.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty face but her body is strange. She’s in shape but I dunno.
    She’s gorgeous though

  • Anonymous

    her legs are big because she is a gymnast, you mook! she works out like 100 hours a week and her body is pure muscle!

  • mimi

    footage of miley at the premier! with the stars!

  • Anonymous

    She was stalked by some old dude i have no idea why.

  • learntolove777

    They are both adorable! :D
    Love them together!

  • Alli

    i love her, but i hate the dress!!

  • Anonymous

    she is toned. =]
    Mitchel looks fine xD

  • jess

    i dont like that dress, but it doesn’t really annoy me that much on her..i like her shes cute, and an amazing gymnast!

  • Anonymous

    shes a man
    ugly dress

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, seriously guys? Are we just gonna sit here and hate all day? Get a life. Shawn Johnson rocks and I think she looks cute.





  • gem

    he looks way better wit emily!!!

  • mimi

    she looks pretty! i guess they are dating that his second red carpet with him. well at least he respect her enough that nice!
    WELL, i like mitchell musso voice and music they need to advertise him more he has a great voice. but he needs to push that hair to the back the hair to the front just makes his face look shubby and he has nice eye he should show that!

  • emily

    ahhhh isnt it funny that they have almost the same hair!!!

  • Ness

    stop ragging on shawn, she is an amazing girl, you’re just jealous! She’s adorable, and very talented. :)

  • Anonymous

    hey guys! i sooo agree with lilly! they look sooooooooooooooo cute 2gether! I loce shawns dress!

  • Anonymous

    i hate mitchell, shawn is for me

  • Anonymous

    i think shes amazing so shut up

  • S

    Some of you guys are repulsive – Shawn is a great gymnast – that’s why she’s so “manly”. -_- What she does is better than all the Disney stars. I hate her tan though…

  • Anonymous

    aw she looks cute :)

  • Anonymous

    How is shawn a bitch? She won the US medals so I’m proud of her

  • evan

    hey guys!
    i sooo agree with lilly!
    they look soooooo cute

  • Anonymous
    Miley Cyrus Premieres ‘Hannah Montana’

    Check the pic!

  • emma

    omg shawn johnson is not even remotely ugly. shes absolutely stunning! the fact that you all come on heree to bash here just shows your immaturity. shes so pretty

  • Anonymous

    omg i sooo agree! i love her dress!
    what is mitch gonna do without hannah

  • Anonymous

    i agree wit quintin she is the hottest girl ever and mitchell’s retarded

  • Anonymous

    i hate MITCHELL

  • lesley

    that dress is hideous.
    and plus they aren’t dating i’d kill myself if they were.
    hahahaha i <3 mitchel

  • Anonymous

    awww , she looks cute (: and short xP

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty.
    very pretty.

  • cindyy

    i actually kind of like the dress

  • TinaTalks2Much

    Mitchell is starting to dress more like Mason.
    Shawn is a amazing gymnast and have you seen her on
    DWTS? Ya’ll haters better shut up.
    but in my opinion, they don’t look good together.

  • ANonymous

    Can we talk about this Joans and Miley pic?

    KEvin can really GTFO

  • Anonymous

    omg! she does not look ugly. whoever that is needs to stop!!!! thats so rude. and she looks sooo pretty! she achevied more in life then any of you. i can guarentee that! :)

  • vanessa

    i hate hawn johnson alottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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    It seems you can’t walk to the grocery store without hearing about Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, and through no fault of my own, I know that “TomKat’s” child is named Suri. I come across these tidbits of information without seeking them out, and each time someone mentions a celebrity’s name, I get a little weak in the stomach. I enjoy television and movies and music as much as the next person, but I often find the characters they play more charming than the person behind the screen. Am I the only one?

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  • Anonymous

    Can we talk about this Jonas and Miley pic?

    Kevin can really GTFO

  • Haleigh

    Is it weird that she has more muscle then he does?
    I think it’s rude how you guys bag on her. Get over

  • Anonymous

    i don’t f ing believe this why is shawn date that ugly
    thing . i love shawn go team shark

  • em

    i’m sorry; but she’s gross.
    i mean good God girl, cover up!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I LOVE IT! and I heart Joe! Kevin, I don’t wanna say anything bad becausehe just looks like he’s talking to someone right now (although the tshirt and ignoring BR kills it)

  • Anonymous

    lol, I love the Cole Pic

  • Kirsty

    Seriously guys, she is NOT ugly, she’s got a cute baby face and that dress is lovely.

    Mitchel’s looking smokin’ as usual! xD

  • rtee

    they look like complete opposites haha

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


    Miley says hi to her fellow teen superstars — one of whom, Nick (center),
    “It really just took place very quickly. She hugged them all, and it was all very nice and sweet, and that was basically it.”


  • Anonymous

    Is it me or does their hair look REALLY similar!?

  • Anonymous

    FU justin!

  • hjghjghj

    ewww…mitchel looks like criss angel or something

  • katie

    love mitchels style and himself and shawn shes so pretty all i dont like is her dress but to flowery for me but thats just my oppinion

  • anonymous

    weird…but whats wrong with shawns lip?

  • Ayey

    Oh my god, that girl is fucking hideous!!
    Her calves are the size of an obese womans arm.

    Shes just, really gross. Don’t even get me started.
    And her dress is just, oh my god.
    Something off that 70’s show. jesus. Doesn’t she know how to dress herself?

  • Anonymous

    I think she should stick with formal looks :)
    Perhaps red? or black?

    and mitchel looks hot ;)

  • adgfhfjdhrkld

    SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAANN, and her name matchesss !

    EWWW GROSS, mitchhel can do WAYWAYWAY bettterrr believee mee !

    SHES A FREAKEN CARROT WHO NEEDS A BOOB JOB, their too far aparrtt !


    < 3

  • giana

    she’s pretty but has horrible taste in clothes.

  • Nicole Turner

    yeah when i met him, i was like inlove with him.

    … for a week.

    he’s not doin it for me anymore, hahahah.
    him and his brothers AND TRACE are all male divas.

  • Anonymous

    they have the same hair LOL!

  • tess

    OK, Shawn is GORGEOUS, and anyone who says she’s not is just crazy. She seems really nice, and the reason that she has so much muscle is that she’s a gold medal winning gymnast! Just cut her a break! She’s just a normal girl, who has chosen to be an athlete! The dress is different than all the other dresses at the HM premiere, but it is cute, you must admit. And if she and Mitchel are dating, I’m happy for them, because they make a cute couple and both seem like nice people.

    Cut celebrities some slack, ok?
    You know…most of them do read oceanup, and it hurts their feelings when idiots bash them when they don’t even know them.

    Don’t judge til you know them.

  • Anonymous

    CUTEEE !
    lovee him ;
    he is gorgoeus ;
    they are adorable togeetheer !!

  • kat

    she looks like shes stuck in the 90’s. with the hair cut, shoes. like the necklace.
    thats why is sucks to be too athletic and short.

  • Quintin Tinsley

    i hate mithcel musso before now i hate him even more for liking the hottest girl ever. hey michtel she is soooooooo out of your league.

  • Jenna

    wow people are stupid. she had to wear a leotard at the olympics it flattens your chest. smarty. yeah im a gymnast. nobody looks like they have boobs. well anyways i love shawn johnson and think she looks beautiful!!

  • :)
  • lauren

    shes pretty
    but her dress is ugly

  • Anonymous

    shes pretty but its just a all around bad picture
    theyare cute together

  • Heather

    Mitchel is smoken hot

    but, Shawn? gross,
    he can do so much better then her,
    she’s way to manly looking.

  • Anonymous

    she looks horrible….ugly dress

  • Anonymous

    i am not diggin mitchell for some reason:/

  • A

    Whoaa. Mitchel is dressed like Mason in this.
    As for Shawna’s dress… WTF?! Gross.

  • Anonymous

    i saw a lot of ppl said they liked the necklace.

    well you can get it exclusively at nordstroms only. its’s betsey johnson.

    but must agree. i hate the dress. looks like something for a 6 year old minus the cleavage.

  • zomg.

    aww, both look adorable. :) i approve, mitchel.

  • Summer

    i hate her now. I still am in love with mitchel musso but there is just something about her that i dont like. i mean she is pretty in a way but in another way he is ugly and i dont really like her personality and i have to agree with everyone else wtf is she wearing?! but they make the worst couple!

  • Anonymous

    she looks horrible…UGLY dress.

  • tiffani

    soooo cutee

  • hellohello

    Necklace is from nordstroms. i like it too. betsey johnson.

    but the dress is like for a 6 year old. minus the deep cleavage. but still. she’s quite muscular and stumpy.

  • Meg

    Shes pretty
    but that dress is really ugly
    looks like somthin a 3 year old would put on their doll


    ahh mitch is cutee!!
    i love him…uhm
    is shawn his gf??
    im confused!!

  • love robert 4ever

    eww shes ugly but an amazing gymnast!
    why is she goin to disney events??

  • Mileyfan7

    WOOAHHH why is everyone saying they hate Shawn and that she’s ugly?!

    WTH!!!! I think she is GORGEOUS and insanely adorable!
    I also don’t hate her! She’s a great gymnast with a good personality!

    <3 Love you Shawn!

    And that’s awesome that she went with Mitchel Musso :)

  • vitoria

    wow look at Mitchel style…he’s looking like his brother

  • ayysteph.

    she looks like a rat.
    i wore that dress when i was five.
    she looks like a 40 year old soccer mom with that hair.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty. Her shirt is too low cut though, she shouldve worn an undershirt.

  • Anonymous

    dinner with Demi, Miley, emily, brandi, trace.

    maylor lives!

  • Ale

    You guys are so rude to her.
    Stop drinking some hatorade.
    She looks gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    He is gross and a pothead

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel reminds me of a young trace cyrus here…anyone agree?

  • isa

    she is UGLYYYYY!!

  • laurennnnn:)

    what the fuck is she wearing??
    i love mitchel’s outfit. especially the shoes! but his face…not so much

  • Jane

    awww, she looks so pretty! not lovin the dress though. i think she’s too good for him

  • Katie

    The dress is a no-go. She needs heels too, to make her legs look not short.

    but other than that, she’s pretty.

  • Sierraaa


  • Anonymous

    so the jonas brothers did not show up at the after

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