Demi SECOND Album Summer Release

Demi Lovato talked to Popstar! about being ‘excited’ for her first headlining
tour this summer and how she will release her second album while on tour.

  • http://i Lindz

    She’s gorgeous & her voice is amazing.

  • ggfgd

    i love her! shes amazing!
    but why is she like making
    her voice sound all high
    pitched i know she doesnt sound
    like that.. i loved her for like
    her rockerness and shes loosing
    that now.. its sad sorry but thats
    just how i feel but shes awesome
    i still love Demi!

  • CDK

    yay! i support my fellow gays


    LOL me 2!

    team semi bitches! haters to the left!

  • josephine m

    go demi keep doing your thing you look beautiful let the broke haters keep sitting at the computer bashing and being ignorant and ignored while you keep making that paper haters to the door bitches

  • laurennnnn:)

    omg no fucking way! i bite my lip all the time!
    hey demi! i have a solution! everytime you bite your lip you should slap yourself! lol jkjk
    she’s soooo beautiful!

  • natascha

    yes, demi has to get back to the old days, even tough she loooks good here, cant wait for her tour hope she come to NEWYORK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    demi change her self since when did she get darker and get black hair it looks like she trying to look mexican

    How is she trying to look mexican if she is mexican!!!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • ontheDL

    yessssssssss. =] the more music i can get from demi, the better.

  • Anonymous

    demi change her self since when did she get darker and get black hair it looks like she trying to look mexican

  • Laura JONAS FAN!

    I love this girl!! keep on rocking demi!!!!! ;- )

  • Anonymous

    she’s so freaking hot!

    girl crush lol

  • anon

    bite lips? oooohh sexxii! :D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    demi miley and jb hold disney i luv them all

  • Natasha

    OMG! I can’t wait!!!!! I love Demi!!!!!!
    go to my website:

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yay! i support my fellow gays

  • Delsy

    I think she is going way 2 fast she needs to wait

  • Anonymous

    she looks pretty!!! but hopefully her tan is spray!

  • Anonymous

    Demi is great

  • Anonymous

    i cant wait to hear her new songs!<33

  • Seb

    she needs to like release her tourdates like now.

  • Anonymous

    dang, in the first video,
    her voice is like baby-ish.

    in the second video,
    its her original voice.

  • demimileyjonas

    demi was born a rocker
    with like an edgy look and edgy music.

    so heres what demi has to do to win her fans back that dont like her new look:
    2. leave Sonny With A Chance
    3. Produce a kick ass album
    4. Get a new stylist and dress to kill
    5. Wear a shit load of eyeliner again

    demi is so gorgeous and talented and she needs to show the world!


  • Anonymous

    I love Demi Lovato, I’m so going to her tour.