Maya Kibbel Hannah MOVIE Premiere

Where was Tiffany Giardina?! WENN. +1 She had a tour date in Dearborn, MI!

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    She got her dress at Target, I have the same one in purple. haha

  • Anonymous

    I have no problem with Maya whatsoever.
    …I just don’t get why people make a huge deal out of her.
    She’s just a normal girl…

  • nesi

    maya is so nice!
    i met her their
    if miley doesnt marry ick then maya should!


    shes friends with the jonas brothers since she was a baby. Her dad was The jobros dads best friend and her dad died and the jonas brothers dad promised that hell look out for his bestfriends family : )

  • wow ok

    she’s friends with the jonas brothers, and she’s friends with miley too, so WHAT if shes not famous, she can walk the red carpet with her friends cant she? jeez you guys are ANNOYING

  • Anonymous

    Where was Tiffany Giardina?!

    IDK coffee bean with the rest of the D listers?!

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    If you don’t know who this is then your obviously not a Jonas fan. But its hilarious how she’s famous just because she knows the Jonas Brothers…that’s why people make a huge deal about her. And yea, she’s just a normal girl but so is every other celebrity!

  • brittany*

    she’s gotten alot older looking.
    & yes, i agree sent out as a spy in some way.
    maybe not intentionally but she’ll come back with the scoop for nick.
    :] <3

  • Anonymous

    shes not on a show. She is nick jonas’s best friend. well i guess she was on living the dream.

  • Anonymous

    maya is nick jonas’ best friend!!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s become friends with brenda/ sel/ miles.

  • Anonymous

    r | April 3, 2009 11:55 AM | Reply

    Why did everybody wear black to the premiere…?


    I noticed that too!

    By the way, Maya looks prettyyy :]

  • Anonymous

    i dont understand why she is a celebrity now?? just bc shes jonas brothers friend??

  • Nicole Turner

    no one said she was famous.
    miley and the cast invited friends to do the red carpet.
    look at push play, there not famous.

  • Anonymous

    Someone’s going to fill Nick up with the 411 :P

    LOL mmhhmmmm.


  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous and amazing, brenda and maya rock!!!


    ahahaha her hair does not look good

    but i like herr.
    but yikesssss ughh!

    her hair is scaring me!!
    i like her hair curly better!
    ohh well!!
    she seems really nice!!

  • Kimberly

    I love Maya & Brenda Song!
    & TIffany came to my school that day!
    My school’s the one in MI!
    She was awesome!
    She signed my poster & she sang No Average Angel, which is my fav song!
    It was the best day ever!


    its stupid shes not even famous she thnks she is but she isnt and i love jb im just saying

  • B

    Considering she is friends with Miley too as are the JB. Why do we all make such big deals out of things!?

  • anonymous

    Maya and miley have been friends for a long time!

  • Shelby

    I love Maya! She’s really pretty.
    And I think it’s funny how she’s like a celebrity now. :]

  • Anonymous

    its funny how some people are saying that if she is not a celeb why is she there.
    Who cares if she is not a celeb, she is friends with Miley and some of the other people and if she was invited than she has the right to be there!
    she looks pretty!

  • ifucknickjonas



  • jess

    shes cute! really grown up too!
    shes like one of the best dressed girls there and i dont think she has personal stylists helping her out all the time…

  • jonas

    why is she here if JB arnt?
    shes not a celebrityyy

  • judi

    she should marry nick.
    idont care just friends is about maya.
    they they will end up being together.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. OMG ~MINDREADER. How the hell do you know what Maya thinks? Idiot.

  • kdsflahui

    Aww, she’s so pretty :)
    is it just me or does she look old for her age? haha like if I just saw her I’d think she’s 15 or 16 not 13 or whatever. It’s funny how her outfit and makeup are some of the best..when she’s not even a celebrity! haha.

    Anyway she can walk the red carpet if she wants! This wasn’t even a formal event..If you’re such a Miley fan then maybe you should rewatch bobw concert movie because then you’d know her and Miley have been friends for a long time..she’s obvs pretty cool if all these older kids want to hang out with guys are just jealous.

  • Anonymous

    okay. seriously people.grow up. she was invited to the movie. she can walk the carpet if she wants. if u see the BOBW 3D movie, there is a scene where her and miley are talking. “she’s mooching off the jonas brothers” really. be mature. they have been friends of the family forever. and who gives a crap where she got her dress? maybe she liked it. maybe she doesnt see the need in spending over 2 grand for a dress you will wear one night. you should seriously get over yourselfs. you dont like her b/c she is friends with the jobros and nicks bff. if that was ur friend how would you feel?

  • kaygirl+jb

    hey my name is casey too(:

    lol anyway yeah,
    & idk y evreryone is making such a big deal out of this
    she’s her own person let her do what she wants
    ps: she looks rlly good here! Deffinitely growing up

  • Anonymous

    Yeah BUT shes friends with Miley.

    No problem there.

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing! Love Maya, she’s such a sweetheart.

  • Anonymous

    i love her. ha.

  • Anonymous

    You have issue’s my friend.

  • Anonymous

    She’s friends with Miley. You can see her talking to Miley in her 3d movie. (It was the part where miley got dropped and she was telling maya about what happened). She does NOT mooch off the jonas brothers’ money or fame. She is still best friends with Nick.

  • Somone

    Maya is drop dead gorgeous all of you haters go fuck a pole or something because you SUCK.
    Oh and oceanup…Tiffanys on TOUR duuh!

  • jonassxo

    tiffany giardina is one tour

  • Anonymous

    Tiff and JoBros were together!!!

  • Anonymous

    i knowww its so stupid….
    shes like, 12. shes wearing way too much makeup too

  • abcd?

    Shes really pretty(:
    But she has big cheeks lol

  • Jane

    she’s so cute!! seems really sweey

  • I<3JBx3

    Thank you! Im so sick of all the ppl who r lyk: Why is she here? And she’s the girl who lives off of JB’s $!!! Thats just pathetic! Seriously I mean c’mon she was friends with them as a child lyk BEFORE they were famous!

  • Miley Cyrus

    cute dress

  • bri

    maya is 14!!! because nick said once in a interview that he was 4 and she was 2 and they would play like they were doing theaters and stuff so since hes 16 then shes 14

  • Nicole

    wow you honestly have no respect for maya’s dad dying. the jonas’s dad made a promise to maya’s dad that they would take care of her mom and maya.

    stop getting pissed that she was at the premire, because if you were there you’d want people to stop bashing on you.


  • team jonas + miley

    she`s so freaking adorable ! AND SHE`S GROWN UP !!! :D

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    She’s so pretty!
    She’s really grown up since the summer!

  • lisa

    people are sooo stupid you dont need to be famous
    to be on the red carpet. nonfamous people go too you
    just dont see their pictures and stuff
    and yeah her and miley are friends tooo

  • lol

    brenda and maya are really close, THEYRE BFFS too, maya is close to nick and brenda, she was never that close to miley… shes closer to brenda and nick than to miley and whats the big deal, her BFF tells her to come to an event with her, brenda asks maya to go everywhere with her, like in NY city when brenda was doing press stuff, maya came with her, and at the jb 3D premiere, KCA, and JB clothing event concert thing, maya came with brenda. GOSH whats so wrong with that? STOP HATING ON A POOR INNOCENT GIRL!!! YOURE JUST JEALOUS SHES BFFS WITH FAMOUS PPL… SHUT UP HATERS.

  • Anonymous

    she’s stunning.

  • Anonymous

    out of all people… how random

  • gfdgggggggggggg

    love maya but
    it’s just funny how their taking pics of her

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wait, she looks familiar. Who is this? Like, what show is she on?

  • Anonymous

    wow you honestly have no respect for maya’s dad dying. the jonas’s dad made a promise to maya’s dad that they would take care of her mom and maya.

    stop getting pissed that she was at the premire, because if you were there you’d want people to stop bashing on you.



    1ST HAHA and who the fuck is she?

  • Anonymous

    maya is so pretty
    i love her outfit



  • Andrea JONAS:D

    ahhh omggg i love her.. i talked to her on myspace.. and yes it was really her… AND SHE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICEE NO JOKE:DDDD eeeep! she looks soo prettty.. and shes nick jonas’s bestfriend. she was in the hm 3d movie… shes the girl that miley tells …. OMG DID I TELL U I GOT DROPPED

  • kat

    WOW SHES THE UGLIEST person in show biz ive seen to date.

  • kat

    whats wrong with her cheek bones?

  • Anonymous

    oh stfu everyone.
    maya is a very close family friend since before she was born her parents and the jonas’ parents were bestfriends. SHE DOESNT LIVE OFF THEIR MONEY HER MOM WORKS FOR THEM BECAUSE WHEN HER DAD DIED HIS LAST WISH WAS FOR THEM TO TAKE CARE OF HIS FAMILY BUT NOT FINANCIALLY DUH. so much for being a TRUE fan, you would know this.
    shes absolutely gorgeous youre all jealous.

  • mahima

    she’s nick jonas’s bestie

  • Gila

    Shes NOT pretty

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    she is the girl that is always seen with the jonas brothers… if you watch some of the living the dream eppys you will see her

  • Rachel

    she looks so pretty
    i love her dress :)

  • Sabrina

    maya got fat from the time she was on the jonas brothers living the dreams.

  • Anonymous

    she has the cheekbones of vvanessa
    and shape of the face of selena

  • victoria

    She is a very close friend with Jonas Brothers.

  • Anonymous

    maya kibbel… she’s nick jonas’ best friend. she isn’t on a show. her mom is jb’s tutor or something.

  • Anonymous

    nick jonas’s best friend.

  • :)

    Lol oceanUP. Tiffany is on tour right now.

  • taylor

    mmkay so i love her and all, but why is she there?
    it’d be different if it was a movie with jb,
    or if they were at least there…
    but they aren’t even there….

    and why is she walking the red carpet? she’s only famous
    because she is their friend…

  • Brittiany

    Maya’s Nick jonas’ best friend.

  • Anonymous

    Awh, I love Maya :) she’s really pretty. Her and Nick are probably gonna get married one day, although I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work , since there so much like brother and sister.

  • Anonymous

    Nick probably sent her out as his spy. HAHA

  • Anonymous

    she’s a family friend of the jonas brothers and nick jonas’ best friend.

  • Anonymous

    Someone’s going to fill Nick up with the 411 :P

  • Anonymous

    she is pretty average looking

  • Anonymous

    cute :) nice of her to be there

  • molly

    for all of you who don’t know, maya is best friends with the jonas brothers, especially nick. She’s not on any show, but shes become good friends with a lot of other disney stars because of the jonas brothers.

  • r

    Why did everybody wear black to the premiere…?

  • Anonymous

    She’s Nick J and Brenda’s Song’s BFF. And she used to be clsoe with Miley and Selena.

  • Anonymous

    so?. since she’s a jonas bff, she’s famous now?

  • Anonymous

    Someone’s going to fill Nick up with the 411 :P

    LOL mmhhmmmm.

  • mimi

    Wait, she looks familiar. Who is this? Like, what show is she on?
    she is nick jonas best friend and the jonas little sister to them. basically when her father die thier father promised to take care of the mother and maya and nick and her grew up together with the rest of the brother. she is basically like a little sister to them.

    she also came out on miley movie bobw talking to miley about when she felt, she also came out on the living the dream documentary on the jonas on disney, and she also came out recently on their 3d movie along with frankie.
    she goes to their concerts and she travels with them and her mom. Everyone know who she is because she is everywhere with the jonas and the jonas spoke about her and her mom! also their picture and video on the internet when they were both small kids playing. she pretty much grew up with them.

  • ..kk.

    nick jonas best friend and her mum is their asisstent
    sorry im not verry good at spelling but whatever

  • Anonymous

    she and her mom have been mooching off of the jonas brothers ever since her dad died. she’s not even “best friends” with nick anymore anyway.

  • Anonymous

    i’d imagine she’s friends with miley. or at least friendly. if she wants to go then she can. also IIRC she’s close with brenda song, who was invited to the event. maybe she was her date…. ooo scandalous x]

  • zomg.

    dude. way harsh.

  • ew

    she looks terrible

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