Savannah IF YOU ONLY KNEW Video

Savannah Outen ‘If You Only Knew’ music video premiere featuring Tony Oller.

  • Anonymous

    she has such a great voice =D her outfits are so cute!

  • Anonymous

    the music vid doesnt match the song, it should be less
    colorful and cheasy, but tony looked cute here.haha…

  • Anonymous

    shes not even in love with nick.
    nto compared to everyone else.
    and hunnie, shes extremley talented and def. not rude.
    we live in the same area and i have talked to herr when i saw her at sweet tomatoes,
    and she was really nice and talked to me.
    you dotn really know who she is becuase youve never met her,
    dont listen to your stupid resources.

  • Anonymous

    who is she?

  • Sara Fahey

    OMG i love it so much. i adore the song, and not so much her though.


    wowowoww this is sooo lameee dude. just wow lol
    and she looks like a MAJOOORRR CREEPER!

  • angelina

    ahhhhh shesss amazing.
    how do you not know who she is?
    only the best singerrr everrr!

  • Ashlee

    First of all, you guys are all wrong.

    1) This song is NOT about Nick Jonas. It isn’t really about anyone. It is just about liking someone and they have no idea that you even exist. And, she doesn’t really even like Nick anymore. She is more onto Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison now.
    2) She is not rude at all, I have met her and I talk to her all the time on YouTube and she is so sweet. I have a fansite for her and she has been on that site as well. She is so involved with her fans you have no idea.

  • Anonymous

    This was written about Nick Jonas. I’m not even kidding.

  • a

    whats the video about? makes noo sense!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Lovesick.Melody.

    The whole “To Be Continued…?” is like one of the Jonas Brothers video.

  • JadeLittish<3(:

    OMG, i thought that too!!!!!!!!!

    haha this is awesome though :D
    tony looks sooo cute at the end with the laptop :D:P


  • Anonymous

    No, this actually wasn’t written about Nick Jonas

  • emily

    seriouslyyy it so clear who this songs about and the video just made it that much obvious that its about her celebrity crush who we’ve heard her talk about alot of times lol “you’ll write me a song too” that line basically screams who its about

  • anonymous

    she has an awesome voice so much better than miley,tony looks so cute
    and why do all you haters come on here and talk trash about all of these girls that are making something of their selfs..your so jealous,and dont say you arent because you are

  • deanna

    there needs to be an acoustic version of this song.
    it would be so much better

  • Anonymous

    tony oller is so hot :-)

  • Anonymous

    i’ve never heard of this girl before…
    but she’s actually really good.
    why isn’t she more famous?
    i would buy her stuff.
    reminds me of a more rock version of taylor swift.

    I agree! She’s pretty good. I actually think her voice is better and stronger than Taylor’s.

  • ksdhf

    seriouslyyy it so clear who this songs about and the video just made it that much obvious that its about her celebrity crush who we’ve heard her talk about alot of times lol “you’ll write me a song too” that line basically screams who its about


    haha, I find that believable because she always talks about him and…. who here has seen that youtube video on her joint account with that girl where & her friend get jonas tix + meet&greet passes as a birthday gift… she like freaks out and starts crying hysterically. ahahaha. Anyway, I’m not too fond of this song because it just sounds the same as every other song out there..but I love her song goodbyes :)

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s pathetic that people are saying that savannah is rude are you kidding me??? she’s sweeter than even demi lovato!

  • angelina

    whyt would she write this song aboutnick?
    like, that would be creepy.
    she didnt.
    she doesnt even know him like that, ahahah.

  • Tetem

    This reminds of JB fans. The obsessed ones.

  • Anonymous

    ew why the fuck would we be jealous of this no good wannabe? miley cyrus, taylor swift, and others yes. but i am still a huge fan of miley and taylor. because they are amazing. jealous as in i wish i could sing like them. i would not wanna fuckin sing like savannah. shes horrible, and sings through her nose like one of the girls up there said. she needs to go play guitar for a band, not sing on her own. no one should be jealous of this girl that calls herself famous.

  • Lucas


  • Anonymous

    I hate the video, but I love the song and she has a great voice! :)

  • Haylie

    This song is about Nick Jonas,just fyi.
    I hope they one day date.

  • Anonymous

    i hate her mouth, it’s really annoying, especially when she smiles.:/

  • someone

    WAYYY better music video than goodbyes

  • Anonymus

    What the HECK!!!!

    can’t believe it… thiss is the story of my life…about the boy of my dreams…and i tought about him since i heard the song and now i found out that it was written about him and for him….

    i’m so amazed and savanna just…..

  • Anonymous

    No. Savannah said she’s kind of over him. She likes Taylor Lautner

  • laurennnnn:)

    her voice sounds kinda…weird
    i don’t like her so much
    but that’s just my opinion of course :)
    tony is lookin FINEEEE btw!

  • Tiffany

    he knows!!!

  • maryyy((::

    yeahh but this song is written for Nick,
    she even said it.

  • Anonymous

    lol this is how she really is (for Nick Jonas).
    She’s literally crazy about him…who knows one day maybe she’ll date him. ya never know.

  • bri

    tony looks beyond amazing here
    the hottest he has ever looked!!!
    and this song is amazing i love savannah she is so sweet!!!
    i love her music!!!!!

  • peanut.

    haha yeahh she did. shes obsessed with him. I won’t go into detail about it-except that she wrote her other songs about him as well.

  • Anonymous

    don’t go crazy on me..
    but she tries TOO hard.
    i swear,and her lip-synching is okay,but on high notes,she gotta put some effort[in the lip-synching;it looks like she’s singing a normal note and the transition face isn’t expressed]
    i enjoyed the song..but the video was too seems like she’s dreaming TOO big,,ya the ..Oh!I’m gonna have my own reality show where it would be a huge hit and millions will watch it!.

  • edenm

    Ohmylord. I have the biggest crush on Tony Oller. When he was chucking the pigskin, I honesty died inside. :]

  • sam

    i’ve never heard of this girl before…
    but she’s actually really good.
    why isn’t she more famous?
    i would buy her stuff.
    reminds me of a more rock version of taylor swift.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Mel

    omg, i hate her voice. it’s like a ROLLERCOASTER.





  • It is about Nick Jonas

    This song is about Nick Jonas for all those who don’t know Savannah got her start by singing her songs on youtube so me and alot of other talked to her on their and she said it was about Nick she loves Jb she even went to a couple of their concerts and met them twice and when she was haveing her birthday her parents supprised her with jb tickets and she freaked and she has a big jb cutout their are videos of all this on youtube her and her friends page note her personal page. So yeah it is about Nick and Savannah is awsome this is my fave song and goodbyes. i think her and Nick will date one day because in her meet and greet video he was totally checking her out.

  • angelina
  • gabby

    …dude she has an album out. and shes on itunes and crap. shes ok. i love her guitar playing. not so much her. some people say shes a stuck up snob. one of these girls i know met her and they didnt know who she was and when they asked her a question like she was a normal person she pretty much made a face, answered, and rolled her eyes and looked away. shes only nice to people who know her. and i hope shes moved on. gosh she was obsessed with nick. and yea i think a lot of her songs were written about nick. and if she still is, shes probably still thinking of more. and people, shes already met nick. unless she becomes yay popular, which she is only because disney has been inviting her to all these premieres, it really wont happen. and if it did… i think id shoot myself.

  • annie

    love herr!!

  • Kelly

    hate her.

  • kelsey


  • Anonymous


  • Alex S.

    I love that video, Tony is mighty fine =D

  • Alex S.

    I love this video, Tony is mighty fine =D

  • SavannahSupport

    AMAZING! I LOVE SAVANNAH! 1st comment(:
    I love the music video sooo much(:

  • Sarah

    Who the hell is this girl?

  • cami

    she grew up so fast into the celebrities world. i don’tt like her so much.

  • Anonymous

    ditch the hat honaiii.
    you look like a mushroom

  • zdfg

    Video Is Creepy O_O
    Shes Like Stalking Him.


  • CorrieLynn

    I think its really cute:)

  • Anonymous

    cute. (:

    slow day, oceanup?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lawd who?!