Very Happy 18TH Birthday Jamie Lynn!

Jamie Lynn Spears turns 18 today. Amanda Bynes turned 23 yesterday.

  • team jonas + miley

    she still is sweet and innocent . . . just grown up (i`m talking about miley) .

  • anonymous

    stop calling her a slut…yes she got pregnant at 16 but i bet it was really hard for her and everyone makes mistakes!! My friend is pregnant and she just turned 17…its been hard on her to with all the people looking down on her! You should totally give her break because you dont no what its like!!

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  • Cinta

    Awww she’s adorable & way more smarter than her loser sister.

  • Anonymous

    that picture… yup, she was my role model back then.

    the first celebrity i was obsessed with…

    All That –> r.i.p

  • Niny

    no she’s 18. she was born in 1991 ;)

  • Alexandra

    Very happy 18th birthday jamie Lynn Spears!!! :) I hope u and maddie and Casey had anwesome day togther. I also hope u had one very special birthday cake too! you rock!!

  • Anonymous

    she grew up as a famous actress in hollywood, so im sure she is more mature than the average teenager

    and she can support her daughter financially.

    so was it aan unexpected pregnancy, yes, but she has accepted being a mom by now…you should too.

  • mileyfan7

    Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn!!!

    :D Love ya <33

  • Anonymous

    that picture… yup, she was my role model back then.

    the first celebrity i was obsessed with…

    All That –> r.i.p
    R.I.P old Jamie lynn

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  • Anonymous

    britney is the most famous celebrity in the world…

    so she is obviously smart.

  • so.

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  • Anonymous

    im so sick of…
    im miss old jonas, demi, jamie lynn BLAH BLAH BLAHHH!

    you never even knew them and still dont…so shut up already

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    Yeah I used to love her a lot! Zoey 101 was my favourite show ever, I was obsessed with that show, I would just tivo the epsisodes and then I would watch them all over again, even after the baby I still watched Zoey 101 except for last season when this new guy appeared.
    I used to love her so much!
    Whatever HAPPY B-DAY JAMIE! :)

  • rebbbizzlee

    yay! now it will not be statutory rape! go have some more babiezz!

  • Anonymous

    I miss the joehawk, I miss when they were regular new jersey boys blabla now they are douche-bags
    I miss the old miley, when she was 13 years old and she started with HM, she was not a slut
    I miss the demi with brwon hair and bangs! then white one, I hate this new look and fake tan
    Blablabala lol get over it!

  • Anonymous

    c’mon! you seriously don’t have a recent picture of her?

  • Anonymous

    How something natural is nasty? just fyi you don’t live in a pink world, things like that happens, often.

  • team jonas + miley

    define douchebags . they`re definitely NOTTT . i miss the old days too , but they`re definitely NOT jerks / a-holes / douchebags .



  • Anonymous

    How is that ‘nasty’ ? :S

  • Anonymous

    Nick is not the same anymore. It’s filled with tweenies who think that everything is funny.

  • helen

    wow is she only 18 i thought she was in her 20s

  • Anonymous

    So it’s gross at 16 but not at 18? Just wondering.

  • EmzyBoo

    Happy Birthday slut

  • Someone

    Don’t you dare feel bad for her, its her fault.

    I hate when people feel bad for young mothers, they should have been more careful. (exclued the raped ones, but really how many young mom’s were raped?)

    && yea, oceanup, how about a picture where she isn’t twelve.

  • Anonymous

    she is not smarter. britney didn’t get pregnant at like 16/17.

  • Niny


    only 2 more months until Maddie Briann’s first birthday :DDD she’s getting so big.

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    Wow, she’s only 18? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE(:

    But you wasted your childhood:(

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think it was a mistake

  • Anonymous

    Slut? For all you know she’s only slept with one person.

  • Jonas 4 Canada !

    I miss the young sweet and innocent Miley Cyrus

    Miley is now more fierce than ever!

    Happy B-day Jamie Lynn!
    I wonder if little Maddie Briann is excited to eat some cake!
    And guys stop hating on her she wants to be a mom plus she can afford it!
    I think its all good as long as the media doesn’t send the message that getting knocked up young is a good thing, because only girls who can financially support the baby should be able to have one!

  • Anonymous

    So if you don’t get pregnant you’re automatically smarter than somebody who does get pregnant? That’s good logic.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn!
    Now I can give her 18 birthday spankings!

  • sdfsfd

    hope so.

  • Kristina

    You should use an updated picture of her.


    thats crazy i was watch old interview of britney on youtube early … you guys are asshole she not a slut she a teenager and teens have sex like or not even the jonas brothers! happy birthday jamie!

  • DALLASjonas


  • sdfsfd

    yeah she doesn’t look like she’d be 18 today.
    btw, FIRST.

  • team jonas + miley

    cause she was screwing around at like 15 . ew . leave the sex for the adults , especially if you can`t handle the after math .

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  • idk

    happy bday jamie
    hope maddy’s doing great

    i feel so bad for her tho. she has to deal with a child at such a young age. does anyone no if she’s actually permanently leaving acting? tht would suck :(

  • team jonas + miley

    ew . and she`s already got a kid , that`s fxcking nasty .

  • Anonymous

    happy bday slut

  • Anonymous

    cause she was screwing around at like 15



  • Anonymous

    I miss the young sweet and innocent jaimie lynn
    happy birthday girl

  • Anonymous

    how is it nasty?

    having a child is not nasty….

  • team jonas + miley

    it`s not like she was raped . she opened her legs and got knocked up . it`s her fault .

  • Delsy

    WOW People can call miley a slut but as far as we know she hasn’t slept with anyone jamie lynn has (1 person) and that doesn’t mean she is a slut

  • Anonymous

    She’s 17, not 18?

  • yep

    how is having a child discusting? im sorry but at 16 that’s when most teens start to be sexually active, obviously something didnt go right but she ended up with a beautiful kid. i dont think she should be anatgonized about that. She CAN support her so she has nothing to worry about. seriously its not that big of a deal having a kid at 16, nowadays its a normal thing

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    how do you guys even know that her boyfriend was the only guy she slept with?. oh thats right you dont! so she prob has had sex with diffrent guys. and still being a mother at 17 especially being in the spotlight, isnt too good either. heres a crazy idea, maybe she should have waited to have sex, because she knew everyone would make a HUGGGEE deal out of it and she never looks happy now soo yeah

  • totally1234567890987654321

    she used to be such a cute little girl

  • team jonas + miley

    at 16 . that`s gross .

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • =]

    I miss the young sweet and innocent jaimie lynn
    happy birthday girl


    I miss the young sweet and innocent Miley Cyrus

  • Anonymous

    why would you think your first if your replying to a comment

  • Anonymous

    mhm. I agree. Neither one of them should be called a slut.

  • Anonymous

    she was awesome… way better than her sister… and she blew it.
    i miss her.
    i liked her better than miley. (?)