Zac Efron Saturday Night Live CLIPS

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    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

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    zac is really growing on me lately,
    i think its because i’m seeing him outside of a disney light,
    he seems more normal, smart, charming and witty.
    17 again looks amazing and i’m really looking forward to seeing him in something other than musicals,
    maybe even something darker and more.. realistic?
    anyway, he’s absolutely adorable! :)

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    This is pretty funny too, except its with Demi and Selena:

  • Anonymous

    First, HA!

  • jonas4ever

    ahh dat sounds so prety can i eat ur food.. lol

  • rebbbizzlee

    because i didn’t have a normal upbringing…
    haha love it

  • Anonymous

    LOL! funny!

  • ashley

    wow that actually looks pretty funny!

  • Tia

    haha i love kenan he’s like the funniest on SNL and that dude on the left played Obama in a skit xD

  • girl who is loved by everyone :)

    ohhhhhhhhh zac zac zac i remember when i saw him
    for the very first time in hsm1! i definitely fell in love
    with him, I was really really really in love with him
    but now not anymore, becauseeeee he has changed a lot
    from hsm1 (phisically apperance)
    i used to think he was the most handsome guy in the
    world:) nowwww obviously not, he has changed a lot

  • Anonymous
  • omg.
  • Catherine

    .. looks awesome ha kenan and kel