Push Play Moving To Venice, California

Push Play Myspace bulletin: We rented a house near Venice Beach and we are relocating there. The 4 of us will live together, free of parental intrusion (yeah), to live our lives according to the way we see fit as prospering musicians.

The move will enable us to breakout in a fashion that we think will best suit our needs and give us an opportunity to grow and make mistakes and learn from them (like we don’t make a million mistakes already!)

We will also obviously keep our bedrooms at home and will certainly be back on Long Island as well. We feel it’s important to break in Hollywood because that’s where the studios and where the action is! California here we come!

We will ALWAYS stay connected through Myspace and plan on touring the US with back to back tours for the next 100 years so don’t worry about not seeing us.
We will always be in your face! Haha!
Love ya,
CJ, Steve, Nick and Derek/i

  • Anonymous

    HEY OCEANUP! Do me a favor and stop posting stuff about Push Play because you SUCK. Every single post you make of Push Play you always follow with rude and offensive comments. It’s obviously coming from those who every chance they get make terrible comments about Push Play. Well we Push Play fans are sick of it. So do us a favor and completely take Push Play off your site. Your site is nothing but horrible to Push Play. Your site absolutely sucks the biggest wind ever. To All Push Play fans: Thank you for sticking up for Push Play. Let’s together fight to get this site destroyed. Since there is no accountability, anyone can say anything and that is just not right. So let’s together stop this from happening. And I’m not afraid to say who I am. Love You Push Play now and always! Tracey Giambarta, Garden City, NY

  • blank

    I cant believe all these people calling them gay. How could you be so harsh to judge them because they have style….. so now they’re gay? oh and theyre rich now too thats really interesting you must know them so well. im extremely proud of those boys as long as their attitudes towards their fans dont change idc where they go, theyre living theyre dreams :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow the third guy [without glasses] is cute! He reminded me of Taylor Lautner for a second there..


    uhm noonot really.
    i live in la.
    and i loooooove them.
    soo speak for yourself beyatchh!

  • Anonymous

    I fucking love Venice :)

  • Anonymous

    just rich kids trying to play rock stars

  • Anonymous


  • pushplay<3333

    you three up there are all gay!
    there totally gonna make it big, get over yourself.
    and cj, is amazing, stop complaining about other people, godd.

    im gonna miss them when they move<333333
    but its for the better :]

  • Ayey

    They’re so fucking gay. I can’t eeven believe you made a post about them. They suck.
    HAHA I always laugh when I see them.
    They look like such a losers, and now they’re trying to be something so far from what they really are.
    Ugh ew.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, stop posting stuff about the boys if it’s just going to get hate comments. no one can even understand how much these four boys mean to certain people. if you’ve been a fan since 07′, like me, then you can understand. i’ve been to soo many shows and they just get greater everyday. they’ve worked so hard to come this far and i think you should atleast give them a chance. their such down to earth guys and love meeting new friends, just give them a try. they have improved so much and i’m so proud of them. every step they take is another climb to success, but remember boys, you will always be our little long island band. <3

  • nikkiii

    Aww i don’t want them to moovee.
    i’m gonna miiisss themmm. :/
    i guess this means no more small concert on long island :[

  • Anonymous

    They aren’t gay. They are normal teenagers. They aren’t rich. They come from middle class working homes. They aren’t using anything on the singer’s voice except for the beginning of Starlite Addiction and if I recall so are 4 million other entertainers including kanye west, pink, justin timberlake, britney spears, etc. So the person who keeps posting this in EVERY SINGLE thing about Push Play is an asshole and probably very jealous. And for those who claim they saw Push Play in California, I’d like to know when because as far as I know they only did an acoustic show in a park and there were no microphones and cj’s voice was absolutely awesome. CJ, Nick, Derek and Steve: I love you and I’ve seen you in concert 42 times and you have grown from a little Long Island band into something truly awesome. I can’t believe how good you are to your fans and to all people alike. For the haters: very sad that you aren’t giving yourselves an opportunity to know and like Push Play. You are missing out big time! Love, Kaitlynn

  • http://myspace.com/mapushplayst Maria Evangelista

    i am so so soooooo proud of them!!!

    no hate comments ok?

  • Anonymous

    im gonna miss them like crazy but moving is for the better. im so happy for themm <3

  • Anonymous

    im gonna start to hate them if they become famous i swear the same thing happend with the jonas brothers they became disney famous and turned into fags!


    to all the haters, these guys are the most genuine boys you will EVER meet. they work so hard and deserve fame and i am so proud of them for this big break! i just want to say, to the haters, with all respect, you probbaly have never met them, or heard their music and how can you judge people by seeing ONE picture of them?!?! i dont think it’s possible and if you do, your opioin is NOT correct. they are SO nice, do everything and ANYTHING to put a smile on the fans faces and we all support them. I love you CJ, Steve, Nick and of course, Drock. enjoy every moment of the climb. lol.
    Love always,

  • Liz

    Honestly, to the people who are saying all this crap about them, what the hell is the matter with you? I understand if you dont like their music, fine. But for you to sit here and bash how they look and start shit about them thats nowhere near true, its really just sad. Guaranteed you have never talked to them in your entire life, because anyone whos met them would never have anything bad to say. Get a life and stop spreading rumors on websites. ~Liz S.

  • ally

    hahah the hair, the pleather, the sneakers…
    this is painful too look at

  • Anonymous

    they added me on myspace, denied.

  • ilanaaaa

    love love love love them
    wish they would stayyy in ny i’m gonna miss themm =[


    o really?
    have you ever seen them preform live??
    yeah there rich but that does
    not mean that there talented.
    they are there soo amazing!
    i love them.

  • Niny

    i’m so proud of them. i remember when they were not “famous” and only 20 people at their shows. now they’re so big and already moving to cali. they deserve all the best <3

  • Niny

    are you serious? nick is AMAZING and so is CJ!

  • Anonymous

    haa hahahahahaha omg i cant get over how gay they look in that pic. but anywayss there a bunch of homos. i ahte cj the most. there not gona make it any bigger

  • Steph

    This band is a joke to us here in LA,

    Speak for yourself

  • Anonymous

    I’ll miss them, but I’m gappy for them because they are super talented and if moving is for the better, then I’ll support them!
    I know they’ll make it BIG!
    Best of luck<3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen them live and they SUCK bad!
    They use too much crap on the singers voice and the bass player is awful, If they change the singer and bass player they might have a chance.
    This band is a joke to us here in LA, Don’t worry NY they will be back home soon.

  • Fen

    Hahhaa some comments are funny….HOMO! Well, they’re kinda weird.

    Fen – b&b prague

  • sallys

    This must be some great news for those who live in California. I figure that relocation is not that easy, not even for them, the whole moving process is tiring and stressful but I am sure they are fine by now.