Savannah Outen THE CLIMB Cover

Savannah covers Miley Cyrus’ The Climb: Besides this being my most requested song EVER, I really love this song AND The Movie. I definitely recommend you see it.

  • dsmovvf

    i like Miley’s verson better ..

  • Steph

    totally awful! how does she have a record contract? its beyond me.. she sings like she has chocolate stuck in her throat… :S deary oh dear

  • Nicole Turner


  • mimi

    she did pretty good. but i think miley does better on the high notes. miley sang it better but the climb song is a hard song to sing!

  • :)

    selena wrote on her twitter

    “haha yup thats right Oceanup no more highlights! thank goodness”


  • Steph

    shes fucking butted

  • laurennnnn:)

    okay miley teenies are officially retarded
    this girl is no doubt so much more developed vocally than miley
    miley = mediocre
    just face it bitches

  • honestoppinion

    way way wayyy better than the dying cat voice of miley :)

  • Steph

    I love this girl. She has an amazing voice. I think she’s gonna be a huge star.

  • Anonymous

    Your a fucking liar. She didn’t write that I just looked. She wrote bye america and commented on someone elses twitter.

  • Anonymous

    She sings way better than Miley. You gotta admit that.

  • case

    Um…about 50 billion times better than Miley.
    Seriously. Miley is just an ok singer. This chick
    is really talented. Its not even up for discussion. lol

  • Lucas

    way better than miley.

  • Anonymous

    Your a fucking liar. She didn’t write that I just looked. She wrote bye america and commented on someone elses twitter.

    she deleted it, but she definitely tweeted it..

  • victoria

    checkout my JoBros love story:


  • Anonymous

    So much better than Miley’s version! Savannah can sing better than Miley! =]

  • Ashlee

    I use the same name to describe Miley’s singing. That’s so funny.
    I hate it tough because I love this song so much and it is so powerful, but Miley can’t bring that kind of power to it. Savannah does.
    And OceanUP as so many haters. Like everywhere. On every post. Really, if you don’t like something, you don’t have to be rude about it.

  • Anonymous

    ummmm eww! i am was not a huge miley fan, but now i have alot of respect for her. i saw the movie and i loved it actually. but this sucks. i love when miley sings it, but not this girl. i dont even know who she is!!!

  • Anonymous

    Miley is so much better :)

  • she sings pretty good (:

  • Anonymous

    she absolutely butchered it.
    my ears are bleeding.

  • ,m,

    shes annoying

  • Anonymous

    she did good, but no one can do it like miley can :]

  • Anonymous

    its out of tune. thats what’s wrong.

  • fuckSAVANNAH

    uhm no…just no.ew.ew.ew.ew

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing..way better live then miley is

  • brittany* [iloveteamjonas]

    she sounds much better than in her other song [if you only knew]
    we need nore jonas posts.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    She has a good voice but this isn’t the song for her. But she did a good job :D

  • Anonymous

    i hate this girl

  • Anonymous

    she barely sings her own songs, she always sings other peoples songs……

  • Anonymous

    she did good(:

  • Lisa Lisa

    Haha, you guys are too funny. She actually sing very wel, and does it live! I can understand you guys not liking her version, but to say that she can’t sing? Please, are you guys so stuffed with mediocre artists you don’t see talent when it’s in front of your eyes? I liked it, I just don’t think she has that “country” tone like Miley does, which would suit this song better for. Savannah’s voice is more clean cut.

  • Anonymous

    that was bad for some reason

  • Anonymous

    is not that she sounds different… cuz i LOVEEEE : (and its also a cover and it sounds DIFFERENTE) but Savannah? SHE FUCKINS SUCKS LOL

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t have the voice for that song

  • Anonymous

    I like it. :)

    mileys twitter:
    “eating lunch and talking about music with an
    old friend.”

    who could the old friend be? :P

  • kirsty

    haters, go to hell.
    Savannah’s voice is stunning.

  • Anonymous

    i love miley
    and no one can sing th song like her
    but savannah did a GREAT job
    im sure most of you couldnt sing it that well..actually i KNOW that most you you cant sing it that well!

  • Anonymous


    enough said.

    bring on the hate.

  • Anny

    OMG the song sounds much better with her!!!

  • holly

    come one guys stop hating!
    i get it that she’s covering a miley song and doesn’t quite sing it in the way that miley sings it but you cant deny she’s a really good singer!!

    i absolutely love miley and i would think that she’d think that savannah did it justice

  • lexi

    that was HORRIBLE!!!!
    and she’s so annoying lol
    miley sang it amazing and she sang it horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mizz

    Realmente no la soporto, detesto como canta, o sea porfavor no vamos a entrar en comparaciones de como canta ella y como canta Miley, MILEY ES MUCHISIMO MEJOR, TE AMO MILEY! Desde Chile :)

  • Anonymous

    obviously miley is gonna sound the best (even tho theres wayyy better singers out there) cuz its her song.

  • Anonymous

    she did good but at points she sounds like shes choking on either muscas or her syliva!

  • dani

    poor thing.

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    obviously mileys version is better,
    but i think savannah sings it better live…