Vanessa, ‘I Keep A Taser In My Purse’

Vanessa Hudgens featured in SELF: ‘I keep a Taser in my purse for self-defense. I’m moving into a house by myself and it’s scary.‘ Zac doesn’t spend the night?! ‘Sometimes I feel prettier with makeup. You take it off and you’re like, Oh, there I am! But red  lips makes you feel sexy.. It brings out
the vixen in you.’

  • karla

    what happened to stella? tell me

  • Anonymous

    That’s because no one cares about her anymore.
    She’s a nobody.
    I’m waiting until Zac dumps her ass.

  • Anonymous

    remind me not to get vanessa angry…

  • Anonymous

    note to self: keep a safe distance from vanessa when she’s angry

  • aaliyahnoelle


  • Kaila

    thats illegal. shes so stupid.

  • karla

    so… now can somebody tell me what happened to stella??

  • Rosiee

    Samee (:

  • Rosiee

    What happened to stellaa ? x

  • Solange

    ppl! Deal with it. Vanessa is soooo over. I don’t want to repeat this many times but it’s just so obvious. It seems like in JJJ, VanAshBrenique, Vanessa got lots of fans. That doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t mean that she’s talented or famous. Her fans are kids. And they are absolutely didn’t mind about the nude pics. If she got lots of fans,her album would be like Top #15 or #10 BB 200 Albums. But it didn’t even make to the Top 20, which was soooo easy for Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale,… Ppl have no taste for her anymore. I mean she was ok in HSM 1, horrible in HSM 2 and good in HSM 3. It’s just not enought. Look at Ashley, she plays a mean girl in HSM. But she’s still got lots of love.Even more than Vanessa. Her upcoming album will be totally huge!

    I was a fan of Vanessa. But not anymore. She’s now sooo different. I don’t expect her to stay the same person who was sooo nice in 2006. NOw she’s turning into someone that i don’t regconize anymore. Why does she keep hiding her face under her hands or bags or purses,… She’s famous! Get over it! SHe has to deal with paparazzi. She’s sooooo annoying.

    It’s not that Oceanup just rotates in Miley Cyrus or JBros. Because we don’t care about Vanessa anymore. She’s super boring. I hope that Bandslam will do well but the trailer sucks. Vanessa shouldn’t have sung rock. And plz Vanessa, no more musical film. Your voice is squeaky. And plz stick to nothing cause your acting and singing sucks for life!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    i’m from china. and my english doesn’t suck like you. and i’m 12, idiot

  • Anonymous

    well thats not scary or anything….

  • Anonymous

    her house is probably going to get taken away.

  • Lisa Lisa


    lol, Who is Stella? And yes, she’s no one after HSM, at least Zac was smart enough to take advantage of his fame and do other movies.

  • Jonas

    what happened to Stella?

  • Anonymous

    no one is going to attack her.

  • Krystal

    She should use that taser on herself, she is fucking annoying as hell.

  • marcelo

    Shut up! She’s a great, fuck u!

  • Jane

    I think Zanessa is the cutest couple ever, even if I don’t really like her

  • :)

    LOL :D

  • Anonymous

    love her

  • Anonymous

    “She’s a great, fuck u!”

    She’s a great fuck you?
    What the hell does that mean?

    I don’t speak retard, Marcelo.

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    taser.. umm.. okay.
    that’s kinda scary..

  • Fallon

    ZAC is a woman so he can’t protect her . . . she’s smart to get the taser

  • angelika

    i think just like her i feel most pretty without makeup
    I like to be natural

  • Kate

    okay, for real? whos gunna go after her? a six year old?
    concieted bitch, NOBODY LIKES YOU! shes just gunna do a bunch of kid movies until shes to old and has to start playing the mom. she can barely even act.

  • Jonas

    after zac dumps her she’ll be on ‘where are they now’ shows haha


    i loove herr!
    she is soo funny.
    a taser…lmaoo!

  • canadaaaaaaa.

    well thats not scary or anything….



  • marcelo

    Serious… Strange, after all you are one.

  • Anonymous

    You people really hate her. But she is doing two movies so yes she is going to be successful but i guess people can’t accept and before her “scandal” all of you were saying “Omdays She is so talented” and now she is an outcast it seem anyone has a scandal like her they are automatically untalented please it really doesn’t work like that

  • Fal

    it’s not concieted to be safe you fucking idiotic pea brain pms-having jealous little vaginas.

  • marcelo

    Nobody? Are the people of JustJared (Jr.) nobody? Are the people of VanAshBreNique nobody? Hummm
    Just because here in the Oceanup the world rotates around Miley / Jonas / Selena, doesn’t mean that them other Disney stars are not loved.

    I’m Brazilian, my English is sucks!

  • Jonas

    Haha FIRST!!

  • Anonymous

    wow… conceited much?

  • marcelo

    I agree. If an artist commits a “scandal”, him if he turns a person untalent and etc. But if an artist and had with a role model, that is super talented and cute, BLÉH. I hate that. For me an artist has to have talent and not to be an example. I proceed to me same and nothing else

  • karla

    jaja wow! you are really from other space, maybe you dont know that vanessa actually sign like all the disney stars a contract that because the movie was for kids they should behave in a good way, your talking shit!, better inform you!

  • ashley

    its funny how like no one comments
    on this post lol

  • kaboom

    people leave her alone.
    After what happened to Stella, its right to keep a taser in her purse.

    zanessa forever <3

    the rest can FUCK OFF!

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    I think that no one is really bothering about her, she is old now but its true she has been finest and stylish starts ever in the cinema.

  • philo

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