Ashley Tisdale PUERCO ESPIN Pretty

Ashley Tisdale ad photos for Puerco Espin’s new catalog. Credit: MissTisdale.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    i totally though she was Heidi

  • Jane

    she totally looks like heidi montag in the first one, and it looks like they just photoshopped her face into these pictures

  • a

    Yes, she looks like Heidi!

  • Anonymous

    she looks weird

  • …..

    you’re right she does look fake

  • connie

    SHE IS SO PRETTY! and oceanup you spelt her second name wrong – tisdale :)

  • stef


    she pretty already !


    ahe is soo pretty.
    ah i love herr.
    i like her with brown
    ahir better.
    it looks prettier.
    but she is still amazing!

  • Sarah

    Wtf? Those look fake as shit.
    They look like they edited her face onto someone else’s body. Which they probably did, there’s no way those are real.

    And ew, those clothes are ugly and not cute. For a 10 year old maybe, but not for a 20+ year old.

  • Anonymous
  • mrsssss jonas

    she looks sooooo fake :( its kinda sad since shes naturally so pretty

  • Anqelicaaaa!

    she looks like heidi in the main pictureee!
    like woahhh!

  • Claire

    WTH did they do to her face? HORRIBLE airbrushing. Who ever did that should be fired lol.

  • potato

    oh but how many potatoes did she fill her sack with? including herself, I’d say a dozen, but you never know. Can someone please explain this phenomenon?!?!

  • jecccaaa

    so much better a brunettee =] but still relee pretty

  • fo

    that is not ashley tisdale.

    they only photoshoped her face in it. i dont know why.

  • Amyy Girll

    It doesnt even look like her! She looks B E A U tiful but it is not her

  • Anonymous

    Its weird, she doesn’t look like herself… maybe cuz of her nose??

  • Taylor

    She doesnt look like herself and I have those shorts
    in Black and turquoise haha she looks like a barbie…

  • kkkddee

    she looks A LOT like heidi montag in the 1st one

  • Taylor

    and she looks photoshopped

  • anitoee

    everyone said this but… i thought she was heidi montag. hahahas. then i read the title. it says ashley tis.

  • Anonymous

    She’s rather plain looking if you ask me or just not photogenic.

  • Bob

    Totally what I was thinking. Not a real looking photo at all. Plus the outfits they’ve got her in are rather ugly and she doesn’t look good in any of them.

  • jimena

    yeahh at first i thought it was heidi
    wth happened to her hair?! it looks like a wig
    she looks so much better with brown hair

  • potato

    this potato is freshly roasted! How could she without MY permission!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    go on
    alexiss rox

  • niley4ever

    pretty =]

  • nileyloveforever

    looks like she’s wearing a wig

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    she looks soo cute !
    love those shorts!


  • Maggie

    The first one she looks like Heidi Montag!!!!
    These must have been taken a long time ago! Her hair is much shorter now and a ton darker!

  • Anonymous

    Blonde again! :)

  • Anonymous

    I think, she looks different than usually. : oo
    Are these pictures really new?

  • Anonymous

    She looks soo fake!!!!

  • Ashley jonas

    her face looks likda plasic

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was heidi at first

  • Angielala..

    mhmm.. she looks like heidi..

  • Anonymous

    omg she totally does.

  • womiley

    the only reason she looks like heidi montag is because she is posing the way heidi has before….and maybe the hair….and the nose in the last one doesnt even look like its hers and if it is it looks like they moved it down with the computer….idk it looks bad…..and the clothes look pretty cheap like stuff from the kid section at k mart….i mean the pins with hearts and shit…..WOW… this for 16 year olds or 10 year olds????

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There is something so wrong with the way she looks and it looks like shes wearing a wig

  • Laura

    she looks like hiedi montag, thats insane!!

  • Anonymous

    omg she looks like heidi montag in these pics

  • Anonymous

    She has always looked like heidi…or the other way around.

    But it looks like her face was photoshopped onto the body, yeah?

  • Anonymous

    someone quite obviously photoshopped her face onto another body

  • Anonymous

    did you know PUERCO means PIG?
    haha. im just sayin’

  • me

    You’re right, PUERCO is pig but PUERCO ESPIN is another animal, nothing to do with the pig.
    WOW, she does look like Heidi

  • Anonymous

    ew i thought it was heidi montag

  • j

    she loooks soooo faaake! like a doll!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like heidi montag

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a freak!

  • jonas

    she looks so ugly now

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