Emily does the weather on Fox News. Interview under! Thx videomaniac49.

  • Anonymous

    haha that was funny

  • Anonymous


  • Shea

    haha so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    haha shes is awsome!

  • Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHAHHAHAAHa I love this it’s so funny.

    “Who cares about what’s over there”

    love her!

  • http://www.myspace.com/devyn_adams miley’s#1fan

    ok 2 things.. or actually a cuple things bout EMILY OSMENT….
    1: she can’t sing. (fakes it)
    2: she is just too “good”.
    3: her pose on the 1st pic is exactly like miley’s!
    4: she acts like she’s aaallll that.
    5: she can’t act for shkit!

    fallow me on myspace if ud like!

  • Anonymous

    working with a green screen! haha! hard? looks lyk it!:))

  • Anonymous

    i met her..
    she went to meet fans at the IX indoor amusemnt park.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • loveEmily

    OMG! she’s soooo funny! she looks cuute :)

  • Anonymous

    ahahh. most interesting and entertaining weather forecast ever!

  • Anonymous

    she’s so cute! lmao.

  • team jonas + miley

    lol xD that was entertaining (x

  • chels.

    haha who cares about over there! :p
    so funny. but seriously havent you ever watch the weather? its pretty obvious theres rain, and clouds, and the different colors show heavier rain and such.

  • Dani

    seh is so uglyyyyyyy xD

    new OCEANUP VIDEO hahaha lol
    so funny funnnn

    new VIDEO



    that was funny.
    she was suppper bad at that…ahahah!!

  • Summer

    she is really cool. Mitchel Musso was the weather man in Hawaii and he was funnier when he did it! but still she is cool!

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me that you choose to spend time focusing on people you hate that you can
    do absolutely nothing about!
    You don’t know if she can really sing or not; you have a bunch of filters before
    things are published to you.
    Some people ARE that good. I run into them all the time at school.
    Well, there are only so many poses that people can do, lol, and if you are friends with someone, you will start doing their poses!
    I think you just think she is all that because the Hollywood famous stigma
    kind of makes you overanalyze.
    She can’t “act”, but she sure can act, and that is why people love her!
    Who knows; maybe Disney has people talk a certain way for comedic effect.
    It works for me, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    We all have our talents. I tried doing weather before at the science museum. It
    really is hard if you aren’t trained. Or naturally talented.

  • answer

    Is she being a dumbass on purpose or ??

  • Adry

    LOVED IT IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    that was really entertaining she is so awesome

  • Anonymous

    Don’t they work with green screens on HM?

  • Anonymous

    shes gorgeous. i love her

  • Anonymous

    that was funny.

  • Anonymous

    She’s pretty, but she has no lips.

  • Aynie

    she’s soooo funny!
    I love her

  • iloveoceanup

    i love emily she’s so funny, but I don’t really like her singing, stick to acting..
    this girl can sing -> http://www.myspace.com/georginalevey

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup,pls post this new pic of Joe and Camilla

    so cute!!

  • Anonymous

    aw i love jomila and that picture is really cute
    i want to see the same picture with miley and nick hahah

  • Anonymous

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! thats my news channel!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup,pls post this new pic of Joe and Camilla

    so cute!!

    i remember when people said they were just friend just after the picture with fernando hahahahahahahahhahaah

    they’re so cute together i don’t understand why people hate camilla
    i mean when you have a bf doesn’t mean you can’t have guy friends anymore !!!!

  • Maryann

    I live in Northern Ohio. I watched it too. she was funny but my friends sister went to the IX center to meet her and the didn’t get to talk to her or pictures. everyone was like go go go go go. the makes me mad she said she gets to answer her fans questions, she doesn’t.