Sickest Kids FAVORITE DISNEY Movies

Forever The Sickest Kids reveal their favorite Disney movies. What is YOUR’S?

  • Summer

    mine is Lion King!

  • Anonymous

    Meet the Robinsons in the best Walt Disney, Wall-E is the best Pixar, and HSM 2 is the best DCOM.

  • Jane

    the old disney channel movies were the best! i like th irteenth year, rip girls, model behavior, and sooo many more! but for disney disney ones, i liked little mermaid

  • Anonymous

    Jcook loves the young girls

  • cowgay

    my fave disney movie would be lion king because that
    lion king is a sexy beast


    ahah there so cute.
    hmm fave disney movi
    ahaha camp rockk!!
    no all the hsm’s.
    noooo ahh the hannah montana movie!!
    ahh i cant choose those are my fave’s lmaooo!

  • ifyouseekamy

    i miss my jonathan… :(

  • i hate thia

    oceanup + buzznet = insanity

  • ifyouseekamy

    HE DOES!!!!

    When i met him, he asked me out to dinner…
    and he was sooo nice and sweet, which i totally didnt mind. I am just 16 so yeah…..

    but idk, he is HOT!


  • Anonymous

    wow, they just aren’t funny.

  • Anonymous


    jonathan said “17 forever”
    …its 17 again.
    silly jonathan…………………..

  • Hayleeey

    Lion King && Beauty and the Beast are awesomeee(: anddd.. obviously Camp Rock ;):L but thats deffos not a disney classic!!

  • Anna


  • Anonymous

    ummm Finding Nemo and Toy Story!!!!

  • Anonymous

    forever the sickest kids are pathetic!! Almost as bad as the jonas fags

  • Anonymous

    Wish upon a star

  • Anonymous

    FTSK IS THE BEST(::::::::::

  • Anonymous

    the last good disney movie i remember was “going to the mat” (2004). Does anyone remember it? It starred Andy Lawrence and it was about a blind high school kid who joins the wrestling team. Pretty much every disney movie after that sucked, like hsm, camp rock etc.

  • Hey

    does jonathan think he’s funny?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! he said 17 Forever. It’s 17 Again

  • ftsksucks

    Thanks to Selena Homez

  • Emma

    OMFG GET FTSK OFF OF OCEANUP!!!! they arent supposed to be getting all these teenys screaming at their concerts! some people actually like LISTENING to their music not just drooling over them! most of you should try that!! And DONT say your a fan of FTSK because your not fooling anyone!!! FTSK is a great band a deserves wayy more then a bunch of screaming girls that will leave them as soon as a new band comes around!!! GAHHHH OCEANUP STOP RUINING BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mt

    gaskarth reference?

  • Anonymous

    My favorites…..

    Lady and the Tramp

    101 Dalmatians

    Peter Pan

  • holly

    ok stop fucking bashing FTSK if you dont’ like them don’t take the time to comment this.
    don’t watch it.
    they are NOT trying to get a tween fanbase, they are just friends with selena. no where in this video were they like OMG YOUNG GIRLS SHOULD LIKE OUR MUSIC…NO!!!!!
    fuck off all you little kids who just like FTSK cuz of selena.
    you are not realy fans. even if you clame to be.
    my guess if the only song you know is she’s a lady cuz selena did a cover of it.

    seriously all you teenies FUCK OFF!!!!

  • srsly?

    yes, yes.
    atl is amazing. :]
    lets hope oceanup doesnt post about them either.

  • holly

    does jonathan think he’s funny?
    jonathan doesn’t think he’s funny, he IS funny so fuck off!!!
    if you dont think he’s funny dont comment this and dont watch it!!!!!

  • ccccccd


  • Anonymous

    alexiss valencia rox my sox!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg please stop posting about ftsk : (
    all they do is get bashed on this site!

    and why are u postin this now?
    its like 2 weeks old

  • briannaaa


  • Anonymous

    hoenstly, all disney movies are awesome.
    except for camp rock, that movie was super cheesy. sorry.
    and hsm3, i love hsm and all, but that movie was pretty cheesy too. but that one was entertaining so it wasnt terrible, just not amazing.

  • jonas

    The Little Mermaid
    Thirteenth Year

  • Anonymous

    don’t look under the bed

  • Anonymous

    i lovee beauty&the beast…aladdin..the lion king!
    all those disney princess plus monester inc.&toy story

  • potato

    I can’t believe those potatoes think they’re not mashed. They totally are, but I can see why they would let a few fibs float around. It’s not like they’re going to be part of a Christmas meal or anything. Can someone please confirm this phenomenon?

  • Vicki

    Snow white, pocahontas, toy story 1

  • Yoce

    lol Zac Efron’s movie is seventeen again

    not seventeen forever like the song from metro station lol

  • Yo, yo. Said that twice, got a prob with that.

    OceanUp, please do not post about these kids.
    after watching this video, to see if im gonna like them.
    I realized theyre super lame..and trying too hard to be funny. :|

  • Anonymous

    OceanUp, a site purely for Disney Channel artists and stars, really should not be posting about bands such Forever the Sickest Kids. 85% of the kids looking at this site don’t even know them. The 15% that do are either bashing them because they hate Selena Gomez, and therefore, by association, FTSK, or they are extremely angry that a “teenie-bopper fansite” is exposing great alternative bands to these kids.

    The teenies bash them because the kids don’t know real music.
    The tweenies bash them, and then decide that they like them so they go tell all their little friends.

    Forever the Sickest Kids, All Time Low, All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, The Cab, etc. don’t need teenie fans. They need fans that can really appreciate their music.

    So as a favor to all of us, please stop posting about those kinds of bands please.

  • kels.


    “thats disney selena”

  • I <3 Rivers Cuomo

    nick(the channel)’s movies are better like the old ones not new

  • Dana

    Selena and Jonathan sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

  • lezzy:]

    I thought they were gonna say Camp Rock and be all TEAM DEMI AND SELENA on us…hah.

  • rii

    i dont get why they think they are gonna become more popular. honor society, push play, ftsk – all tryin to get the tween fanbase but im pretty sure they will all fail. honor society has the best chance tho since they might grab some fame with the jonas brothers. i dont even like pop rock bands like them, but even i hope some new one comes along and steals all the fame cuz it would be funny.

  • potato

    if just someone would notice that not all mashed potatoes are boiled. Doesn’t it make sense to put curry powder on ALL potatoes, not just the freshly picked ones?

    Now imagine, if all the potatoes liked Aladdin, which ones would be left to like Snow White?!?!? A classic!

  • srsly?

    Stop getting teenies to like ftsk.
    HES 24 OR 23 OR W.E.

    srsly oceanup, go suck 9 dicks.