Demi‘s Live Chat on April 14. Part 2 & 3 under. Thx Michelle!

  • Anonymous

    No she’d be really awkward and annoyed by you only people that know her get to see her act dorky and funny.

  • Anonymous

    What a fake nigger.
    um No. as an african american that is very offensive grow the hell up!
    for real im african american too this is really offensive for real grow up!!!!

  • Mundii

    Fuck off you stupid racist!

  • We.Want.Miley.In.Argentina

    I’m so sick of foreigners asking all the questions on live chats


    haha Excuse me?! ¬
    You all, the one who lives in USA are super lucky to have Demi, Miley, Taylor, Selena & the Jonas Brothers!
    Some of us probably would NEVER meet them, or go to a concert of them. The live video chats help us to be more “close” with them. And to let them know they have SO many fans outside the USA.
    Personally, i was freaking out when Demi answered 2 questions about my country. Cuz at least i know she has a little idea about South America and all the countrys right here.

  • Anonymous

    yeah shes really starting to bug me, she seems really stuck up latey

  • Anonymous

    i met her 3 times she is far from stuck up she is so damn cool and fucking funny ,one of the most down to earth girls in hollywood and she remembered me every time when i talked to her i felt like i was talking to one of my friends trust me if you ever meet her you would totally say wow i was wrong i think you;ll like her if you give her a chance its worth a shot i wasnt a big fan either of her personality until i met absolutely a great girl

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    That first part was wayyyy far from the beginning!
    Mine didn’t freeze anytime it worked perfectly, except for that I sent her over 40 messages and she didn’t respond on any of them, but I never saw my messages, idk if she saw them but my message only showed up when she was leaving! ugh! and I stayed up until 3:30 am for basically nothing !

    Love Demi though, I loved that when she got the question “how is it working with the JoBros?” and she was like “u know what, I’ve NEVER gotten that question before…………..just kidding”

  • Stacy

    grow up….you are so dumb

  • Anonymous

    love her so much huge fan haha im like 20 years old screaming demiiii at her concert, going to 2 shows this summer cant wait for the new cd in july i bet its gonna be great oh love what she said about joe its sweet

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like her personality in this video, but I do
    think she is awesome. Not in this video. She’s kind
    of stuck up.


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    i love demi.

  • Anonymous

    thats not the full chat there was more before that

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    why do people go to live chats and just post shoutouts?

  • Anonymous

    i love demi shes awesome.

  • Anonymous

    What a fake nigger.

  • sa

    Demi’s cool!

  • den

    lol She was funny in the live chat :D.
    How was she stuck up? Man, you people…

    Btw her awkwardness is endearing :)

  • awsomeely demis friends

    anyone who disses demi is stupid cuz she is a freakin awsome person.
    she is one of my friends and i talk to her a bit, i have her on msn and stuff but yeh dont diisss her guys

  • ifi

    i love you demi your the best
    she loooks soo pretty on here
    and demi shall i tell you one thing
    when u sign live u sing great but you get out off breath and i think its beacuse you move a bit too much but you aswesome i love you LOADS :)

  • DemiIsTheBest

    Demi you are the best your AMAZING and if your reading this that you know when u sing live you get out of breath sometimes its maybe because you move or dance to much but other than that u sing incredibly
    i love u loads :))))

  • Anonymous

    i was watching a scene from hmtm and in the beginning miley wore the same shirt selena wore in an episode of wowp, does disney make them share clothes or something

  • Anonymous

    This was sooo boring, I was practically half asleep….

  • Anonymous

    She seems sort of stuck up but maybe it’s just because she’s shy but either way i don’t like her attitude.

  • Christina

    What a fake nigger.
    um No. as an african american that is very offensive grow the hell up!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of foreigners asking all the questions on live chats.

  • Anonymous

    haters need to fuck off.
    why even click bitches?

  • cdk

    I’m so sick of foreigners asking all the questions on live chats


    I’m so sick of people asking the same damn questions. most of the questions I saw being asked I coulda answered myself!

    and the person who said she seemed stuck-up? r u kidding?? she was so cool and real during her live chat and she’s like that during all her interviews. she’s always cracking jokes and acting dorkish. i would love to hang out with demi cuz it would probably be like hanging out with somebody u’ve known for years.

    team semi bitches!

  • ashley

    hey demi i love your vids on and ur songs i just wanted to know if you are friends with miley anymore??? and do you hang out with mandy??? well anyways pplllllllzzzzz respond back. P.S nice dark makeup

  • Anonymous

    why cant i talk to my favorite members of the cast of disney why why why why why?

  • erica

    Hi Demi! My name is Erica. Im 11 years old. And even iM 11 years old can we be freinds? pls email me at pls!