JONAS 8 Original NEW Songs

Jonas Brothers recording original songs for JONAS. Kevin‘s intro under! OMG.

  • zerbles! [JheartC so STFU!]

    Nick just signed his tweet MR.PResident!lol luv these guys!

  • sami

    please tell me that those arent the songs on there new cd.

    i will stab myself.

    they are terrable

  • nessa

    they’re getting a lot of inspiration from The Beatles.

    you can tell.

  • kaila

    stfu BITCH.

  • Kayla


    Joe: Are those bite marks.
    Kevin: It smelt delicious.

  • jakieee08

    why is everyone dissing
    this is awesome guys

    lol kev cracks me up while acting IN A GOOD WAY

  • lily p

    wow…. even TINA CHEN is better than this crap!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m in love with the pizza girl?

  • puff

    This songs are pathetic!

  • savannna

    the pizza girl?
    hahaha awww this shows gonna be totally dorky.
    still love them anyways :)

  • mwahaha


  • Anabel

    WOW. The people on this site have finally convinced me that they are all mentally fucking retarted. Honestly you guys they’re fucking songs for a show. If you don’t like them don’t watch the show! You guys like thrive on negativity get the fuck out of here if you don’t like them, go to a post about someone you actually like. The songs aren’t supposed to be serious songs that they would put on an album they’re songs that fit the characters of the people on the show. They’re SUPPOSED to be silly. You guys are wasting your energy saying something mean and negative about people that A) Don’t care what you think. And B) Are going to be successful whether YOU like it or not. Why don’t you idiots go find something productive to do with your lives instead of sitting your fat ass at a computer saying bad shit about people who don’t care. You’re not going to change anyone’s opinion by saying these things. So, it’s a wasted effort.

  • anan

    i think in ‘why?’ joe falls for chelsea staub’s character

  • deanna

    what the hell? that shit sucks. i know it’s supposed to be for a tv show.. but um still.

  • anonymous

    Alright these songs suck. Pizza Girl? Seriously? Hannah Montana songs at least have depth and make sense. Especaially the season 3 songs. Just a Girl anyone?
    The Jonas songs sound way to poppy and a little disco-ish.
    How Lame.

  • valerie

    You are all smoking crack! I like these little song snippits!

  • Anonymous


  • taraaa

    adorableeeee kevin

  • anonymous


  • sarah


    this show is gonna be funny, hopefully kevin can act though.

  • hiimcelia


    all u r jealous

  • Dumm Blonnd

    Cute. xD

  • NileyLoveStory

    Lmfao those songs are the worst things I’ve ever heard.
    Still love them though…
    well, mainly Nick, but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    love u guys but come on i can write better lol sorry but EPIC FAIL!!

  • zerbles! [JheartC so STFU!]

    i’ll laugh chica ;) it was over some people’s head.

  • Anonymous

    this show is gonna be epic fail just like sonny with a chance-.-

  • anne

    sorry, but i don’t like any of those songs. they sound so cheezy.

  • teamMileyandDemiNileyandJemi

    even tho i love them
    this show is going to be a fail!!
    WTH with the songs!!

  • Anonymous

    I know, I was this earlier on a different site. WAY COOL!

  • anonymous

    Whats with the songs?!

  • jess

    i think the songs are supposed to be cheesy and stuff……but if this is the crap thats on their new album then YIKESSSSSSS

    i kinda like the why song thoug hhahaha

  • Ashley

    It looks so gay but I’ll never miss an episode.

  • zerbles! [JheartC so STFU!]

    JonasbrothersFinishing last touches on the album. I’m not in this picture because I took it. -Mr. President.

    so much tweeting! from them LUV IT!

    the pic is swoonalicious!

  • tweeter

    joe just tweeted:
    tacos rule- joe.

  • anonymous

    miley is so going to miss around on nick while hes on tour and thas what he gets


    Jonas Brothers seriously CAN’T SINGG. They may be nice people but the can’t singg. I HATE THEM SOO MUCH.

    Tokio Hotel is way better.

  • Claire

    looks and sounds fuckin stupid

  • Anonymous

    ugh…NOT THEIR BEST songs!

  • Anonymous
    Joe and Camilla holding hands??????????????????????????????????????

    picture of jomilla holding hands!!!!

  • Anonymous

    nick looks so hot

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Kristin

    Haha, Pizza Girl? Oh they can make any song work haha. Jonas Brothers are AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    new tweet “tacos rule-joe”

  • Anonymous

    hannah montana > this shit tyvm.

  • NileyLoveStory

    sorry, but i don’t like any of those songs. they sound so cheezy.


    Well, they did fall in love with a pizza girl. It’s bound to be cheesy.

    haahh, you get it. Pizza? Cheese? Cheesy?! Hah! I crack myself up…

  • Anonymous

    ahahahah, pizza girl.. only them :)
    i love them so much, i cant even wait for this show, its going to be SWEEEEEET :D
    and nick loooks beyond gorgeous. never thought it was possible, but nick jonas just keeps on surprising!
    hes amazing, looooove you so much! ?

  • brittany* [iloveteamjonas]

    they said that they are gunna prefrom songs from the show on tour.
    i sure hope not, i love them but pizza girl..?
    & oceanup, you’re SO delayed i saw this 2 days ago.

  • tonya.

    love them.
    can’t wait for this show.


  • Anonymous

    WOAH SOMETHING JUST FLEW OUT MY WINDOW…oh wait it’s just their careers

  • anoymously

    I like the why and pizza girl song

  • Anonymous

    can it get any more cliche and stupid?

  • Yvonne

    Aw, this is why I love Kevin so much. He is too cute

  • Anonymous

    STILL LOVE THEM. but.. Fall in love.. with the PIZZA GIRL?? jaj wtf? I wish this is going to be part of joke–

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that I’ll only like this show because the Jonas Btohers are in it..

  • http://nina06 nihal

    im sorry gyes but disney channel dosent alow any other song cuz theres kids wtching heloo

  • Anonymous

    they’re going to be the naked brothers band soon.
    singing about freaking pizza girls? wth.

    i can smell careers going down the drain. WHY, JOBROES
    !? WHY?!

  • Anonymous

    lmao pizza girl? wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Those songs aren’t the best they’ve done, but I’m sure they serve the meaning for what the episode is about.

    They also aren’t the best because they didn’t have
    much time to write each song needed for the first
    season compared to the time they take for writing
    songs on their studio albums.

    They’ve stated that a few times in interviews and such
    that they are usually given a heads up just a little
    while before the episode films on what song they need
    to write for that episode then they have like a few
    days to churn that song out and record it.

    With the kind of time constraint it’s obvious that
    they won’t be the most elaborate and thought out,
    but I’m sure they get the point out.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    k those are the worst songs i’ve ever heard…this show is going to be gay…but that won’t stop the tweenies from watching it

  • We.Want.Miley.In.Argentina

    “i fell in love with the pizza girl”??! LMAO
    Thats the stupid song ever! xD
    I love them but, Cmonn!
    They BETTER dont sing that song in their world tour!

  • zomg.

    maybe it’s because i got two hours of sleep last night, but that made me lol.

  • JD

    I agree and I’m a fan. It brought the lulz though.

  • Anonymous

    “Some of the notes I’m playing are so high, dogs can hear them…I didn’t say dogs would like them.”


  • :D

    This show is gonna suckkkkk…..but im gonna love every minute of it :)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “I fell in love with the pizza girl.”

    thats deep.

  • Kiara

    less jonas love wow

  • DALLASjonas

    KEVIN is SOOOO cute

    thats all im going to say.

  • Anonymous


  • katy

    nileylovestory hey gurll heyyy

  • anonymous

    This show will be so shit!!

  • Anonymous

    no offence but even HANNAH’S songs are BETTER.

  • Anonymous

    jomilla holding hands
    why are they holding hands??????????????

  • Anonymous

    as much as I love Jonas Brothers these songs are crap…and Kevin is adorable <3


    lmao. this show is gonna fail. fail hard.
    but. i’ll watch every episode. hahahah.

  • I’m awesome yo

    Oh dear god stop, just STOP! There is NO FREAKING WAY that they will ever be nominated for another Grammy if they keep doing this shit.

  • NileyLoveStory

    miley is so going to miss around on nick while hes on tour and thas what he gets


    That makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    uhmmm WOW??

  • Anonymous

    but every hannah song is: i have a second life, and i love it :O lol. But i do agree this stuff is really stupid, but i’m pretty sure these are the things like: go write about falling in love with a pizza girl by monday or your ass will be kicked. hah. :P

  • Bleak

    I’m pretty sure ‘We Gotta Work This Out’ has been taken by some other Disney person/people.

  • dev

    The songs made me cringe so bad, not because they’re THAT bad (although quite cheesy) but because these guys are so old, 16, 19, and 21! And the pizza girl song!? It’s like the freaking wiggles.

  • :D

    i hate miley but that song is amazing

  • steeeph.

    yeah. i’m not really diggin’ this new stuff.
    “tacos rule”? wow. niiiice, joe. nice.

  • Anonymous

    i love those boys more then life itself, but pizza
    girl?! wtf?! haha.

    they didn’t write that, did they? hahaha. omg.
    i’ll definitely never miss an episode though :)

  • Anonymous

    thank god this is just for the tv show….

  • melani

    Aww no I love you guys but these songs sound like that naked brothers band shit

  • Valerie

    If any of you people supported JB, you would at least give their show a chance. You can just sit there and say ti will suck from the very beginning. I’m sure if any of you had a TV series it would suck the first season.
    Give it a chance, and support them. By the way, I’m not some teeny bopper either. I’ve been a fan for almost 3 years now, and they still have their whole lives to commit to acting. or singing.

  • Anonymous

    The new tweet from Joe is ridiculous.

    Kevin’s intro is soo cute <33

  • Aubrey

    omg….the songs are supossed to be cheesy people. the shows a comedy, leave it alone. im not saying the songs are masterpieces…but wtf…hannah’s songs were freaking annoying. I have a second life. wow, how many could we write about that?? not saying i hated them, but leave everyone alone. just mind your own business…

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    I heart kenin so much

  • Anonymous

    SERIOUSLY. they want to be taken as a serious, deep,
    band but making your own sitcom show on disney is not
    the way to go.
    pizza girl? come on guys…

  • Anonymous

    fuck all who dislike this new music.
    i personally think it’s very cute.

  • Anonymous

    then don’t comment. No one wants your hate.

  • Carolinaajobrosfan(:

    WTF??, Guys you know I’m your BIGGEST FAN but why did you do this? JUST QUIT FUCKING DISNEY!, Idk why don’t you go and say Mickey mouse is a pedophile? or they make you eat poop! Idk just quit this crap!
    The show is gonna be succesfull though but I do not want my boys’ name to get dirty because of this stuff.
    Kevin is so so so damn adorable! :)

  • Anonymous

    aww so cute! cant wait!

  • maira

    hahahah…the songs are funny…

    the songs are suppose to be cheesy…
    thats the whole poiny of the show

  • Anonymous

    work it out sounds like the one from HSM2
    BUT im not tryin 2 say anything

  • Anonymous

    Joes randomness on twitter is already starting,

    Tacos rule-Joe lmao he’s sooo freaking random I love how nick puts Mr President ahaha!

  • sarah

    Pizza Girl? Oh they can make any song work haha. Jonas Brothers are AWESOME!

    and chill out people, its a comedy, not a musical, its supossed to be funny

    at least give their show a chance. You cant just sit there and say it will suck from the very beginning.Give it a chance, and support them. By the way, I’m not some teeny bopper either, im 18, and have been a fan for about 3 and a half years

  • Anonymous

    well I guess since it’s a comedy the songs are supposed to be kind of cheesy and silly.

  • MaCy

    ok i love them and all but…
    these songs SUCK!
    i mean pizza girl???
    wat kind of name is that?
    and i wonder if “WHY” is about joe getting jelous of the blond girl (Stella)?

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO!! Don’t make me lol that hard, tokio hotel is way better? I hope you’re not being sertious, that ridiculous girl that looks like a freaking japanesse cartoon and those guys who may fuck her everyday even though she looks lesbian! I mean EWW.

  • Anonymous

    awww :)
    nick’s twitters are so adorable!

  • aNonymous

    Check it girls…like you heard one line from each’s beatlesque and beachy stuff. Great for summer. Hope they go to the beach and take off their shirts…damn I love Joes Treasure Trail on his abs..I want to peel away his layers and touch his Treasure…God..

  • aNonymous

    I will reiterate for you retards….what you heard was only one line of a song for a show about highshool postars …yeeaaay they are beatle inspired and perhaps some Beach Boys..Damn summer is looking fine..Reruns, Tivo and then the SHOW with JOBROS being big boys and talking back at us at their concerts with song about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..Taylor be afraid….be really afraid..remember Move On by Joe Jonas?

  • Anonymous

    this show is going to be terrible.
    im going to watch every episode

  • Paula

    How can you say you dont like this songs if you have just heard one line? I mean all jonas songs have been a hit. im sure this will be too, and they made that songs for a comedy show they re supposed to be funny!! Love you gyus and im sure this show will be great!!

  • anonymous

    Do you think they are being made to look younger on this show! I swear kevin and joe look younger!

  • Valerie

    Thank you

    Someone agrees!

  • Sasha

    I love the Jonas Brothers but what the heck was that!??!
    ugh, I want the old JB back, not the money-bringing
    disney band they are turning out to be.

    copy this if you agree***

  • Anonymous

    how can you say that you dont like these songs if you have just heard one line? i mean all jonas songs have been
    a hit and im sure these will be too. And they made
    them for a comedy show so they re supposed to be funny
    so dont be stupid people. love you gyus and im sure this show will be very succesful.

  • ohheyitslina

    KEVINNNNNNN is delicious

    p.s follow me on twitter ppl
    you know you want to ;)

  • Anonymous

    hahhhha im in love with a pizza girl! hahha cant wait for this. they always make me laugh, and haha kevin. so hot love him <3333

  • Anonymous

    miley is so going to miss around on nick while hes on tour and thas what he gets


    That makes no sense
    HAHAHA! I think I know what they’re trying to say but it’s ridiculous bullshit!

  • Anonymous

    i kinda sorta like “Why” & the first video @ 0:12 joe looks like he’s doing the bodayyyy roll!
    &that new tweet from joe…wow, joe, wow.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahhahahaha… lol… IDK why im laughing at that..


  • Anonymous

    only catchy good song from their was
    tell me why, and that other one give love a try[:

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    “Why” sounds awesome, “Pizza Girl” hilarious, “We Got To Work It Out” sounds great!
    Kevin looks AMAZINGLY HILARIOUS in JONAS. That long guitar wow! his personality, LOL!

  • Anonymous

    we got to work this out? what, is this premiering on
    playhouse disney or something? i feel like the
    imagination movers or the wiggle should be singing

  • Cherie!

    Ahh! those songs sound so freaking good!! I can’t wait!!

  • Anonymous

    haha their show looks super gay .

  • NileyLoveStory

    No one is laughing at my joke =/

    Lmao :)

  • lauren

    guys chillax, theyre for a TV SHOW. theyre SUPPOSED to be cheesy. and “why” sounds pretty awesome!

    they had to write them to go along with the tv episodes!1

    besides, theyre all gonna be good no matter what cause JB is singign them XD ha!


    hannah montana < JONAS ftw.

  • Anonymous

    These songs are “Lame” because it’s for a freakin’ COMICAL show! It’s not a drama. They’re silly songs … How are these songs terrible when you haven’t heard the entire thing? I happen to find these songs cute … Besides, I bet the first few comments were all by the same people anyways because it’s just one after another and another and so forth. Who does that??

  • Anonymous

    your’e not secure in your sexuality..gtfo.

  • Amira

    I hate that…
    Pizza Girl?
    Im their biggest fan ever (okay maybe not) but my point is that basically, they didn’t put their heart in these songs… i know the jb wouldn’t write a song named,

  • Anonymous

    just when you think their songs are gonna have some beautiful meaning to it…they make one about a pizza girl.

  • Anonymous

    Playing an EPIC game of bop it extreme in the studio- Mr. President

  • Mileyfan4sho

    Nick jus twitted

  • zerbles! [JheartC so STFU!]

    Kevin is SO great! ‘it smelled delicious’ hahaha!

    this show is gonna be SO great! The new songs r so hilarious! and cute. they can make banging a trashcan sound good!

    I love KEvo’s guitar shirt there at the end.

  • Anonymous



  • holly

    “TELL ME WHYYYY. WAAWHYYYYY DOES IT HURT SO BAD”. penises werent designed to go in the ass boys…