Kay Panabaker 17 AGAIN PREMIERE


  • justine

    OMG! she still exists?

  • Anonymous


  • kirsty

    loving the streaks!

  • A

    not a good look for you, Kay, i’m sorry.

  • Anonymous

    love the hair, but didn’t Aquamarine come out like 3 years ago?

  • Anonymous

    ehh. how old is she?
    grow up.
    cute dress.
    but that extensions look childish,
    it’ll look better if she teased her hair, did something.

  • me

    wow .. is she a bird? then y is she all CHEEP CHEEP CHHEEEPP! hhaha gotta luv massie block :)but really wat is she 7? ok maby 10? haha but really get reaall!

  • Jane

    very pretty, but not lovin the blue streaks

  • Anonymous

    i totally forgot that they knew each other from summerland!
    ohmygosh how could i forget i LOVED that show.

    her legs are like, tiny. they’re sticks.
    but i like her dress.
    minus the bows.
    i think it’s ok that it has no shape because it’s short enough that she doesn’t get lost in it.
    but the hair needs to go, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    her dress is really pretty;
    the bows make it different.
    but yeah the hair really is a no.

  • Anonymous

    Someone’s trying a little too hard…

  • anonymous

    like her hair, and dress, but not both at the same timee!

  • Anonymous

    Her hair is cool!!!(:

  • http://www.youtube.com/jonasgeek08 Sophie

    her hair looks awful blue streaks is definitely a no-go!
    and her legs look bruised she obviously forgot to put some tights on!

  • Anonymous


  • cdk

    that was her sister in the movie


    oh. nvm then :)

  • Anonymous

    her hair is gay.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Daniel and Kay Panabaker are sisters. :)

  • jamesbond

    she needs to fire her stylist IMMEDIATELY.

    the dress doesn’t flatter her at all and it has no shape. her hair has should not match her dress. i give her credit for trying something new.

  • Anonymous

    omg i thot so too

  • Anonymous

    blue highlights seriously?

  • Anonymous

    her legs are nasty and her hair looks retarded.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa what happened to her? she went into hiding for awhile i guess but she looks pretty! I love her dress but it looks more for homecoming than a movie premeiere.. your hair looks awsome to!

  • anonymous

    oh my god.

    her hair matches her dress.

    who ACTUALLY let her out of the house looking like this?!

  • Anonymous

    the dress is quite cute but the things in her hair look a bit weird

  • raeraeJB

    i love her hair!!

  • Crista. :)

    is he the sister of the girl from sky high? they kinda look alike :)

  • caitlyn

    i love her hair dress has no shape at all. pick something flattering next time? she did FABULOUS on Greys anatomyyy,

  • anon

    Rule #one of fashion: NEVER match your hair extension to your dress.

  • katee.

    i like her hair with blue in it like that.
    and i like her dress, except maybe minus all the bows.
    but the gold shoes and handbag are kinda random.

  • maira

    sweetie…those hair extension>>GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!

  • cdk

    i like her hair. i still remember her from that Lifetime movie Mom at Sixteen :)

  • Steph

    She’s cute but I would have liked her outfit a lot better if she didn’t have the blue streaks in there. And maybe white shoes instead of gold. Idk she doesn’t look bad though, just ok.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    that was her sister in the movie

  • Aynie

    oh my goooshh!! she llooks greaat!!
    I love her!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even know her and Zac were still friends…they played eachothers love intersts on Summerland (they looked soooo different)

  • Claire


  • Anonymous

    Ok, she’s not fat but the dress makes her middle area look wide…but i know she’s not fat.

  • shaneinea

    hahaha hideous; she does not know how to dress herself

  • Anonymous

    her legs look weird