• :p

    not one of my favs…….

  • camm

    beautiful knees grrrrl. lol

  • ann

    love herrr
    dont like the dresst too much but i love the shoes

  • Stacy

    Shut up…Black is beautiful…& grow up…

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a marshmallow.

  • Jane

    she’s beautiful, interesting dress though

  • Anonymous

    She is rather manly

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    no offense, but she looks like a chocolate sticking out of a small purse ! x]
    i like her though, she’s cool but that dress looks like a purse or something like that…

  • Olivia

    Lol she looks nice…not as nice as she did at the KCA’s
    I think she’s stalking Nick Jonas lol..
    Something tells me she will be his next conquest..the pool of Disney girls left is running dry…time to move on to the NICKelodeon girls…

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a freakin tranny!

  • Anonymous


  • angelika

    hate her dress

  • Anonymous

    She’s black so naturally she will be ugly.
    fuck you

  • Anonymous

    u’re a racist bitch

  • Anonymous

    haha. she does!

  • mattygirl

    She’s black so naturally she will be ugly.

    wat the fuc is tat supposed to mean…. get a life…
    and black is beatiful… i swear some people willl never change… she is beatiful and talented but i dont like the dress too much… keep up the good work keke :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s black so naturally she will be ugly.

  • brrrrrrrriii

    i really don’t like her
    shes okay on her show but its jjust like c’mon leave the world

  • jillian

    she’s so BEAUTIFUL! and one of my best friends :) looove the dress and shoes!
    screw all you haters, she’s gorgeous and you’re jealous!

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjj

    thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

  • Anonymous

    OKay sooo Keke is an amazing actress shes the only one with real talent also I love her dress it kinda reminds me of lady gaga’s crazy outfits…. i love how it makes her skin tone pop… and if your rasist and shit then why are you here go join a hate club cause keke aint gonna care….BLACK PEOPLE UNITE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she’s smiling like she has botox on her mouth or
    she’s constipated. but, she’s pretty. she really
    shouldn’t smile like a serial killer though.

  • Anonymous

    She’s black so naturally she will be ugly.
    just because she aint some bimbo blonde hair , blue eyed little skank dont mean she aint pretty u little fucker
    god cursed the day u were born with such aan ignorant mind.

  • j

    she is beautiful black woman!!!
    If yall dont see that then i feel sorry for you.

  • Anonymous

    She’s black so naturally she will be ugly.
    OMFG u RACIST son OF a BITCH!!! wat the hell is wrong
    wth u r u THAT ignrant….did ur mama raise u to be like
    dis if she did i feel sry for both of u!!!!
    jealous ho…shes GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    She looks pretty; pink is her colour… But I’m not sure about the fabric in the middle of the dress; the way it’s draped looks a bit strange.

  • archieletas

    wow mean comments i think she looks fabulous i love the dress and she looks so natural

  • j

    WTF? racist much?
    BLACK IS BEAUTiful!!!

    What is wrong with you ppl? You think that b/c someone \
    has a JOB that invovles being in front of a camera or
    microphone that he or she has to be hot or sexy. THEY
    ARE DOING WHAT THEY LOVE! and keke is doing a damn good
    job at it!
    Dont judge plz, i bet ya aint half as pretty
    as her.

    and the reason why i went on with this rant is b/c im
    in the film business and im sick and tired of you
    judgemental incrure brats for talking crap about ppl
    who are JUST DOING THEIR JOB! Do you expect a girl
    working at mcdonalds to be just drop dead gorgeous?

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck? So now all blacks are ugly?

  • j

    lol, i spelled insecure worng :P

  • j

    now i spelled ‘wrong’ wrong,

    lol, im to angry :P

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress!

  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Alexis

    Keke looks amazing.
    Her dress is hekka cute.
    And she doesn’t look like she has botox.
    Maybe she was in the middle of a smile.
    She’s got an amazing figure and beautiful smile too.
    And i love her show, she’s so funny.