Ashley Tisdale KIDD KRADDICK April 15

Nikole sent pictures of Ashley Tisdale at Dallas radio station 106.1 KISS FM
on KIDD Kraddick in the Morning: ‘Ashley was supposed to perform some songs, but unfortunately did not. It wasn’t clear why, but I think it was because it was really early and she was tired.’ Interview, photos under.

Jared Murillo’s father revealed to People that Jared is still friends with Ash after the split: ‘They are in the same circle, they have the same friends. And you know what? You never know how life turns out. They might hook up again, you just never know. I think it was just the right time to do what they did.’

  • Anonymous

    She’s so fucking over by this time next year she’ll be a total has been.

  • saudia

    well she was on vacation people, geez

  • Anonymous

    I like her new rocker look… she shouldnt tan cause it will ruin her skin but she looks sooooo pretty and shes a real good singer!!!!!

  • loserrrrrr


  • Anonymous

    yall wouldn’t love her so much if you were one of the fans she treated like crap at this interview. we got there at 4 and she wouldn’t even sign autographs. rude and unappreciative.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to lay off the tanning.

  • Roshnee

    she looks really tan but pretty i love her new hair

  • jn

    she so pretty

  • Anonymous

    something about this chic is very offputting. was her “breakup” with her bf a publicity stunt? does she really think she can follow in taylor swift’s footsteps? probably not cuz her breakup with jared didn’t get that much attention. guess nobody cares?????

  • Anonymous

    this is not the whole interview!!! that was only a video the whole interview is in audio and u can find it here:
    anyways ash looks really really pretty here and obviously all the time!! :) here tan looks good on her
    i love her new single everyone buy it at iTunes to help her get #1
    Team Tizzy

  • Brazilian

    she looks gorgeus!!! LOVE HER

  • anonymous

    that is not the whole interview its only the video
    u can find the whole interview here:
    its in audio btw
    anyways ash looks really really pretty here and obviously always!!! :) her tan looks good on her
    i love her new single everyone buy it on iTunes and help her reach to a #1 hit!!!!!!
    team tizzy all the way

  • Anonymous

    She’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tanned!

  • Steph

    I know! In some of the pictures she looks super orange and then in others she looks fine. Maybe it was just the lighting or something. Either way, she’s gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    she wouldn’t even come outside and sign autographs! it was pretty rude. she only waved to the fans outside twice. theres was only like 20 people outside so it wouldn’t have been hard for her to sign a few autographs. miley came outside when she was there and signed A LOT of autographs and even held a fans dog for a few minutes!

  • kourtney

    that was the shortest interview ever. she didn’t even talk about her music..

  • :D

    i like her outfit!