Cody Linley Dallas Lovato Singing Buds

Cody Linley, Dallas Lovato & Johnny G performing in someone’s kitchen. 1+

  • Anonymous

    lmao.! i love this video. its pretty radd ;)
    i loovveeee dallas! she’s so cool and down to earth like demi.<3

  • chiikachiikayeah

    whoaaa dallass sounds exactllyy like demmii
    thats W3IRD

  • Anonymous

    that dude is annoying as fuck

  • Anonymous

    She’s seems like a stuck up bitch who gets everything in life because she’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    i knoww

  • Anonymous

    Now you know they was smokin that ooooohhhh weeeeeee right there. They had the munchies since Dallas keep talking about some damn Taco Bell in the background.

  • holly

    haha :) demi looks quite a bit like dallas :)

    if you wanna FOLLOW ME:

  • Anonymous

    how is she awsome she doesnt do shit

  • Anonymous

    Yeah they were smoking weed.

  • Anonymous

    You’re delusional usually guys don’t have the balls to ask out the stunners I would know i’m a 10.

  • ohheyitslina


    follow me on twitter!

    <3 lc

  • anon

    WTF was that?

  • Anonymous

    omg, crazy behavior? taco bell? nonsense conversation? god damn, they higher than a motherfucker!


    can someone tell me who johnny g is?

  • tiffytotz

    cody looks hotter than a mother fuck right here and the singing wasnt 2 bad either!!!

  • Anonymous

    she sounds EXACTLY like demi

  • Anonymous

    uhm, Didn’t Demi date Cody?
    I’d be sorta pissed if my sister was kickin it with my ex!

  • Anonymous

    lmao what the hell?
    is this really post-worthy?

  • asefoisl

    she sounds EXACTLY like demi!

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Demmmmmmmmay.

  • anon

    I have no clue either.

  • kaimans

    Dallas is so pretty like Demi<3=)

  • coutney

    yea but they are all still friends
    they grew up together
    its not that werid at all

  • Mishelle

    Hahahaha, they are so stoned.
    Dallas sounds like a complete
    stoner. Lmfao, props to them.
    Cody is hot as shit<3 Love him<3

  • laurennnnn:)

    demi and dallas are both so totally gorgeous!
    i wish i was that pretty!


    cosy is amazing.
    ahaah i love him.
    ahh dallas she is awesome too!

  • Anonymous

    follow me on twitter!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is actually garret jiroux’s friend there’s a picture of him and mandy

  • Anonymous

    hahahah @ the ending.

    and maybe they were smoking, maybe they weren’t.
    we don’t know, so don’t make assumptions.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap Dallas is so hot like on Megan Fox’s level.

  • Anonymous

    he is?!?
    how did you know?
    im abidextrious (:
    i annoy my friends with it by writing with my left hand but then i write with my right hand 5 seconds later lol

  • X

    I don’t think that Dallas looks anything like Demi but I do think she is fucking Hot!

  • Anonymous

    maybe he’s NOT her sister’s ex boyfriend anymore ..??
    jk lol

  • Anonymous

    Typical guys ignoring the girl while they’re doing something stupid.

  • katie

    dude…Dallas & Demi look almost identical…they even sound the same…you can DEFINATLY tell they are sisters…

  • Julia

    hey cody is a lefty. i didn’t know that.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like stabbing that motherfucker in the face.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else find it weird for her to be hanging with her sister’s ex-boyfriend??

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell isn’t Dallas famous yet she’s strikingly beautiful?

  • Anonymous

    Ha! They are totally not stoned. They must have been starving from being in the studio all day!

    I hear rumors about Cody Linley and this Johnny G making an album! maybe some Rapp??

    They are definitely crazy!

    Who is Johnny G?? a new Rapper or something?

  • Stephanie

    can someone tell me who johnny g is?

    He’s Josh Golden’s brother.

  • Anonymous

    sweet, johnny g! this must be who chasepino was talking about in his twit last night… which means he wasnt talking about justin.

  • Steph

    Haha. They’re all so wasted.

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