Ali Lohan partied it up with sister Lindsay and Mommy Dina at The SLS hotel until 3 AM on Thursday. It was their fourth night out in a row and Ali even had a bloody lip! On Wednesday, Ali and Lindsay were spotted Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank looking for work. Photos: Fame, INF. More under!

  • anonymousalso

    Awww, isn’t that sweet? Mama Lohan and her daughters are so close – they even party together! I wonder if they share their herpes medication too?

  • Anonymous

    i have to admit, the 2nd picture looks like a picture out of a magazine editorial. preetty cool :]

    but whats not cool?
    that family – talentless & pathetic

  • Emi

    How old is she? Out partying until 3am!!! It’s amazing how their own mother is involved in this. Really, really sad

  • Anonymous

    Yeah she most deff has herpes
    She is getting uglier and uglier everytime i see her
    Shes just hideous, and a whore

  • <3


  • Anonymous


  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    Ali looks WAY older than she really is and she needs to act her age, she needs to stop acting like her sister and like she’s 25 years old. why would her lip be bleeding?

  • Anonymous

    She had a bloody lip the other night.

  • NileyLoveStory


  • Anonymous

    horrible talentless family, i miss the old lindsay. =(

  • Jane

    so gross, their family is so messed up

  • Anonymous

    I think her mom and lindsay are bad influences

  • Anonymous

    i agree with nileylovestory
    ew is right.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i bet she lost her virginity at 12 years old.
    her family is a BAAAAAD influence.

  • Anonymous

    she is wayy too young to be taken out all the time like that … especially on a school night!
    && the bloody lip … eww …
    ever heard of chapstick!?

  • jblovee

    Oh god

  • ellen

    Yeah! Its ‘cos i punched her fugly face!!

  • stephh

    Slow news day oceanup?

  • Anonymous

    second! wow

  • Omg

    it looks like herpes inside her mouth to me. i mean she is linday “hoe”han’s sister

  • tori

    well isnt Dina just mother of the year.
    she’s 16 right? sadsad

  • blackskittle

    okay, i like lindsay lohan. and ive grown to like ali.
    but seriously, out till 3 am. school night?
    seriously, i like to go out and have fun as much as the next person.
    but thats just to much.

    i wonder why her lip is bleeding, though.
    hope shes okay.

  • Anonymous

    I used to love Lindsay. But now she is horrible now.
    Aly on the other hand is a horrible actress and singer she sucks so bad

  • Anonymous

    HERPES AT 15?

  • c_elizabeth

    wow, i’m sure if she did get punched,
    she deserved it.

    Follow me on Twitter?

  • Allie

    She is disgusting.

  • Lola


  • Anonymous

    she’s 15 but that’s still way too young.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes only 15

  • Anonymous

    Woah, mother of the Year, eh?

    Nice… -_-

  • Anonymous

    SLS is the bomb.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wow, what a hoe in the last pictures

  • Anonymous

    wow. this girl is younger than me and she’s out partying til 3 am. lovely.

  • anon

    Who cares? I honestly feel bad for Lindsay, Hollywood is totally messing her up and I’m so sad because she used to be such a SWEET and AWESOME girl! I just miss the old Linds, and BTW I don’t hate her. But her sister… come on, what has she done that’s SOOO great…? -___-
    You feel bad for her because HOLLYWOOD has messed her up? Newsflash sweetie – Lindsay is an adult making her own choices these days. She has been given so many chances and she continues to fail miserably. Don’t waste your time or energy feeling sorry for her. There comes a point in time when people have to take responsibility for the choices they make. Lindsay is where she is because of Lindsay.

  • Anonymous

    jsyk, no one ever bullied her at school. :|
    we just ignored her because she was always, “Im a Lohan, don’t you dare talk to me that way.” conceited bish. :|

  • hey

    “on a night like this I could fall in love, I could fall in love with you” ;) (dave barnes)
    7:28 PM Apr 14th from TwitterFon

    @mileycyrus 3rd times the charm!! =)
    5:32 PM Apr 14th from TwitterFon in reply to mileycyrus

    justin new tweets

  • Anonymous

    omg shes out partying?? r u kidding me?? omg!it must run in the family.. but 15? thats right u call miley bad?? haha

  • marri

    Can you please stop commenting that on EVERY post that oceanup makes?

    it’s reaaaally getting annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Ali Lohan… you and youre drugs…

  • Anonymous

    she is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    u ppl call miley bad? look at this girl shes 15 and out partying with her physco ssiter until 3am< somethings not right there

  • Anonymous

    loool no one cares about them nonsense especially ali

  • Anonymous

    u ppl call miley bad? look at this girl shes 15 and out partying with her physco ssiter until 3am

    yay fo spring break :|

  • Anonymous

    she needs to watch out hollywood will eat her up! shes gonna be into drugs and heroine soon… sad sad

  • Anonymous

    phahahah! totally agreed people have to comment on every fucking post! im like what do you serioudly have to say about this! it annoys the shit out of me too. like one selena post was something about her twitter about getting highlights and that its and she had like 250 fucking comments! im like WTF do you SERIOUSLY have to say to this post! i totally agree people have needless to say on some posts and half are hate ones which pisses me off :)

  • Steph

    Dina Lohan is the worst mother in the world! Why would you take your underaged daughter out clubbing till all hours of the morning? Didn’t she learn her lesson the first time? Look how Lindsay turned out!

  • :)

    ha damnnn!


    omg stop with the fucking first?,first!?!?, oh yeah im first one one effin cares!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s herpes.
    I’d expect that from her.

  • Anonymous

    everyone on here is a bitch. IGNORE THE HATERS ALI! everyone on here is so rude shes just a kid.

  • Anonymous

    if any one is going to be a train wreck it is ali NOT MILEY

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? I honestly feel bad for Lindsay, Hollywood is totally messing her up and I’m so sad because she used to be such a SWEET and AWESOME girl! I just miss the old Linds, and BTW I don’t hate her. But her sister… come on, what has she done that’s SOOO great…? -___-

  • Anonymous

    Your right, SHE IS JUST A KID.
    Shes out clubbing for damn sake(UNTIL 3am!), if she can go out clubbing, she should be judged.

    We are NOT haters, there whole family is just insane.

  • Anonymous

    haha yeah um this girl is a slutty bitch and your prob like
    her only fan

  • sandhya

    I accept this site why because I learn more information from this site

  • cdk

    she’s 15?? she looks twice her age! and I seriously don’t find this girl even remotely attractive

    team Semi bitches! haters to the left!

  • Anonymous

    shes homeschooled

  • ?!

    what a ho.

  • Anonymous

    hasnt done anything,
    besides being Lindsay sister.

    I do miss the
    old Lindsay too.

    I dont think she will ever be back though…

  • caroline


  • Anonymous

    oh wow.. isent she like 15 or 14? shes way too young to be kept up partying untill like 3 am every night. wheres her parents? see this is why lindsay is having such a rough time. her mom is just irresponsible.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Really….

    Shes out clubbing, WHAT do you expect. !Lmao!

    Oh and I dont think she’s EVVVER done anything to have haters.
    Shes NOT famous, shes ONLY 15 yrs old!!!

  • LOL!!!

    Post something good.

  • Chelsea

    Ali is going to be messed up before she turns 18! I swear Dina Lohan is a complete craphole idiotic ass of a mother. What mother in her right mind would let her FIFTEEN year old stay out that late a a club? I feel bad for Lindsey and Ali, Lindsey is already messed up, Ali is on her way. It’s very sad and tragic because I thought Lindsey could have had a good career.

  • anon.

    haha, im sure herpes at 15 is not a record. and to you guys saying ali has done nothing, you’re wrong! she was in mostly ghostly remember!?!?!?!jk. bahaha lol what a joke

  • Anonymous

    Dina sometimes goes clubbing with BOTH of them.

  • Anonymous

    She look better with the sunglasses on. Without she is straight up fugly and what the hell kind of mother would let her 15 year old daughter go to clubs and ish? Wow Dina needs to totally lose costody of these kids and their father is no better.