Jordan Pruitt Joins Demi Lovato AND David Archuleta SUMMER Tour 2009

Jordan Pruitt Myspace update: Current mood: blessed
Hey Guys!
GREAT NEWS.. I’m going on tour with Demi Lovato and David Archuleta starting July 24th!
I’m super excited, Demi is so sweet and super talented! And I voted for David on American Idol.

So I’m very excited to meet him! I will be opening for them, and I’m so ridiculously excited about this tour!!! All the tour dates will be posted in the next few days!! If you are in the area where I’m singing, I hope you come! It will be an amazing show :) I feel very blessed right now!
OH, Ps I bought My new car!

Like me, I changed my mind at the last minute. I got a 2009 IS 250 Black Lexus! It’s the coolest car I’ve ever seen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I’m also going to be writing a few more songs for my album before it comes out! :P Super Excited, And Lovin life :)

Love you guys so much

  • c_elizabeth

    Demi Lovato- I love her.
    David Archuletta- Ehhhh.
    Jordan Pruitt- DO NOT LIKE HER!

    alright, so i figured cool, demis going on tour this summer,!
    i’ll go an see her!
    SCRATCH THAT!!!!!!
    i figured, demi would be touring with the academy is.. or atleast TRY to tour with john mayer.
    then i’d be first in line!
    but, even it was JUST DEMI, i’d go see her!
    David and Jordan?
    cmon demi!!!!!!
    alright, i take that back,
    i don’t mind david,
    but Jordan just…buggs me.
    her songs are STUPID!
    and from MY PERSPECTIVE, she cant sing.
    i have my opinion,
    you have yours.

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  • Anonymous

    im going to see demi she is the best me and all my college friends have tickets to 3 shows each we love her oh demi if you read this the guys call you sexy lovato they love you gurl cant wait for new cd david and jordan are okay but its all about demi for us

  • kristina

    Cool :D
    I like her and David :]
    and love Demi <3

  • c_elizabeth

    its like EPIC FAIL!

    jordan pruitt is a no go.

  • Nene!

    I hate this stupid girl!
    shes totally fake and cant sing for shit.
    But still..i’ll go for Demi. :)

  • Anonymous

    I think I will be seeing her on April 25th at the JOEY PAGE show in Florida, I heard shes going to preform too.


    david is the real draw for this tour – he is head and shoulders above demi and jordan vocally, and his stage skills are amazing….. demi may the the headliner, but that’s in name only – archuleta is the star of this show

  • Jane

    her blogs are boring

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    ugh, i hate her.
    why demi why ?!
    your tour would have been muuch cooler without this nobody..

  • Anonymous

    better than selena tho :/
    even i love her.

  • rii

    lol well i find it funny that not too long ago people were pairing up jordan and nick and now that rumor has definitely dissipated already haha

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    I love Demi but I’m not that big of a fan of Jordan.


    ahhhh yeaaah!
    that is soo cool!
    i love jordin and
    david and demi DUHH!
    this tour is going to be soo
    i can not wait!

  • Linda

    I don’t like one bit. I’m glad that she won’t be at
    the concert I’m going to.


    uggh noo selena!!
    she can not sing at all!
    i love her and everything.
    but jordin and david
    are soo much more
    talented then Selena gomez.
    she is not all that good i think she is a good
    actress and that’s it.

  • helen

    ugh please no i cant stand her!!!!!!!

  • lucy


  • rose

    yay im so pumped for the nebraska concert this summer :D

  • Anonymous


  • debbie.

    3 weirdest people to tour together ever.

    but i love them all

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    almost first dangggg

  • debbie.

    hes almost to 50,000

    follow him :)

  • Anonymous

    So she’ll join a month in to the tour why?

  • Anonymous

    ur like 10th

  • Anonymous

    REALLY wanted to be there..
    love the three of them :/

  • Anonymous

    shes so pretty!! and she seems really down-to-earth!!

  • Anonymous

    Shes odd.

  • why the haters??

    wow so much hatred towards jordan. wats up with that? i really dont like to start shit but i just have to say this. demi, david, AND jordan all have GREAT voices. jordan has way more talent than some people in disney. ummm cough* miley cough*

    jordan cant sing….bullshit!! haters step off

  • ili

    I love demi but david is better singing in live than demi
    And i like jordán too
    I think David will be the best in all those concerts

  • Anonymous

    David made a big mistake going on tour with Demi, he’s so much more talented than her. On top of that, with Jordan Pruitt as well? wtf?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get why David is opening for Demi. isn’t he way more popular than her? makes no sense.

    Jordan can GTFO

  • whatever

    now i don’t want to go to the concert….

  • Anonymous

    hey guys I’m super excited and blessed ,cool,and super!blah blah blah. Why Demi why? you’re better than this nonsense.


    I’m not too sure about her car choice. It looks like something my grandma would drive.

  • katey

    ok i think jordan has a great voice but i just dont think she’s going to become more “famous” than she already is. i just dont think her fan base is going to grow.
    plus im kind of getting sick of hearing about her.
    -and this is the comments section and i’m entitled to my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    NO NO NO!
    i don’t like her!
    she needs to gtfo!

  • Anonymous

    This tour is going to be bullshit.
    I love Demi, like David, but Jordin Pruitt???
    Disney is really trying to pimp people out these days.
    I think I might have even been happier if it was Selena.

  • Anonymous

    Why does she look like a live Barbie Doll???
    Do you see it???

    She needs to go away.
    Way too ruin a perfectly good(but odd) tour!