• Steph

    Do they have the same stylist or what? I wonder where they got the idea for the outfit. Omg, this happened to me at a school dance one time except me and the other girl were wearing the EXACT same dress! When I went to prom the store I got my dress from would only sell each dress to one girl at each school and they put your name in a database so that wouldn’t happen!

  • carla

    similar outfit and the same place that’s had to be embarrassing hahaha

  • Lauren

    Their not the same outfit, just really similar. Lucy posted about this on Twitter lol. I voted for Sam. Dont like Lucy’s shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Sam Droke all the way
    She always looks so natural and pretty

  • X

    I think they both look cute. So im not gonna vote.

  • Hellen Sprouse

    OMG, almost the same clothes. but that’s not the problem , the problem is that fucking coincidence at the SAME PLACE. but let’s take it to the funny side, oops, that’s not any funny side ;; ahahaha, xoxo ;*

  • Anonymous

    what a coinkydinPr

  • Anonymous

    so awful

  • Caity

    Lucy’s shoes killed it

  • Anonymous

    who is sam droke?

  • Anonymous

    that must be embarrassing…
    and what makes it worse is that the outfit itself isnt even that cute

  • lee

    doesnt matter because they are nobodys.

  • LOVEato

    I dislike them both..
    But I’ll be honest, Lucy Hale’s is the better

  • c_elizabeth

    sam droke.

    Follow me on Twitter?

  • Anonymous

    they’re a bit different,
    i hate to say it, but sam wore it better.
    sam seems like such a ditz. in her interviews, she’s so spacey.


    They aren’t the same outfit. This is just a coincidental paring of clothes. Simple: they both wore a purple top with a black skirt.

  • Anonymous

    i`m surprised a catfight didn`t break out . . . i woulda punched someone if that happened to me . . . and the SAME PLACE ? wtf .

  • Anonymous

    Lucy hale’s shoes killed it for me…i voted for sam droke

  • dffd

    omg!!! AWKWARD!!

  • Anonymous



  • Mercy

    Their skirts are totally different.

    Although it IS unfortunate that they’re both wearing purple tops. D:

  • Victoria

    check out my JB love story:

  • Anonymous

    ok the reason y ik lucy hale is cuz she went out with david wat else does she do?? not being mean jw

  • jesssss

    hahahaa that SUCKS

  • Jane

    not exactly the same, but very close. that musta been embarrassing!

  • Anonymous

    what do you expect , it`s oceanup . . . they`re always posting irrelevant bs to get comments , even if it`s from national enquierer or star or completely MADE UP .

  • lena

    OUCH. Woah, the outfit looks good on both of them!
    But, I still voted for SAM.

  • http://youknowyouloveme.com Lola

    Sam looks drunk and looks like she got a bad eye brow wax! Lucy all the way.