Alex Pettyfer TORMENTED Trailer

Alex Pettyfer
‘s movie Tormented. Contains graphic language & content.

  • Anonymous

    this trailer is a piece of shit.

  • dot


  • L

    Hahaha that movie looks fucking sick, im gonna watch it!

  • J

    i love him!!! soo much!!!

  • Steph

    skins people :D looks amaazzinn

  • Azor

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  • Lindsey

    Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for you guys to start announcing stuff about Alex. I absolutely love him!!! <333

  • Anonymous


  • Sandy

    bbc films how pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is this kid?!

  • reginaaa:)

    ahhh i love it!
    i’m totally gonna see it!

  • Anonymous


  • truth

    he hot he mine back off rugrats!

  • Youve Got Mail <<<<<<3

    This actually looks like my kinda film haha,
    and omg its got 2 of the girls from Skins series 1.

    Alex pettyfer is better playing some evil dude, because hes too much of a pretty boy

  • LiveLoveLaugh

    This film looks sickkk
    plus its got michelle and jal form skins..
    and alex pettyfer is so hottt!

  • madelinew

    looks amazing(:
    cant wait

  • raina

    i’ll watch this movie….looks interesting to watch!

  • Anonymous

    Sidrah :) :) :)

  • jessixa

    SKINS CAST<3333
    SKINS CAST<3333
    SKINS CAST<3333

  • oh hai

    Alex pettyfer is so hot.
    and Larissa and April from skins are so pretty!
    I need to see this

  • beast

    this looks mad epic
    i wanna seee