Big Rob Britney Spears Circus Concert

Big Rob got on stage during Britney Spears’ Circus concert at Staples Center.

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for him!!

  • Sadiezz


    This guy is my hero.

  • Anonymous

    personally, I hate this. I found it kind of offensive and weird. idk why, but I’ve always hated when concerts have that kind of thing where they get a member of the audience and ridicule him. and big rob certainly seemed like that wasn’t what he wanted to pay for either.

  • Anonymous

    No britney left them! I’m 100% sure!
    It’s called “True Hollywood Story: Britney Spears”

  • Anonymous

    LOL how is that offensive? They’re both awesome and funny, it’s actually a pretty good match!

  • Alyssa* <—I only add friendly/fun people.

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    Wow, Brittany’s concert are… interesting. lol And she probably asked Big Rob to do that for her. I’m happy that he’s the Jonas Brothers body guard now (:

  • Anonymous

    Had to clear things up… some comments here are true, some are false.

    Big Rob = Britney’s former bodyguard (you can him in the old VHS that McDonalds gave out back in 2000).. He’s now JB’s bodyguard.

    Felicia = Britney’s old assistant and old family friend who left Britney then later became assistant to Jonas Borthers, but left them and went back to Britney.

    Her old manager… Her manager has always been Larry Rudolf, except when she was in her “crazy” moment. JB’s current manager is Johnny Wright, former manager to *NSYNC and New Kids on the Block.

    And the girl who said Queen Latifah would look good with Big Rob, that would be impossible. She’s a lesbian. I’m not kidding. She really is, but I love Queen. I LOVED watching Living Single when I was younger. And I loved Set it Off, so no hate on her.

  • Anonymous

    Big rob is the shiiiit!

  • sara

    so…are you all positive big rob is still a jonas bodyguard? think about it. he hasn’t been around a whole lot lately; its always that new guy.

    idk. he could still be with them & just be currently on tour with britney..which is weird, but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Okay bitches think about it big rob was with jb at the 17 again premeire

    He’s probly thinks this concert is quite compared to a in one

  • Steven Coulson

    Hey Star Gazzers,

    First, she is just a person. There is nothing special about any of us except our hearts.


    Big Rob as a bodyguard is comparable to say, ummmmm…Hulk Hogan as Sec Def…

    Read: Big Robs skills as a sec type is about what Stevie Wonders driveing high speed at night w/ a tank in traffic..

  • Anonymous

    big rob!?!?!? WTF?!?

  • :D

    aww, k, idk about you, but i think im the only one who felt bad for big rob there .

  • Anonymous

    biig robbb cant leave jkb noooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    It’s Britney, bitch.

  • sarah

    i think it would be cute if big rob dated queen latifah. haha

  • r2

    uhhh im scared!

  • Anonymous

    Concert like a CIRCUS !!
    I love it !! :D

  • samcart

    Um, just so everyone knows… Big Rob just happened to be the one they brought on stage at this particular concert on Britney’s tour. Every night they pull someone up to sit on that chair and since they saw Big Rob in attendance for this concert, they brought him up. He’s not leaving the JB’s for Britney or anything, so don’t worry haha.

  • LoLo

    why do I suddenly feel so awkward after watching this?

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  • jessica


  • Anna


  • Anonymous

    Big robs fa real

  • Anonymous

    yeah he. Used to be her bodyguard

  • Anonymous

    wasn’t he her old bodyguard?

  • julie

    i love big rob

  • s

    is that him?

  • Cheyenne

    Big Rob’s for real and that’s no lie.

  • alison


  • Danielle (:

    BIG ROB<333333333333

  • Molly

    Was I the only one who found this awkward?

  • britneyfan

    HAHA i was there in the VIP section sooooo funnny

  • grace

    He used to be her bodyguard I think

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! his face is priceless!

  • Jonas 4 Canada (Joe is amazing)

    I LOVE Big Robbie!

    This is random, but who thinks Big Rob is married.
    And if you don’t think he is married, who do you think he’d look good with (I say Queen Latifah, but people say that’s offensive, so I’m asking you people lol).

  • Anonymous

    wth? big rob used to be her bodyguard
    just like jb ex manager was britneys manager lol!!! love brit and jonas

  • Anonymous

    yes I say Queen Latifah like we said before and I don’t think there’s anything offensive about it but they say she’s a lesbian. I’m wondering if he went back to Britney too.

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice


  • Jonas 4 Canada (Joe is amazing)

    No, he’s still with JB, he was probably invited though!
    But ya its not 100% true that Queen L is lesbian, so there are possibilities lol!
    It was weird though because some people thought I was being mean because they’re both black and heavier, but I just think they’d look good together :P

  • Anonymous

    lol i heard that queen latifah was gay

  • Anonymous

    LOL!!!!!!! thats awkward

  • Some call me the Gangster of Love…Cuz I’m a picker, I’m a

    It’s not like it was random, he used to be her body guard a long time ago. And the Jonas Brothers assistant Felicia, she used to work for Britney too. The Jonas Brothers took all her people lol.

  • AllYouSuckaMC’sAintBotNuthinOnMe

    he looks like he was forced to be there. I think he likes stage presence cause with the JB he sings his BurninUp rap and now he did ‘that.’

  • Anonymous

    yeah basically JB has Britney’s old team. Big rob was her former bodyguard, Felicia was her former assistant, went to JB, then went back to Britney once Brit Brit got a little sober and Britney’s old manager is also JB’s manager

  • Anonymous

    wow is all i have to say, lol

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Financial reasons why they left Britney in the first place. Although, it must of made her extremely upset.

    And, it wasn’t when she got sober. When she stated taking medications for bipolar disorder.

  • yomama!!

    ok. star gazers??? wtf! r u like high?!? going off on some rant about having special hearts?? and comparing BIG ROB to like… dog the bounty hunter. or watever the hell nonscense ur spweing out!! idk wat u r on. but i’d never buy any from u… its laced with who knows what. u effing star gazer. wtf!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if JB was there?

  • team jonas + miley

    ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!! xD that was FUNNY

  • bridgette

    well this is awkward lol

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  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Okay weird? Love Big Rob!