Harry Half-Blood Prince LOVE Triangle

Final ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince‘ trailer before it’s arrival in theaters July 15. From MTV: Harry and Draco Malfoy get an initial spotlight, but romantic tensions in Hogwarts take center stage.

‘Times like these, dark times, they can bring people together, but they can tear them apart.’ Hermione, who has up until this point kept her feelings for Ron as closeted as possible, lashes out with a few hard swats of her textbook to his shoulder in the dining hall for his wandering attention.

  • Anonymous

    I think you can’t compare both books. Hary Potter is creative, funny, dark all at once. Twilight isn’t bad, I liked it, but if you’re going to see, honestly, is the same story ever, but it’s ok, I just think Harry Potter brought us something different.

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  • Anonymous

    this movie needs to premiere, like, right NOW.

  • Anonymous

    Woah I’m usually not a big Harry Potter fan…
    But that looks sooo good!
    I got shivers! haha

  • Lindz-Chan

    Wait the love triangle is between Hermione/Ron/Lavender right??
    Cuz thats how its is in the book…

  • Ella

    So much better than Twilight.

  • OMG it looks soooooo good
    Can’t wait

  • http://www.last.fm/user/nikkilovesmetal Nicole

    Please tell me that was the most poorly-executed joke in the world.

    I’m so excited for this. I can’t even handle it.

  • Anonymous

    emma is so hot

  • Joyce

    effing love this.

    HARRY POTTER = #1!!!!!!!

  • ds

    In the trailer says it premieres on July 17
    & Ocean Up said July 15?

  • MaybeitsBee

    Some parts of this movie….I’m just dying to see..
    WOW…i hope this is better than the last one.
    It definitely looks like it.

  • Anonymous

    it looks so goood!!!!!!!! the part wen katie was possessed by the cursed necklace i actually got goosebumps on my hand…..gosh this movie exceeds my expectations!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like twilight.
    but it will never, ever compare to harry potter.
    hp ftw.

  • Celia

    so much better than twilight! HARRY POTTER KICKS ASS! CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!

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  • Anonymous

    Yo I can’t wait for this movie!!

  • annie

    god, i love you harry.

  • raina

    can’t wait for this movie….
    isnt dumbledore in love with harry too?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/bellatrixcrucioyou HarryPotterLover

    I have watched this like a million times just today and I still get chills at the end music!! This movie looks freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! HP rules everything!!!!!!!!! Twilight sucks! 87 days until H-BP!!!!!! So going to see at midnight…

  • :)

    so sad at 1:34 when hermione see ron and lavande holding hand

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  • Extreme Ways

    I think this is as good time as any to remind everyone that SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE in this movie.

  • Anonymous

    In the trailer says it premieres on July 17
    & Ocean Up said July 15?

    the release date was pushed forward by 2 days.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i got tears in my eyes!! I CANT WAIT

  • rachel

    i am beyond excited for this movie!

  • Anonymous

    don’t compare twilight and harry potter. twilight was on a low budget, and still turned out brilliant, whereas harry potter spends as much as possible and looks amazing too.

    they’re both pretty kick ass