Zac Efron GQ outtakes from May 2009 issue. He hit up Jimmy Kimmel last night and chatted about eating crickets, traveling the world and being a teen idol. More under!

  • yaya

    damn can he be anymore sexy like seriously. all of those pictures are amazing.

    i just got back from watching 17 again and i really liked it. and there was about 10 to 12 people in the theater and only about 3 were under the age 20 including myself. everyone else was like grannys. i guess the grannys like zac efron too. but i mean who wouldnt just look at him =)

  • Anonymous

    he is so sweet and hot and funny in that interview

  • tazz


    he’s killing with me with how beautiful he is.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • ilovemiley:)

    2nd picture, imagine him loosing balance and falling of. OUCH?!

  • Anonymous


  • Déia


  • kelsea :)


  • kelsea :)

    Damn i wasnt first
    Haha whatever these pictures are hot :)

  • Anonymous


  • Jess

    In the first picture his hair looks
    a little like Robert Pattinson’s…

  • Steph

    Omg, that boy is gorgeous. I love his 50’s hairstyle all slicked back like that.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh he is sooosososo amazing
    i love him so much!

  • Anonymous

    He looks like hes turned gay

  • Anonymous

    Omg i agree in the first picture he does have Rob hair
    Rob pulls it off so much better tho

  • steph

    The third picture is probably the ugliest picture ive ever seen of him
    Dont get me wrong, i think hes really hot
    That picture just isnt working for me

  • lalaland

    nuthing else 2 say but, he’s hot

  • imani

    this boy is so fucking gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    ehhhh….hes alryt

  • Katie

    God i can’t believe how fucking gorgeous this guy is …………….. :D

  • Maryy

    Damn that man is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    oh my goddd, he is soo hot :)

  • CiCi

    boy vanessa is one lucky girl

    zanessa love <3


    THATS MAH BABY’S DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  • Anonymous

    He thinks he’s hotter than he really is.

  • O

    omgomgomgomg why is his head four sizes too big for his body in the third picture?!
    ahahah anyways
    he is the most gorgeous person i’ve ever met.
    well i’ve never met him.. but whatever
    <3 :P

  • Tara

    I have like the exact stripy t-shirt thats in the last picture haha

  • laurennnnn:)

    he is fiiiine
    i’d hit that

  • Anonymous

    i dont think there’s a man on this planet that is anywhere as good looking as zac. <333

  • Justin G. and Camilla B. 4ever!!

    he is sooo hot!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh how I love my brown haired, blue eyed darlings (Zac and Chace)

  • Anonymous

    Holy hell. He’s a beast.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I love ur name!! lmao!

  • Anonymous

    I love the 4th & the 6th pictures. They are … so goddamn hott.

  • Anonymous


  • vitoria


    lOVE HIM…!

  • Anonymous

    He’s so hot! Thanks god *-*

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Justin G. and Camilla B. 4ever!!

    haha thank you!

  • katy.

    okay, i’m sorry, but i have to say, he looks kinda fag ish in the third picture. ha,
    i mean, he’s fucking hot and errthanggg, that picture’s just not workin for me.
    lol. but oh boy do i love himmmm. :D <3

  • crazygirl

    hate the third’s horrible.

  • crazygirl

    hate the third photo,but boy,do i just really love himmm

  • just kidding

    i tottally agree with crazygirl and ilovemiley.

  • Mônica


    Vanessa’s a lucky girl :D

  • sexygirl


  • amanda

    yes she is monica

  • amanda

    hello what’s up?

  • Anonymous


    this sort of reminds me of shia’s shoot …?

  • Anonymous

    Zac is the only guy who can compete with Joe Jonas- I still love Joe more though!

  • Steph

    i want him so bad, my heart aches for him :( i looove him xxxx LOVE YOU ZAC hes so sweet in summerland if anyone watched

  • mileyfan7

    These pics look like they could be from the movie “Footloose” lol.


    he is effing sexxy!
    Vanessa is soo lucky!
    i hate her for that..lmaoo.
    kidding i love her!

  • Anne

    (; mmm.

  • Anonymous

    my crush looks exactly a younger zac (he’s 17). gosh, he’s so hot, and he’s so sweet, the way he talks and all reminds me of edward.
    sad that he’s dating my friend :/

  • Anonymous

    Zac can play like a younger wolverine if he wanted to. He’s hottt!

  • Anonymous

    psssssss hes on fire man, hes so hot gosh!

  • Jane

    so sexy, it is not even funny!! yummm

  • jj


  • Anonymous

    he’s OBV HOTTT!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap.
    he’s so damn sexy and hot. !