Ashley Tisdale NEW Boyfriend In Malibu

Tisdale and new boyfriend/ director Scott out to lunch at Gladstone’s in Malibu.

  • patricia0709

    wow she moves on fast…scott looks hotttttt!

  • Anonymous

    what’s this guys full name?

  • i LiKE iT LiKE THAT

    she moved on kinda fast..

  • no

    jashley =[

  • Anonymous

    damnn, he’s tall and fit as fuck.
    It’s cute how tiny she is next to him.

  • Anonymous

    homegirl moved on fast.

  • karla

    the lady lookind to the sunset was saying in spanish..
    They said is famous?
    Of what?
    Who knows!…
    Sooooo Funny!!!

  • ajluvsjb

    i agree they do need some privacy but that is their job to get pix and answers from them and there really is no reason to hide or not say anything because they wont leave u alone and theyll just start sayin shit about u like tmz does if ur nice to them then theyll prob say good things about u!! thats it!!!

  • Ashley Fan

    ocean up she said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that they are just friends and she is single.

  • Anonymous

    damn and u guys say JOEJONAS MOVED FAST…LOOK AT
    wow and she was dating her bf longer. joe date taylor
    for like 3 months

  • alexa
  • Anonymous

    lmao there was a mexican woman asking if they were famous she was las ask that guy if they’re famous lmao

  • lola

    jared is 1000000 times better than this guy, that was fast of ashley to get over jared!

  • Anonymous

    lmao GIVE ME A PIECE OF THAT! x]

  • justine

    she did an interview with e news and said thats NOT her boyfriend!

  • Anonymous

    there is nothing wrong about her moving fast,ok??
    this guy is hot



  • sam

    blimey she moved on fast
    can you say rebound…

  • Anonymous

    They’re such a cute couple!

  • Anonymous

    He is Fitttt!

  • Anonymous

    He is Fitt!

  • Anonymous

    He is wayy better than Jared. Jared is ugly! Nice catch,Ash! UPGRADE!

  • Anonymous

    I luv her outfit, but she seems so rude. I no shes bothered by tha paps, but she rude to them.

  • http://ffg (:

    hes hot.

  • carebear

    i wish that the media would at least let celebs have some privacy like really they r on a date

  • kj

    she rebounded fast.

  • abbymarieee(:

    he’s better thann jared, i agree.
    maybe he won’t cheatt unlike murillo xD

    woot ashley.

  • Anonymous

    i bet you the people around them are like
    whothefuck is she?

  • MaCy

    ummm yea…THEY’RE NOT DATING! SHE SAid that they r single…. i knw he is really hot and all but they arent dating… i dont think she would move on tht fast from a broken 2 year relationship…. just accept the fact that they arent dating YET….maybe she will date someone else

  • Anonymous

    geez, she moved on quick.
    didn’t her and jared date for like 2 years?

  • sharpaiy
  • Janna Moses

    She said they’re not dating.
    she said they’re really good friends.

  • Anonymous

    homegirl moved on fast.


  • Carolline

    so it’s confirmed, they are really bf and gf?

  • matt

    jared wasn’t the one cheating..

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    she said jared didn’t cheat on her.
    he’s really tall…and hot.

  • Anonymous

    wtf. jared did NOT cheat.

  • Carolline

    I don’t believe Jared cheated on her… and there are some paparazzi speaking portuguese hahaha brasileiros dominando lol

  • Keah Watkins



  • Keah Watkins



  • Lil.Hitch

    man, here comes that scott guy… great another nightmare of my dreams… and she move so fast… is it really official that they’re dating?

    if this couple ends up dating, i gonna die…

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