Jennette McCurdy So Far Away COVER

Jennette McCurdy
: ‘I’m singing Carole King’s ‘So Far Away’ for my brother Marcus and my friend Cody. I wanted to make this video just like my other videos: one-take, natural, and raw!

Hope you enjoy!’

  • Anonymous

    That was sooo good!

  • Anonymous

    people saying “she’s way better than miley”.
    um ok.
    I highly doubt that will hurt miley’s feelings. she’s stated many times before she knows there is ALWAYS going to be someone that’s better than her in acting/singing or whatever. i love miley’s voice. and this girl is good too.

  • MelShannon

    Woah, did anyone else know that girl can sing? cause i didn’t..

    But, she’s really good.

  • a bush.

    that was AMAZING!

    she has another song,
    that i found from
    one of ‘freds’ videos. xD

    So Close.
    its an awesome song. ?

    beautiful Jennette ,!
    B.E.A.utiful. :D

  • Anonymous

    she’s better then miley.
    sorry to the miley fans, but jennette is amazing!
    i think she’s like an underdog, and really under estimated.

  • Anonymous

    that….that was reaalllyy great. wow she should really make like a country album or something. not pop cause they edit peoples voices for pop but shes amazingg raw

  • Anonymous

    wait what?!
    she sings? ahhh, shes great!
    this is a shocker.

  • Anonymous

    miley > jenette > taylor > world > demi > selena


  • Anonymous

    woahh! i didnt know she could sing! (:

  • Anonymous

    no.. actually demi’s voice is AMAZING. kthx

  • colleen

    wow shes rly rly good!
    how is she not singing professionally?
    even miranda cosgrove is, and jeanettes WAY better!

  • chelsea

    WOW! she is sooooooo amazing!

  • Anonymous

    she sang so far awayy!! awwwwww =]

    jb sang that and combined it a little bit longer!

  • patricia0709

    surprised to hear her sing..:)) another talented girl!


    WOOW, that wa rly good she should make a cd instead of selena.

  • Anonymous

    wow. shes really good.

    i would’ve never guessed.

  • rachi


  • Anonymous

    my god shes good.
    instead of staying in a crappy show on nick she shouldve waited and tryed out for american idol or something.
    i guarantee you she wouldve had more success.

  • Tru

    She can sing! Ya’ll are so stupid…Stop comparing her to other celebs just say she can sing damnit…..she needs to sing for her career…..Gone girl!

  • Anonymous

    wow she can sing really really well! :) shes pretty damn good if u ask me

  • Sasha

    she would do extremely well as a country star!!

  • Marissa

    I cant wait for her album.
    I absolutely love her voice.
    Normally out of a actress you wouldn’t expect it because mostly everone on Disney and Nickelodeon thinks they can see but she is one of the few that can.

    Oh and guys, Demi and Miley and FANTASTIC singers.
    Selena is good but she should probably stick to acting.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Beans in a WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW.. i was not expecting that!!! she is REALLY good, much better then miley!

  • Anonymous

    she gets on my nerves, really, really, bad.
    she’s basically hideous.
    but girl’s got a voice.
    now she’s got to work on her OUTSIDE image some more..

  • Anonymous

    Omgosh I didn’t even know she could sing! :D
    Wow she is amazing!<3;
    I wish I could sing like her. :/

  • cami

    wow she can really sing!!!!
    she needs more credit because she is better than half the teens out there getting major credit

  • <3

    holy. shit.
    she’s amazing, i had no idea

  • Mackennzie.

    I think she should be a singer!

  • anonymous YEPPP

    thats it im soooo buying her cd!!!! you see u cant compare her to miley because they have very different voices. Mileys is unique. And jennette compared to demi’s voice is soo soothing! demi’s is very loud but jennettes is soooooooottthing!!!!! and she seems so nicee!! yayyyy

  • Anonymous


  • cindyy

    she sang wayyyyyyy better than i though she would

  • a bush.

    i found the video.

    -Jennette McCurdy So Close

    watch it :D
    shes gewwwwd at country. [:

  • http://dfdgdfgdfg beckkii143

    wtf :o
    i had no idea she could sing like this…
    she’s amazinnnggg xD

  • Anonymous

    and personally, the list goes-
    taylor > demi > miley > world > selena > jennette
    peace bitcheees,!

  • Jasmine

    Wowwww!! She’s like really good!! She has this Taylor swift country vibe goinn on!!

  • Anonymous

    Some of the comments on here are flat out absurd.

    “OMG! the only reason you would have to say you did this in one take is because you didnt. what an idiot!”

    Stop projecting, honey, cuz YOU’RE the idiot. If you knew anything about film, you’d be able to clearly discern that this is a long take.

    “Did it ever occur to anyone that all of these anonymous comments saying how great she is could just be her?”

    Yes, and the over 3,000 flattering Youtube comments in two days are also her too. I know you’re trying to make her look bad, but you’ve just come across as paranoid. And insecure.

  • Anonymous

    DAMN!!! i was expecting her to be like all those other lame disney/nick kids who cant sing for crap. but she is actually good!!!! i feel bad for judging her now!

  • ke

    i think demi lovato and her are the only 2 disney channel acters that actualy can sing@ lol woooowwwwwww!!!
    and she is an acter too.

  • Anonymous

    she’s amazing.
    & she’s pretty, i give her props. [:
    jonas covered that song on their LMITE tour

  • Anonymous

    miley sings weel but sounds horrible sometimes. shes not very consistent.

    demi is awesome. jeanette is awesome too! taylor swift is mediocre. she sings ok but not good enough to have a record deal imo. she sings like every kid at a high school talent show.

    EVERYONE else on nick and disney cannot sing. that includes selena, miranda, tisdale, alyson stoner and all those other fools. why do all these tween stars think they must do everything? stick to what you’re good at!

  • Anonymous

    wow… that girl can sing(:

  • SOOO

    This was absolutely beautiful!

  • a

    i didn’t expect that.
    but she’s really good, she actually has a good voice. and it isn’t strained.

  • Lisa Lisa

    You’re a superficial chick, did you know that? She needs to work on her outer image? You are mean, she’s pretty as she is and doing right so far. She’s funny and talented and has beautiful, blond hair.

    If you don’t like her, no one cares. A lot of us do and that’s what counts.

    And you need to hit high notes to be a good singer? You must know nothing about music yourself. Not every singer has to sing the same, and not all singer hit the same notes. I suggest you study a little about voice classification and their abilities, and you’ll learn and feel stupid about the comment you just made.

  • josie(:

    she has a really pretty voice. who knew?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Holy crap. She’s freaking amazing!
    I didn’t expect that AT ALL.

  • kathy

    Whoa ,
    That was more than just amazing .
    You keep on singing girl ,
    I hope you get noticed more for singing
    Cause’ everyone on here sure does !
    It’s kinda gay how she only gets like 174 comments
    But on the other gossip stuff there’s like 400 comments .

  • Anonymous

    omg wow i didn’t expect that. it was really good…

  • Ruby

    shes amazing err.. i love icarly.
    Follow me on twitter & ill return the favor.

  • Anonymous

    she’s like demi except a little better at acting, imo!

  • Anonymous

    woah && wow
    she’a frkn amazing!!!

  • AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    I can’t wait to hear her sing more covers.
    And I wanna hear some more of her original music.
    She’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    your no miley honey!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jennette is MULTI-TALENTED.
    She act, sing, skate, dance!
    And she’s pretty. :D

    She should be more famous than Miley Cyrus but thanks to Hannah Montana, she’s not.
    Jennette is too underrated.

  • Team miley. selena. demi (all teams)

    I actually do not like her
    I think she’s a terrible actresse
    like all nick stars
    but the singinig was surprisingly good..

  • Anonymous

    “Oh hi Jeanette or are you her mom? Obviously no one else would have read “over 3,000 flattering Youtube comments in two days” which we now know were written by you.”

    Sweetie, you’re an imbecile.

  • Anonymous

    i really thought she was going to suck so i never listened to her stuff
    but oh my gosh!!!!
    she’s so good! like natural raw talent!

  • dasfdfdssdfsffaffasf

    omg… she is soooo good!

  • nicolle

    I didn’t expect that at ALL.

    She has a VERY nice voice.
    Holy crap.
    She deserves more credit.

  • J

    She is soo not better than demi
    Demi can actually hit high notes well
    She is definitely NOT half as good as demi!!!!!
    Geez jeanette cant sing low good
    At all but she is better than i thought

  • holly

    wow seriously i never expected that!!
    now this girl has true talent. I’m sorry to say this but she pswns taylor!

    jeanette deserves to really be heard!
    i love it when people surprise me :)

  • Emily

    wow. shes really good.

    screw icarly.

    start singing (:

  • holy

    she’s really good =]

  • Anonymous

    obviously the majority of you people know nothing about music. She couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag.
    You actually have to be able to hit the high notes if you want to be a singer.

  • ashhhhh

    holy shit shes good!!!!

    damn she should ahve a album

  • Hurricane Stacey

    wow i never knew she could sing
    shes really really good

  • Anonymous

    OMG! the only reason you would have to say you did this in one take is because you didnt. what an idiot!

  • Ashley

    shes not a disney chanel acor she is nickelodeon…
    the rival channel of disney…but she has an awesome voice=)
    and miley and demi are AWESOME singers…uve heard
    the notes demi can hit right?…and miely is very
    talented at holding notes for an extended period
    of time=)…but jeneatte…like demi and miley
    has a natural raw talen that she should not put to

  • Anonymous

    She didn’t one high note and she looks just like beans on Even Stevens.

  • Steph

    SHE IS AMAZING! period. :)

  • Anonymous

    holy shit!
    she just KILLED everyone on disney,
    sounds a little like carrie underwood. DAMN YOU GO GIRL. just gained my respect

  • Anonymous

    if taylor can do country she can … her voice is awesome

  • Anonymous

    I’m in complete awe.
    That was amazing and SO beautiful.
    Seriously Jennette, get into that studio.

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing i love her voice :)

  • Anonymous

    damn i thought she would suck. i was wrong

  • Anonymous

    I would never have realized that but youre right. you dont have to tell people that you did something if you really did it. you would never even think to bring it up LOL

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing! i never knew she could sing like that! she should definetly get into singing :D

  • Nelly

    I really LOVE HER <3!
    I Love her voice!

  • Mary

    She’s actually really good… I’m reallyyy suprised..

  • Anonymous

    thats what i thought too!
    she sounds very similar to carrie

  • MILES T0 G0…….

    i think demi lovato and her are the only 2 disney channel acters that actualy can sing@ lol woooowwwwwww!!!
    and she is an acter too.
    cORRECTION.Demi is Disney Jenette is Nick. and Actor is a boy and a girl is actress.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I said it before I’ll say it again. THIS CHICK CAN’T SING!!! She could never have hit the high notes in her song “So Crap”. Someone else was brought in to sing those. Give it up Jeanette, you poser!!!

  • erin

    i love her and shes awsome at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why are you bringing MILEY into this! Miley to me has awayy better voice! GOSH COMPARE HER TO SELENA GOMEZ OR DEMI L, THEY BOTH SUCK!

  • Anonymous

    i thought she wouldn’t be able to sing well.

    i was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    You think she’s a chick?
    Seems more like a dude to me…

  • Anonymous

    just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    she has a song on itunes called so close!!
    shes a really good singer!!

  • Steph

    Damn, I wasn’t expecting that voice to come out of her. She can sing! I wish she hadn’t tried to change the melody all around. It’s a beautiful song the way it’s written.

  • MILES T0 G0…….

    Why dont people give her any credit. She is really good.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t expecting that.
    Definitely WAYYYYYYY better than Miley in my opinion.

  • shaye

    wow, she’s actually good :)

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh! i did NOT expect that! that was really good, she has a better voice than so many other teen actresses [ahem, miranda cosgrove, emily osment, selena gomez, miley cyrus…]

  • Anonymous

    WHOA. that was awesome.

  • Lisa Lisa

    She’s not Disney! She’s from Nickelodeon! And yes, she passes Miley by a thousand Miles and her voice is soothing, not like Demi’s.

  • Anonymous

    she has beautiful voice, and I agree at some parts she does sound like Carrie Underwood.

    This is a post about jeanette, no need to compare her with other teen celebs that sing. They are all sing, differently. Where you really expecting her to sound like , miley or even emily?

  • Andi

    she is surprisingly really good! i dont even like her that much but wow, shes good!

  • Anonymous

    holy crapppp!!!

  • HarryPotterLover

    hmm…not bad but not the best. It was pretty good though. JB did this song also. I thought it was wondeful when they did it.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, I spelled her name wrong, my bad.

  • Alaina

    WHOA! I didn’t know that she could sing like that!

  • Anonymous

    nickelodeon singers pown disney singers


  • Anonymous

    omg her voice is amazing !!

  • TheRealAlyssaCarson

    I’m glad people can see now that they do not fake her voice.

    It’s 100% Real and amazing!

  • jill.

    wow. she’s legit.
    unlike some *cough*ahem other famous singers out there.

  • Anonymous

    oooh busted

  • Stephanie

    Damn, she’s good. I thought she would suck bug time, because most actresses think they can sing without computers. Jennette McCurdy is better than the disney singers! Let’s see, Miley sings like a man, Demi sings like Marilyn Monroe(which in not good), Selena can’t sing without computers and digitally editing, and Taylor can’t hit all the notes correctly. Jennette has REAL talent, I wonder why she isn’t famous. Probably it’s because she doesn’t have an “it girl” appeal and a charm. No offense to Miley, Taylor, and Selena but all of you sing like crap compared to Jennete McCurdy.


    woah she is amazing!!
    ahh awesome.
    she should stick with singing.
    she is a waay better singer then actresss.
    woooaaah she is really amazing!

  • Farie

    That was a complete shock to me :|
    I began this video thinking, omg she’s gonna suck like those Disney chicks, and she’s singing raw too, so she’s gonna sound horrible, but then she starts singing and i literally fell out of my chair :P

    Damn, she’s good, she needs to be reconginzed, she has talent :)

  • Anonymous

    She is pretty good… She’s just talented, unlike some people I good mention “hint,hint”

  • Anonymous

    i love how everyone at first said she was just like everyone else that’s a wannabe singer/actress (i admit to saying that even before i heard her single)
    but this kinda proves that she’s NOT like the other wannabe singers.
    she’s got amazing talent, i can’t wait to buy her cd (:

  • Anonymous

    WOW, WAY WAY WAY 100000x better than i expected
    kudos, that was really good

  • Anonymous

    i had no clue she was so good.

    her and demi.
    the only ones with talent.
    unlike miley, taylor and selena.
    just saying…

  • icanthelpmyselfbitch

    Did you hear her song ‘So Close’
    It’s amazing.
    Oh and to all you little bitches who went ”OMFG THATS NAWT HERR!!!” In the ‘So Close’ song;
    this proves you wrong. LAWL.

  • Anonymous

    i can tell she made this video to prove to everyone that she really can sing!

    and she proved it well(:
    she’s a very talented singer!



    i never gave her a second look and then just now i was bored cause there is no good news on MILEY lol so clicked on this..


    thats like… wow.

    i can’t believe shes so gooD!

  • Anonymous

    HOLY SHIT. she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did it ever occur to anyone that all of these anonymous comments saying how great she is could just be her?

  • Anonymous

    Oh hi Jeanette or are you her mom? Obviously no one else would have read “over 3,000 flattering Youtube comments in two days” which we now know were written by you.

    And if you knew anything about film you would know that even “a long take” can be done over and over and over again.

    So, if anyone one is being “paranoid and insecure”, its you Jeanette!

  • Anonymous

    frkn’ had NO idea that can sing. she’s actually pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    hmm…not bad but not the best. It was pretty good though. JB did this song also. I thought it was wondeful when they did it.
    oh please “not the best”?
    she did amazing and she probably did way better than jb

  • A

    i totally heard that too; i was likee whoaa is that carrie underwoodd?

  • Anonymous

    wow, finally some actual talent

  • Anonymous



  • Anonymous

    Woah. Nice.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she is actually REALLY good!
    beautiful tone

  • Marilyn

    she sounds way better than any of the the other disney stars!

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • NICKJlover19

    SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her<3

    And who ever said:

    Who ever said this is a OBVIOUSLY LOVES miley….(aka miley WANNABE)

    She sounds like man when she talks and SINGS! She has a horrible voice especially because she has a nasally sound!

  • Delsy

    She is really really good much much better than Miranda and i really don’t know why people are saying she is better than Miley i mean have you heard miley sing the national anthem,on hannah montana people are ingnorant and beleive all because she has some bad performances(grammys) means that she is terrible i hate how people pick a bad performance out of a tonne of good performances like i was on the hate demi site you know they said she couldn’t sing and guess which performance they picked Dancing with the stars people go and reasearch miley singing accapella and you would find she is as good as this. Demi,Jennette and Miley can all sing and are on the same level it is not fair to compare miley to Demi and J because her voice is so much more different.

  • Anonymous

    wow…i really dislike her character on icarly so i kind of wrote her off as somebody I don’t like, but she has an awesome voice!

  • Anonymous

    i had no idea what to expect, but wow! she has an incredible voice. i hope she plans on doing more with singing in the future :)

  • Alexandra

    Oh my ! :o

    She has such a nice voice, I actually want to hear more from her her :)

  • Anonymous

    wow, she is really really good.
    i didn’t expect that at all.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah obviously they all learned the technical part of singing, but I think Miley’s voice is just not as plesent to listen to. And a nice voice is something you either have or you don’t have, no matter how much you practice. Janette’s definitely got it, I didn’t expect it!!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Wow, she really can sing. And she actually sang raw, just her and that guitar. Awesome.

    Nice house, beautiful hair. :-) You go Jennette!

  • xxJadexx

    WOW!! She has talent actually, not like some “famous” people who don’t and think they do. Shes really good. Very natural talent right there.

  • natalia

    woah shes AMAZING!!!! follow me on twittter: nat123321

  • chloe

    i love her voice, it’s so smooth and pretty, and it will only get better as she gets older. but there’s no need to compare her to anyone else, everyone is different and people have different opinions on what they like. we’re all different and that’s what makes us unique. i don’t see any need to put others down because you like someone better. they’re all good but just in different ways.

  • nicole


    HEY ERIKA!! >:D< bestie for life.

  • Anonymous




    Uhm yeah. Except Demi PWNS Miley at singing. Even if they both suck. And Miley`s overacting is really not difficult to do.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! what a talented girl! i was not expecting that at all and i was pleastantly surprised. i wish her nothing but the best!

  • Anonymous

    i don’t like her.
    but her voice pwns miley.

  • Anonymous

    She is soo not better than demi
    Demi can actually hit high notes well
    She is definitely NOT half as good as demi!!!!!
    Geez jeanette cant sing low good
    At all but she is better than i thought
    are you kidding right?
    demi cant sing low notes though she can hit those high notes
    i think jean sings better than demi she has a smooth voice
    demi just kind of gets loud but shes good too

  • Anonymous

    She sounds just like, Carrie Underwood in some parts… very pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she surprisignly has a good voice

  • alliegator.(:

    NICE! (:

  • Anonymous

    man shes good not like those wannabe singers poping out everywhere

  • Cassie

    wow shes really good

  • Anonymous

    i really hate her but she sings very good

  • Carol

    Jennette if you’re reading this site, look at all of the positive comments you’re getting! I don’t think I’ve seen even ONE bad comment. I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR CD!

  • aisha

    You wouldnt expect that voice :O

  • Anonymous

    Wow why didn`t they hire Janette for Hannah Montana… She can sing ten times better than Miley, she can dancebetter than Miley and she can act better than Miley. Wow.

  • julie

    this is amazing

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know she could sing that well… unlike Emily Osment.

  • Anonymous

    Well you are in the minority, cause this girls voice blows mileys squeaky voice away!

  • anonymous

    holy crap she is amazing!! if she doesn’t get reckognized soon she needs to go through American Idol!

  • Anonymous

    DAMNNNNNNN she is good! never would’ve thought

  • Anonymous

    Wow damn fuck Demi, fuck Miley and fuck Selena. This girl is more talanted than all of them COMBINED!

  • jonaslove

    omg i was like can she really sing shes soooooo good thoguh i love her song so close i just bought it on itunes!

  • Michaela

    shes really good!

    i love miley,
    but compared to jeanette shes notttt good.

    jeanette deserves soo much more credit.
    shes a great actress too!

  • Anonymous

    WHOA… i had no idea she had that voice inside of her shes amazing!

  • Naima

    Wow shes really good shes sooooo underrated

  • Anonymous

    she’s an amazing country singer. she’s better than
    anything i’ve heard lately.. sounds like carrie
    underwood. why is she so underrated? better than
    miley or taylor swift.

  • Rachel
    i didnt know she was THAT good.
    she kinda sounds like Carrie Underwood at parts.

  • Anonymous

    wow, shes amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go jennete!!!!!! she would be a very good country singer or pop or whatever, bottom line is that she is amazing!!!!!! i never would have expected it and that was an excellent song choice!!!!!!!!! :):):):)

  • Future Mrs Joe Jonas

    My god Jenette ah-mazing!

  • woohoo

    wow she’s fantastic!! great job jennette! i love her name as well=)

  • paoladalia

    she is really good

  • 6months.

    I think it’s more than obvious you’re an 8 year old cunt.
    Anyway, Miley sucks at nothing?
    Hmm… lets see, she can’t sing.
    I mean, hell, I could record myself taking a deep shit, and it would more likely sell millions more than Miley.
    She can’t dance.
    Honestly, anybody can ‘D0 DA H0ED0WN THR0WD0WN.”
    And she CAN’T act.
    Even I, can pick up a book and memorize the lines.
    It’s not hard.
    Maybe because you’re an 8 year old little shit and you don’t know how acting goes… -.-
    Anyway, I don’t really like iCarly but Jennette is fucking amazing. I don’t go for Nick nor Disney much, (Because the people on those channels are fucking annoying) But I definitely see potential in Ms. Mccurdy.
    I’m sad that she’s wasting time on acting and not singing.
    But as someone else said, she most likely doesn’t have the “It Factor” or the “Pretty face” (I think she’s fucking gorgeous)
    Overall, Jennette pwns ALL OF THEM. (Demi, not so sure) And that’s a big step up for Nick, since they digitalize and computerize all of their singers voices (i.e. Miranda & Keke)

  • Anonymous

    i really dont like her
    she’s really good.

  • kat

    didnt see that coming.
    id buy her CD =)

  • Anonymous

    wow shes actually good

  • Lia

    holy crap, didnt see that coming

  • fant

    This is OK…much better than Miley!

  • jonaslover

    LMFAO “i mean have you heard miley sing the national anthem,on hannah montana” your joking right????

  • yuiyui

    OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS TALENT!!!!!!!



  • zaynab

    jennette mccurdy i luv u so much no homo and girl u can sing one hell of a song.and girl i didnt even know u could sing. and when i was little i saw u and ur mom i ca nt remember where we were but girl i can say u inspire me alot i wish i could sing like u i can sing but not as good as u.