Ali And Lindsay Lohan BRITNEY FANS


Noelle & Natalie met Ali & Lindsay Lohan at the Los Angeles Britney Spears Concert: We also saw Corbin Bleu with a friend and we freaked out screaming CORBIN CORBIN! Lindsay was the sweetest girl ever! During the concert she was going to the bathroom with a security guard and I asked her too take a..

..picture with me. Lindsay stopped and said ‘I will when i get back, okay?’ I responded ‘Of course.’ Lindsay came back and took the picture. I thought she would be a stuck up celebrity but she was sooooo sweeet! Ali didnt say much but she seemed like a nice girl!

  • cdk

    when Lindsay Lohan made her “reappearance” in Hollywood when Mean Girls and the Freaky Friday. she was hott! wtf happened??

    and her sister Ali just looks twice her age (-_-)

    team Semi bitches! haters to the left!

  • Laila

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  • Lola

    Awwww cute,
    hope all is well Lindsay! xx

  • Zainab

    FOURTH! :p
    i love lindsay (:

  • Anonymous

    omg ali lohan is my idol!


    no offence but u need a new idol

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  • Anonymous

    love ali && lindz. don’t care what the hatahs say :D

  • jennyjonas

    ewwww there groseee!

  • Steph

    Well that’s a nice change to hear that Lindsay was actually being sweet and nice to fans. Usually all you hear about her is what a bitch and wild party animal she is. I’m happy to hear that she still knows how to appreciate her fans.

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    I agree with the anonymous’s post, hardy har har, do we really need to follow people’s live and not lead our own?

  • Mary-Kimberley

    I’m a Britney fan.

  • livy

    love them they’re awesome! noelle & natalie you guys are really lucky to have met them!

  • jbloverrr56

    hey i would just like to say all four of u r geourgezzzz
    natalie and noel u 2 r much prettier!
    {${*$} ALEXZZ

  • Anonymous

    i bet shes just excited that she still has fans xD but thats still cool that shes nice

  • kaila

    that was so nice of her. she is such a talented actress! you were lucky!

  • Anonymous

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    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahah XD GHEHEH

  • Jane

    it’s good that she’s nice, but she’s so messed up right now

  • olivia

    omg ali lohan is my idol!