Mitchel Musso SPEED DIAL New Song

  • a

    i kindof liked it.
    i mean, the lyrics weren’t that great, but i like his voice alot.

    but mostly every actor/actress is turning into a singer, and it’s kindof getting annoying.

  • Anonymous

    I think should stick to acting too

  • Anonymous

    I Wish he would quit ACTING and stick to SINGING.

    He can’t act at all. I thik hes a good singer though.

  • Anonymous

    Omgosh he is amazing!(:
    This song omgosh!!(:
    & that voice.
    Ahhh! (:
    I’m so buying his cddd(:

  • rachi

    thats a cool song 4 all who dont care! :P

  • (:

    i love this song and his voice. (:
    gtfo haters.


  • peepee


    noonoo i HATE himm..! i mean poor dude
    since when does he even SING?!
    dude. u cant sing DUDE DROP IT !
    MY GAWD. i just hate it, sorry to ya’ll fans..

  • Charlene

    I really like this side of his music, so I don’t really care what people think of it! I think he has a really good voice I will more than likely buy his CD. :)

  • Summer

    he is so awesome and sexi! i know almost every word to this song! i love mitchel!

  • taylor

    i like the music and his voice, but i never really did the speed dial thing, but i’m still going to buy the cd!

  • selenafan

    omg lov lov it soooo gewd i think he should do more like his bros music tho

  • delilah.

    speed “diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile”. lmao. he didnt say DIAL. he said diiiile. and it was really nasally.

    im not sure this will be a hit., like his one with em/os was.

    but whatever., its a cute song., and he has a good voice, but his voice just wasnt meant to sing that song.

    he’d probably sound alot better trying something like rock., or something with a little more metal then this candy coated garbage. (:

  • :)

    Hmmmm… I really like this song. Good job, Mitchel!

  • anonymous

    i dont get why people dont like it
    i found this song amazingly goood!
    yes, its true that all disney actors are singers
    buut he has a good voice
    so theres not a reason he shouldnt sing

    im counting down the days til june 2nd
    im extremley stoked for his cd!

  • Anonymous

    agreed. i mean jb is a teen/teenie band but even their lyrics aren’t that pre-teen….

  • Alyssa


  • Anonymous

    i don’t really like it but i guess it’s ok

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • emily

    i don’t think his cd will do well

  • tiara

    i love this song

  • Anonymous


  • Maryy

    Not really feeling it.
    Its too popish..
    Or poopish.
    Hate his singing voice too.

  • Jane

    He has a nice voice and he’s cute.
    But I don’t really like this song….

  • Anonymous

    im sorry but why the hell is he a singer??

  • jana

    i kinda like it :)
    but i feel like he’s trying too hard.
    but otherwise,
    it’s good!

  • anonymous

    i REALLLY like it :)
    amazing song
    amazing voice
    amazing bod ;D

  • Anonymous

    like how this only has a couple posts and mileys has like 100

  • Anonymous

    he sucks.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    like the music,,,
    his voice ain’t the best here though.

  • Anonymous

    you can tell that his voice was edited so much with a computer


    he forced the lyris to hard
    i remember you asked to be my girlfriend..

  • Anonymous

    he responded to me on twitter today

  • rachhhh:D

    i kinda liked it..

  • Mar iie

    Oh then I guess I’m not normal…cause I really liked it! And I really like his singing voice too! He’s really talented, both in the singing and in the acting…anyway

  • Anonymous

    Love this song!!

  • heygirlhey

    I love it!
    I’m stoked for his CD!

  • Kathleen

    like the song, not his voice

  • tiara

    ” you’re new boyfriend used to be the closest friend of mine” thats really sad

  • Stephanie

    I like it. His voice is soothing. He has a good voice, but he is definitely meant to be an actor more than a singer. He is so hot…

  • Sophie

    ….it’s really bad

  • Anonymous

    Mitchel sucks!!
    one minute he’s a rapper now a pop singer, stick to acting but take some lessons because you suck as an actor too just not as bad as a singer

  • ezmiley(:

    That’s MY VIDEO!!
    Subscribe plzzz :)

  • HOT DAMN ;)

    umm… EW
    this suckss
    stick to acting hun