Emily uploaded Myspace pictures from her trip to Cleveland, Ohio. 5+

  • Adry


  • Anonymous

    her video with jason is very funny

  • Anonymous

    she should do something durastic……

  • Alayah

    OMG.I live in Ohio. Cleveland to. But kinda more in
    Lakewood. But i’m more close to cleveland :)

  • annnnnnnnnnnnnnonnnnnnnnnnnymmmmmmmmmmmmously

    ….:) she is such a grea role model!

  • Anonymous

    She is a bitch i can tell just by her face and attitude and the way she talks that’s a real shame because she definately can’t get by on her looks.


    U don’t know shit STFU with yo stupid ass ASSUMPTIONS! loser

  • Uli

    Im glad they finally got their lunch hahaha

  • http://www.myspace.com/devyn_adams miley’s#1fan

    ok 2 things.. or actually a cuple things bout EMILY OSMENT….
    1: she can’t sing. (fakes it)
    2: she is just too “good”.
    3: her pose on the 1st pic is exactly like miley’s!
    4: she acts like she’s aaallll that.
    5: she can’t act for shkit!

    fallow me on myspace if ud like!

  • Louanne

    She is soooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    its funny everytime i see her her blonde hair is like
    diffrent shades…


    she is actually really sweet.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    she is pretty and seems really nice! she should be as huge as Miley :P :D

  • Anonymous

    I was THERE when she was at that amusement park place!

  • Krystal

    are they dating?

  • Anonymous

    why would she come here?
    i live about 35 min. away from Cleveland and Ohio pretty much sucks.

  • Anonymous

    wow she really does love rock n roll she isnt just
    faking it like most

  • astro

    wow, that’s just…

    Emily isn’t “huge” because she doesn’t want to be huge. (after listening to many of her interviews, i can tell you) she wants to be a quality artist, produce quality work and enjoy some of the “good life” without completely selling out.

    (i think) Emily would be very pleased if people appreciated her work on its own merit and did not have to bow down to the hype.

    if Emily became “huge” it would probably be because she kept working as an entertainer for many years and her talent continued to mushroom, and those people whom were obviously distracted and sidetracked before finally realized.

    it’s really stupid for artists and celebrities to grab the gusto too soon and fizzle before they were able to produce a large enough body of work that was worth a da*n.

    Emily has discipline, she has brains, she has intelligent support behind her, and she is making (trying to) the best use of her time and craft and still have a life.

  • Anonymous

    I LIVE THERE!!!!

    she’s gorgeous :)

  • lala.

    heeey. this is where i live :)

  • lmaoox


  • jacky

    She looks gorgeous!
    Btw, she also uploaded a new Video on her Myspace

  • sea


  • momo


  • Anonymous

    love her shoes!

  • Ret

    She is fucking hot

  • what?


  • beccaa?

    aghhhhh i live in ohio :/ in fact, a half an hour away from CLE. my friend met her though…

  • http://twitter.com/CookieMonsturrr AppleOrangeAndGrapeJuice

    She is so pretty.
    And the hairy man in the picture she was standing by looks like Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Anonymous

    she actually looks pretty for once O:

  • Lauren

    She looks a bit like that singer that was on the gymnastics superstars tour this year,i cant remember her name though

  • Anonymous

    funny i doubt miley would want anything to do with you as you are insulting one of her BEST FRIENDS.
    get over your jealousy and grow up.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    that happened to me w/ the sound thing that they talk bout in the video.

  • Anonymous

    i live near cleveland. i met her at the mall.
    and i saw her at the rock N roll hall of fame
    later that day! super cool.

  • FeliciaFan

    She doesnt get HUGE because she is too simple, even though shes pretty…

    Try something new Emily .O!

  • Anonymous

    ugh I live in Cincinnati! If I hadda known she was gonna be in Cleveland I woulda drove all the way up there and stalked her! darn!

  • Anonymous
  • !

    She is so pretty, love her!

  • Anonymous

    Cleveland is the best

  • Anonymous

    Please go away. I love Miley, But not everything Miley “does”, makes it HERS! OKay, It just doesnt!
    Grow up, stop making stupid lists.

  • emily

    Emilys a bitch.
    Not a nice girl.
    At all.

  • Anonymous

    what the heck was she doing in cleveland?? haha

  • Anonymous

    She is a bitch i can tell just by her face and attitude and the way she talks that’s a real shame because she definately can’t get by on her looks.

  • Anonymous

    omg i was there (:

  • Jane

    she’s so gorgeous, i really like her

    and she’s an amazing actress

  • Anonymous

    yep! she is cute! just so much more than miley!

  • Anonymous

    what r u guys talking about?? she’s a sweetheart!!

  • taylor

    i met her…she is gorgeous in person…pictures dont do her justice! she was also extremely sweet